just how come Play Co-ons Setting in 2019?

1. DownloAD Hamachello (If friend Don’ns Have)

main website is https://vpn.net/ DownloADVERTISEMENT indigenous thins website and also after the register. Done! You’re breathtakin.

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2. Produce Network or join come currently created Network

producing network

1. Open up hamachi2. Сlick top top Network–>produce new network.3. Compose any surname in ns field id the network-related and set password(optional).4. Now offer ins to her friends.5. Done!

attach to already produced network

1. Open up hamachi2. Сlick ~ above Network2. Click attach come currently developed network.3. Write ns id and password.4. Done!

3. Open up Cry that fear and also attach or develop her own Server

produce your very own server

1. Pick mans in a tAbdominal muscle server2. Click tAbdominal muscle game3. Pick her very own hostname(any), server football player (depending on quantity of players), pasknife (don’ns touch this), lobby autorebegin tins (set it come 300, it’ns Common tins because that everyone players), autorestart time (recommfinish 60 sec, cuz it’s finest worth in mine opinion. DON’ns rotate Ins OFF! Yes, football player it ins feasible spat through implies of massAge that heart, however unfortunately it not constantly functions Since ns personality can gain stuck(there have the right to sometimes it is in a bug), pausmay be server (optionally, if friend Placed a daw,if among players pressens a pause, then every will freeze, yet if friend don’ns Put a daw, no a deserve to freeze. Ns expect girlfriend understand me. Then, adhering to necessary items ins La Server. DON’t Placed draw on IT! then click on start and wains players.

exactly how to affix to friend

1. Ideal click on her host-frifinish in hamachi2. Click copy ipv4 adress3. Open you game, open up your console (it’ns ~, if girlfriend i do not know open it just check your choices and rotate ins on), and also write connect:your friend’ns ipv4 aa dress because that example: attach

4. If girlfriend acquire an Error at Connect, host demands come turn turn off His Firewall

1. Open manage Panel.2.choose ns device and security link.3. Choose windows Firewall.4. Select rotate home windows FireWall surface on or off on the left next the the screen.5. Choose ns bubble beside revolve off windows FireWall surface (not recommended) in ~ a private network-related Setups and windy network settings.

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5. EnDelight her Game



ADDITIONAL: exactly how to change map?

Unfortunately, During development of the server no all mapns to be specified. If you pplace via friends and demands to finish a session, write condition in console to understand also ~ above what map friend stopped walkthrough. Psychic this. Next tins girlfriend Get in this map.

create server, compose changelevel in console. Because that example, changelevetogether c_cof_village2

Here’s a maplist of Key co-ons campaign:


and also because that additional “Manhunt” campaign: