boundaries top top Contra Costa county little Clintends Court

ns Most a Human can sue for in little clintends courns is $10,000. A coporation, group (or various other corporate entity) cannot sue because that more than $5,000. A individual have the right to only File 2 tiny claims courns instances for even more 보다 $2,500.00 in one year. A Human or coporation, group can File together many type of instances seekinns $2,500.00 or less.

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exactly how a lot time do i need to Data my case?

all clintends should it is in filed prior to the state the limitations has actually run. The state the limitations is a legatogether hatchet the indicates the moment somea has to Documents a claim. The moment border ins different relying on ns kind that ns case. If ns case involves individual injury come you, the situation need to be filed within two years the ns injury or 2 year that once you first learned that the injury. (A mino one has 2 years native hins or her eighteenth birthday). If one oral constreet (or dental agreement) was broken, you have two years after ns Commitment was damaged come Documents her case. If tbelow ins a written contract, ns plaintiff has actually three year to File ns case native ns day the defendant bgot to the contract. If girlfriend to be ns victns that fraud, you have actually three years indigenous when you initially Discover the the fraud to File her case. Ins deserve to it is in extremely challenging to identify when the state that constraints begins to operation (even because that veteran attorneys). Ins ins far much better come File ns instance and let the judge decide, rather than submit as well so late and also having actually it dismissed.

Contra Costa county tiny Claims Courns Locations

Contra Costa area little Claims Court instances to be heard in 3 courthouses throughout Contra Costa County. Ns webwebsite because that Contra Costa area superior court is: Below are ns following areas wright here little clintends situations to be heard:

Wakefield Taylor Courthouse

the Wakefield Taylor Courthome is located at:

725 Court St.Martinez, CA 94553-1233

ns pha number is: 925-646-4099

Pittsburg R.E. Arnason Justice Center

the Pittsburns R.E. Arnachild Justice cream center is located at:

1000 center DrivePittsburg, CA 94565

ns pha number is: 925-646-4099

Richmond – George D. Carrole Courthouse

the Richmond – George D. Carroll Courthome is located at:

100 37th St. #185Pittsburg, CA 94565

the phone number is: 925-646-4099

Contra Costa county tiny Claims Courns filing Fee

the plaintiff should pay a filing dues when ns case is filed. If you filed twelve or less clintends end ns past twelve months, ns filing dues is:

$0 come $1,500 – $30$1,500 to $5,000 – $50$5,000 to $10,000 – $75

If friend filed twelve or more tiny clintends courns actions in the critical twelve months, ns filing dues is a constant $100.00.

once will mine instance be heard?

each premium Courns ins responsible for one County. The length the time in between as soon as ns instance is filed and also as soon as the hear ins varies because that every area in California (and even within each county). Generally, friend will go come court in between twenty and seventy days after ~ ns insurance claim ins filed. But, Due to the fact that the state Budget Plan cut come ns court’ns budget, these hearings are typically gift set well past the seventy day mark (i m sorry should offer friend a lot of of time to prepare because that the trial).

Contra Costa area little Claims Courns Hearing

Contra Costa area small Claims Courtyour instance will probably be top top ns very same calendar and heard in ~ ns exact same time together a variety of various other small clintends courns cases. Often, the court’ns schedule ins very busy, and also the court will certainly expect you come current her dispute in simply a couple of minutes. (Ins is normally smarts to pay attention to ns instances heard before your come see i m sorry worries and also inquiries the judge asks ns parties). It is vital come prepare because that your situation beforehand. This implies organizing and also bringing all paperwork and also other records the assistance your next (receipts, contracts, pictures, etc.). You must additionally carry various other witnessens that can testify about her case. Makinns certain friend to be all set because that the hear goes along means towards a effective outcome. After hear both sides, the judge might make a decisitop top at the hearing or inform ns parties of the judgment through mail, a number of dayns later.

Contra Costa area tiny Claims Court

tiny Claims Court is a special court wwater tap purpose is come manage cases a efficient, cheap fashion. The rules for small claims court instances in Contra Costa area are ns very same for any kind of county in California. The rule are design to it is in less facility and also even more less formatogether when Contrasted come basic civil cases. Ns Human being that papers ns lawsuit or action ins dubbed ns plaintiff. Ns Defendant is the Human being or service the is being sued. In small clintends courns cases in California, neitshe party is allowed to have actually a lawyer reexisting girlfriend at the hearing. However, you to be able to consulns and also sheight through a attorney prior to or after ~ the tiny claims courns hearing.

What kinds that cases are filed in Contra Costa area tiny Claims Court?

a vast selection of cases have the right to it is in filed in tiny claims court. Part Typical types the situations to be car accidents, residential property damage incidents, homeowners combination disputes, landlord tenant problems (possible over defense deposits), and contractor disputes.

i m sorry cases are filed in Contra Costa County?

ns basic rule is the case or claim have to it is in filed in ns area wbelow the defendant resides. Exceptions to thins incorporate automobile mishaps (i m sorry deserve to it is in filed wright here ns accident happened). A plaintiff have the right to File a situation in tiny clintends courns if the plaintiff ins in ~ least eighteenager year old, or a emancipated minor. If somea ins under eighteen or not mentallied competent, ns referee deserve to appoint a Human (normally a relative) together a guardian AD litems come acns on that person’ns behalf throughout the case. A guardione ADVERTISEMENT larticle is a adulns appointed by ns court come represent that Human being just because that the case.

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have the right to i hire one attorney?

No. A party canno be stood for through anyone else (including one attorney). A party have the right to discuss the instance with one lawyer before or after ~ the ns case come answer inquiries and also aid a party prepare because that the hearing.

Wcap is little claims courns mediation?

your Contra Costa area small Clintends Court cases might be sent out come mediati~ above prior to ins is heard at the actuatogether triatogether or hearing. Mediatitop top is a procedure wbelow every next discusses ns instance via a third party (dubbed ns mediator), and ns mediator tries to revery a Commitment that both sides agree to. Mediation may be offered prior to her trial or the exceptionally exact same work that the trial. Mediati~ above might work-related because that her case, but at ns exceptionally least, ins will give girlfriend ns possibility to define her instance come someone (before friend define it to ns judge).