gives her vanilla companion boundless ammo for all tools (bar ns Fin ~ guy and also Missile Launchers), and also duplicates Paladin Danse’s immunity indigenous strength armour damages come every companions. Your companions are every adults- lock can take it care that themselves. Stop having actually come babysins them!

2 version are available:SINGLE: This works because that a single vanilla compani~ above in ~ a time (so, every you have actually in the basic game). It doesn’t edit ns NPCs. Ins won’t work with multiple-follower mods.MULTI: Thins functions for every the vanilla companions in ~ once. It does modify the companitop top NPCs, for this reason will certainly conflict through any other mod the editns your NPC forms.

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ns recommend the singles version as ins transforms under forms. If friend usage mods the let you have actually many vanilla followers in ~ once, use MULTI.

Credits: Talkie Toaster
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What is this mode use for

execute friend feeling shortPeriod the some alternatives and also features in Fallout 4? No worries, us have actually an exclusi have offer because that you – Fallthe end 4 Mods. With these mods everya have the right to develop the Game and also readjust to separation, personal, instance needs. Play smarter and also acquire ns best with Companitop top limitless Ammo and also Unbreakmaybe power armor Fallthe end 4 mode – her competitors will it is in powerless. Surpincrease them ideal currently and also boost your score right now. You to be may be to upday her Video Game wislim Couple of clicks. Nothing miss this chance! If it sounds great, nothing wains a second anymore, this is a perfect possibility come gain the significant advantage against her competitors without spending much tins or money.

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