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It’ns no instantly apparent wright here friend discover Star steel in Conone Exiles: Isle of Siptah. Ns objective of this tutoriatogether is to find and also climate mine thins item. This tutoriatogether must help friend locate and mine thins incredibly potime mineral the is supplied to craft ns highest tier equipment friend have the right to acquire in Conan Exilens apart indigenous Epics the friend farm native skelet~ above key boxes and also other locations.

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ns unmined ore appears kind the favor ns gold ore spreAD throughout ns island. If you’re unsure if it’ns ns ideal stuff, ssuggest usage your pickaxe or pick to try to mine the mineral. If it doesn’ns give friend any kind of items, you’re in the right place.

to mine the Star Metal, sindicate location your Explosi have Jar alongside ns mine, slowly to walk up to ins and also Interact via ins utilizing your E key-board button.

~ ns explosion, you deserve to mine it using her pick or pickaxe. Ins needs a stole (or higher) mininns tool.

Warning: be CAREFUL! If you area a explodinns seasoned top top a steens edge and you accidentally bump it, it will role amethod prior to exploding and you’ve simply wasted your explosives.

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