A Strong, Interdisciplinary Practice

for artistic remedies come pivotal, high-worth legatogether challenges, rotate come Cox Padeven more Skolnik & Shakarchy LLp (CPS&S). We to be a full-service, interdisciplinary and multinational regulation firm. Entrepreneurs, service owner and stakeholders, investors and also developers, a license is granted professionals, and also others depend top top our strengths come Placed them in the finest place come succeed in their legal matter.

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the CPS&s Approach

ours experienced, completed teto be the new York City company attorneys is cursed come transporting the utMany in practical guirun and also innovative, results-pushed legatogether representation. We:

structure and also shape our law certain to remain on ns top leaf that problems that affect our clients’ interestns — continuous improving ours capability to manage ns Most intricate strategic planning efforts, negotiations and facility litigation, consisting of alternate dispute resolution, trials and appealspractice widely in state and commonwealth courts and industry-specific, national and also offshore arbitrati~ above court — top top befifty percent of a vast selection of U.S. Clients and global companies, investor and federal government entitiesmaintain ns skill and flexibility to address our clients’ important requirements in areas varying native commercial actual estate financing, transaction and conflicts to employmenns law; from security of Intellectual residential or commercial property to white collar criminal defense; and indigenous new York family members legislation come ascollection protection via advanced estate planning and administrationsell even more 보다 a thoturbulent understanding that ns law. Ours lawyerns write, lecture and offer back to the neighborhood in a continuous initiative to breakthrough legal thought and also understanding.

Innovati have services because that every types of Businesses

we welcons inquiries from startup, Farming and also establiburned providers in require of outside corpoprice counsel, as well as indigenous various other firmns seeking co-counsetogether and also of-counsel solutions grounded in deep experience and also knowledge.

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ReADVERTISEMENT Wcap ours clients Say

mine name ins MK Dudley, chairman that 2first Hapilos Digital Distribution, Inc. Situated in NYC. Us are among ns largest distributors of metropolitan music globally. Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy has been representinns mine agency because that over 5 years. Overall, mine experience via Cox Padeven more Skolnik & Shakarchy has actually to be extraordinary. Castle gave my firm through first-rate company in restructuring our firm and a groundbreaking Win in commonwealth court top top a trademark infringement case. Remainder assured that they to be constantly a pha call ameans come aid your legal needs. When enterinns the firm, you feel invited and they to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and also thorough. Lock save you indeveloped and also breakdown legal state come encertain girlfriend understand. Ns would highly recommend Cox Padeven more Skolnik & Shakarchy.