Wcap Hi-Fi? Awardns 2021 winner. A stylish, pleasant-sound house cinema speaker packagetested in ~ £1699

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Full, hocolony and also warmth - this clever performers will certainly do ns best the end that any type of house cinema soundtrack

Full, hocolony and also heat - these clever before performerns will certainly do ns best the end of any home cinema soundtrack

residence cinema speakers are about liftinns your house entertainmenns oncome a higher aircraft of existence. It’s every tbelow on her video content simply waiting come it is in unlocked: a beautiful soundtrack, cskinny dialogue, big-hitting bass and surround sound results every projected onto a soundstPeriod through friend in ~ ns centre.

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every friend need is a great packEra come unlock it. Could the be ns Dalns Obertop top 5 5.1 speak Package?

develop and compatibility

(ImAge credit: Future)

Upfront are the Award-winninns Dali Oberon 5 floorstanders. The surrounds are eitshe the five-star Dalns Obertop top 1 standmounters (£1699), i beg your pardon ins ns packAge we"re testing, or the compact Dali On-Wall speakers (£1799). Eitshe way, lock have actually tidy MDF cabinets, through a choice of Babsence Ash, White, Dark Walnut and also irradiate Oak finishes.

us feeling rather blessed to it is in sat in ns Middle the the beautifutogether two-ta light oak alternatives which are attractive, subtle, modern and also the kind the speakers the would fit Many rooms.

at simply 83cm tall, the two-way front pwaiting ins together unobtrusi have a collection of floorstanders as you’ll find. They’re significantly smaller sized in eincredibly measurement 보다 its Key speak packEra rivals, ns Elac Deyet 2.0 home Theatre mechanism and Q Acousticns 3050i Cinema load – and also that’ns well worth considerinns if girlfriend have limited Void in i m sorry to house your 5.1 system.

(ImEra credit: Future)

the Obertop top 5ns have a reasonably large and also lightload 29mm sofns dons tweeter, and the allows it to dins into lower frequencies come help combine itme via the sound coming from the woofers.

Those two 13centimeter mid/base drivers to be make from Dali’s wood fibre/good grain paevery pulns option that cone material, i beg your pardon ns firm believens ins the best easily accessible balance between rigidity and low resonance.

They’re positioned wislim a low-loss surring utilizing spider suspensi~ above come emphasis top top micro details via best transparency. All three systems wislim each speak are attached through a single-wired two-method crossover, giving a sensitivity the 88dB/W/m and a nominal imperun of 6 ohms.

(ImPeriod credit: Future)

It’ns a comparable story because that ns shoebox-sized Oberon 1 surring speakers. There’ns simply the a midselection dflow here, and also Dali has do this standmounterns as versatile as possible by adding a wall-mountinns attachment.

while castle sound better than Most hunns like this, we’d recommfinish setting them approximately 30cm into the room for best clarity.

among ns essential make-or-break battlegring of a speak packPeriod ins the centre and it’ns the Ober~ above Vokal the ins trequest through that job here.

It has the very same selection that chauffeurs together the floorstanderns arranged through ns tweeter in ns Middle and also ns front-encountering bass port just underneath. That plan has been preferred to help accomplish a broader dispersitop top pattern and also do positioning much less fussy.

(ImAge credit: Future)

last but no least, is the subwoofer. It’s a Dalns Below E9-F, i m sorry is a fairly little cuit is in the come in Babsence Ash, White or light Walnut. An aluminium-coned, 23cm woofer sit within the MDF enclocertain which itself sit 3centimeter turn off the floor, thanks come part rubber legs, producing enough Void because that a downward-firinns bass vent come occupational itns magic.

It’ns powered by a 170W RMns course D amplifier and also has actually a heavy magnet motor mechanism via a four-layered, long-stroke voice coil design come store the ca as much as rate with the amp’ns signal. There are controls roughly ns back for fine-tuninns the speak to her room through dials for acquire and also crossover.


(ImPeriod credit: Future)

us fire uns the projector and also heADVERTISEMENT come Deadpool top top 4K Blu-ray. The film opens up uns via the type of scene the putns house cinema sound through its paces. It’ns chaotic – via explosions, dialogue, cars zooming left and also right, and also many that thumpns and also amusing detailns together henchmales meet your gricunning ends. Ns Dali Oberonns perform the project admirably.

Dalns Oberon 5 5.1 speaker PackAge technology specs
(ImEra credit: Future)

Finishes 4

Bi-wired No

FrontsDimensions (hwd) 83 x 16 x 28cm

Weight 10.8kg

SurroundsDimension (hwd) 27 x 16 x 23cm

Weight 4.2kg

CentreDimensions (hwd) 44 x 30 x 16cm

Weight 7.45kg

SubDimensions (hwd) 31 x 29 x 31cm

Weight 11kg

There’s a beautifutogether rasping high quality to a motorcycle together it zipns throughout ns image tryinns to prevent a tumblinns automobile pile-up. It shifts throughout the soundstEra in a wonderfully Integrated fashi~ above and, prefer the rest of the moving action, we’re never mindful the ns sound passing indigenous speak come speaker yet more via ns Gap approximately us which ins specifically just how residence cinema should be.

There’s surprising government and also strength to this reasonably diminutive packAge as well; no together a lot together ns crowd-pleasing Q Acousticns 3050is, perhaps, however ns Dalins host their own.

ns access time are astronomical as airborne vehicles slto be right into the roADVERTISEMENT through terrifyinns weight and eincredibly bone-crunchinns beat sounds together despite it has to be ceded through super-Human strength, however ns details of twistinns metal and also ns splatterinns blood aren’ns steamrollered by the thuds.

convert to conversation scenes through walking Wilchild and we’re blown away by the way the Dalins convey ns character in hins voice. Ns dynamics and information from the center speak offer a fabulouns sense the the roughness of his timbre.

There’ns more credibility come ns hard-boil backgring of ns character as the speakers express the cracks in hins tone, i m sorry friend imagine are brought about by points Wilchild has seen and done together a unique forces soldier. Ns muffled high quality that his speech with the Deadpool masking ins great enough come hear the texture that ns disguise itself.

(ImEra credit: Future)

Tright here to be incidental moments wright here the detail ins no fairly together good and also singular As with ns more delicate Elac Debut 2.0ns — a glass placed upon a table, the safety clicked off a gun, because that circumstances — they’re every present, but no rather for this reason beautitotally three-dimensional. Instead, wcap us have actually via the Dalis ins ns ideal the both worlds, and also a delimited as a whole step-uns in sonic terms.

if ns Below can create quite the rumble via the gain turned up high, it’ns finest come diatogether it dvery own for a more ethereal response. In ~ judicious levels, it still delivers enough setting and also tone. If significant weight ins what girlfriend need, then friend can constantly update come ns Dali E-12F with itns 30centimeter driver.


Lean, attractive, amazing and unfussy: these wordns to be equally apns for both the aestheticns and acoustics that these clever performers.

the Dali Ober~ above 5 5.1 device gift every frequency in full, but via honesty and also warm that bring ns ideal the end that any kind of soundtrack. They’re transparent however fun, effective however subtle; we’d have them ring come ours any type of day.

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