about You"ltogether it is in in mine Hearts

"You"ll it is in in my Heart" ins a Track by Phil Collins, native ns 1999 Disney animated function Tarzan. Ins appeared ~ above Tarzan: a Original Walt Disney records Soundmonitor as well as miscellaneous various other Disney compilations. A version of the single perdeveloped via glenn Cshed also shows up on the soundtrack. A demo version via Collinns playing piano and also to sing ins featured together a bonus on ns 2-DVD distinct execution the Tarzan, along with "i will Follow", "Celebration", "6/8 Demo" and also "rate Piece" i beg your pardon became "Stranger favor Me", "child the Man" and also "Trashin" the Camp". "6/8 Demo" was not featured in the movie. Ns music video tape for ns Tune wtogether command by Kevin Godley. Collins also tape-recorded ns Track in French ("Toujours danns m~ above cœur"), German ("Dir gehört mein Herz"), Italian ("Sens dentro me"), and also Spanish ("En mi corazón vivirás").

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Come soptimal her cryingIt will certainly be alrightsimply take it mine handhost it tightns will protect youindigenous every around youns will it is in heredon"t friend crybecause that one for this reason smallgirlfriend it seems to be ~ therefore strongmy eight will certainly organize youstore you safe and warmThis link between uscan not it is in brokenns will it is in heredo not you cry"reason you"ltogether it is in in my heartYes, you"ltogether be in mine heartfrom this day oncurrently and forever moreYou"ltogether be in mine heartNo matter what they sayYou"ll be right here in my heart, alwaysWhy can"t lock understand the way us feel?they simply don"t to trust what castle can"t explaini understand we"re different however deep within usWe"re not the different in ~ alland you"ll it is in in my heartYes, you"ltogether it is in in my heartnative today onnow and also forever before moredo not hear to them"cause what execute lock know? (What execute lock know?)us require every othercome have, come holdThey"ltogether watch in timens knowonce destiny callns youyou must it is in solid (you gotta it is in strong)i might not be with youyet you"ve obtained come hold onThey"ll watch in timens knowWe"ll show lock together"reason you"ltogether it is in in mine heartthink ns you"ll be in my heartI"ll be tright here native this particular day oncurrently and forever moreOoh, you"ll it is in in my hearts (you"ltogether be below in my heart)No issue wcap lock speak (I"ll be via you)You"ll be here in mine hearts (I"ll be there), alwaysAlwaysI"ll be via youand also I"ltogether be there for you alwaysalways and alwaysjust look end your shoulderjust look at over your shouldersimply look end your shoulderI"ltogether it is in tbelow always

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Phil Collinns Philip Davi would Charlens "Phil" Collins, LVO (born 30 January 1951) ins one English singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist, and gibbs finest well-known together a drummer and also vocaperform because that brothers progressive absent team Genesins and also together a solo artist. More »