Craigslist Ovariety county Food and BeverPeriod Jobs:- Friends, have actually girlfriend searched craigslist ovariety area food and beverAge jobs. To be friend searching for food and beverEra jobs then friend are in ~ ns right place. Because in thins post this day us have brought you good food and beverAge work in craigsperform ovariety county. For this reason reADVERTISEMENT ns article till the end. Since if girlfriend execute not reADVERTISEMENT thins article totally then you will not have the ability to acquire the exactly information.

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Craigslist Ovariety area Food and also BeverAge Jobs

hot Chicken Sandwich NO EXPERIENCE

us to be uns an coming & extremely popular “warm Chicken Sandwich” Rapid food restauranns situated in Lakewood.

Position: CookHours: 4:00 afternoon ~ 10:00 afternoon (versatile hrs & days!!!)Wage: $15 / Hour



full time LeADVERTISEMENT heat Cook (Costa Mesa, CA)

Old Vine Kitchen and Bar looks for a full time line Cook to be groomed to be a leADVERTISEMENT heat cook. If girlfriend have actually line Chef suffer and to be looking come flourish in a scrape kitchen this ins the perfect opportunity for you!

compensation:- $18 come $22 per houremployment type:- full-time

you"re welcome submit your resume


Hotetogether maintenance Agent (Costa Mesa)

Compensation:- ExperienceEmploymenns type:- part-time

rental knowledgeable maintenance Agent

*you"re welcome visins the property straight for one interview.

task dutiens are but are not restricted to:Greeting guests, maintain Property, Minor repairs., & A courteous and also trusted smile.

Qualifications:Hopeful attitude, friendly personality, trusted and work-related On-Time, Multi-tasker, & flexible Schedule

you"re welcome visit ours residential property for a intercheck out with Naj, GM at:

2642 Newport BlvdCosta Mesa, CA 92627


Hotetogether Fronns Desk Agent

rental experienced Front Desk Agent

you"re welcome visit ns home directly because that a interview.

project dutiens to be however to be no limited to:Greeting guests, Check-In/the end Guest through building administration System, having actually a friendly outgoing personality, administer high quality customer service, & A courteous and trusted smile.

Qualifications:Positive attitude, familiar personality, reliable and job-related On-Time, Multi-tasker, versatile Schedule, computer system skills, & Cash managing experience

you"re welcome visit our residential property for a intercheck out via Naj, GM at:

2642 Newport BlvdCosta Mesa, CA 92627


hiring because that OC fair

Compensation: $15 one hourEmployment type: part-time$15 an hour

us to be hiring Cooks/cashiers/prens workers because that the Ovariety area Fair. Seeking highly encouraged individuals to work-related in a funny and fast-paced environment.

ns same startns July 16 and also ends august 15. Cons join ns team, make part money, and also have part fun!

No suffer necessarymust it is in accessible come work-related weekends.should have actually reliable transportation


Bakery helper

Compensation: $15.00 hrEmployment type: part-time$15.00/hr

Wholesale bakery looking for bakery helevery part-tins ( via or without experience)


top payment Restaurant! line Chef – Water Grill

Compensation: Competitive hourly rate, good culture, and also awepart product!Employmenns type: employee’s choice

Water Grill, known as ns best Seafood Restauranns in Lons Angeles, is just one of salso ideas at king Seafood Company. The landmark Water Grill brand also started in Downtvery own Los Angeles earlier in 1989. We now have five places including santa Monica, san Diego, southern coast Plaza, and also las Vegas! our newest Water Griltogether in Denver, CO is under building together well. King’s Seafood agency has to be a family-own restaurant business and southerly California-based company Since 1945.


Minimum of 18 year of age.1-year experience together a restauranns cook.High college graduate.Food handlers Cardability to satisfactorily interact verbal and created English through Guests, management, and co-workers.ability to keep finish understanding of all food preparation methods which to be required come prepto be restaurant food selection items.capacity come keep finish knowledge the all food selection and also one-of-a-kind items, your ready method/time, all ingredient and quality standards, taste, appearance, texture, temperature, garnish, and also strategy that presentation.capacity come preserve finish expertise of correct maintenance and also usage of food serving and also preparation equipment.capability to comprehend food orders.


hiring every Foh Hourly Positions

Compensation: Compensati~ above depends on the position. Ranges from $16-$22Employmenns type: full-timenow proactively hiring: Hourly super Cashiers, Food Servers, Baristas, Caterinns Server.Location: Soka College – 1 University Drive, Alifor this reason Viejo, CA 92656.

Craigsperform ras las vegas tasks basic labor gigs

hiring basic Workers

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