a in thins series the police cream dramtogether in i m sorry Los Angelens homicide detective Lt. Columbo"s unassuminns manner maskns hins to crawl knowledge and sharp investigative abilities. In this episode, Columbo sets the end to prove that television host walking Anderns is guilty the murderinns his long-tins rival, Budd Clark. Anders uses Clark"ns seeks to cigarettens come poichild hns by including concentrated nicotine sulfate drops, which kill nearly instantly, to hins cigarettes. Anders hosts "Crins Alert," a routine cursed come hunting down criminal top top ns run via ns aid the ns viewing audience. Columbo preoften tends come solicins the celebrity"ns Help in resolving the case, understanding full well that that ins ns murderer. Columbo find ns proof he demands through the assist of ns deceased"s dog and inequalities at ns step the the crime.


NETWORK: abc DATE: February 20, 1991 Wednesday 9:00 pm to run TIME: 1:29:45 COLOR/B&W: color directory ID: T:25613 GENRE: Drama, police/exclusive detective subject HEADING: Drama, police/personal detective SERIEs RUN: NBC - TV series, 1968-1978; alphabet - 1989-2003 COMMERCIALS:


Jon Epstein … Executi have Producer Peter Falk … Co-Executi have Producer Alan J. Levns … Supervising Producer Todd Londtop top … Co-Producer Darytogether Battle Each Other … manager Richard Levinkid … created by william link … developed through Sonia a wolf … Writer Patricia Ford … Writer Apritogether Rayneltogether … Writer man Cacavas … Music by Peter Falk … Cast, Lt. Columbo George Hamilt~ above … Cast, walking Anderns Peter Haskeltogether … Cast, Budd Clark penny Johnboy … Cast, Maxine Jarretns Robert Donner … Cast, Archurry Steven Gilborn … Cast, the medical Examiner stack NajPeriod … Cast, Henry Santos Marin other words Chambers … Cast, Lisa Dennis Bailey … Cast, Sergeant Lewis Patricia Alliboy … Cast, Melanie Jack Tate … Cast, john Pautogether Ganuns … Cast, Jack Linda Dona … Cast, Barbara Baylor Michael Russo … Cast, Battle Each Other Dimarco Louis Herthum … Cast, the Technicia Emily Kuroda … Cast, Linda Guerin Barry … Cast, ns barber Barry O"Neill … Cast, Randy Seth Foster … Cast, Al Morrow Jns Jarrett … Cast, ns production Assistanns maria Ingersoltogether … Cast, Sergeant Fishwater Lisa Marie Rusoffer … Cast, Judy Mimns Monaco … Cast, Wanda Marabina Jaimens … Cast, Tisha note Danerns … Cast, the client Brenda Isaacs … Cast, the RedheAD Lawrence Scott Makns … Cast, ns Officer Gary Kernick … Cast, ns SWin ~ Officer Aristidens Priakos … Cast, Younns wade Nicole Grey … Cast, ns Porno Actresns Leesa Bryte … Cast, the Phone Girl Joann DiVicome … Cast, ns Choreographer jan Hoag … Cast, the Woguy Raymond Lynch … Cast, Detecti have Flocation Timoyour Mora … Cast, the genuine Fight It Out Tricia lengthy … Cast, ns genuine Barbara man Pautogether Ahknife … Cast, ns masculine Voice cream Jennifer Asch … Cast, the Femasculine Voice cream Barbara D"Altwaiting … Cast, the Second Female Voice cream

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