so if ns have actually 36 int and 30 faith, will ns obtain even more damages outPlaced indigenous CMW or sunshine blade? my confidence is Right now in ~ 18 and I"m simply wondering if ins would certainly be precious using ns pointns top top faith when ns currently have actually CMW.

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-------------------ns go approximately favor whatever is fine, yet deep down...inside my shoe my sock ins slippinns off. Oooga booga booga!
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-------------------ns to walk about favor everything ins fine, however deep down...inside mine shoes mine amount say is slippinns off. Oooga booga booga!
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among ns advantages that CMW however, is the lingering drag~ above crest ring have the right to extend ns duration of ns buff, contrary come the wonder buffs.
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ok. Thanks all. I forgained around the dragtop top cremainder ring. I"ve obtained the RoFAp on, i beg your pardon ns do not want come break, and also I"ve to be making use of mine various other slot via the silver Serpenns come acquire preferably souls for every one of this levetogether ups I"m tryinns come get. Stiltogether not sure if i should Put castle right into belief for the sake the not only obtaining sunlight Blade, however additionally for WotG. The other alternative would be Str. Therefore ns have the right to try come update part more heavier tools i haven"t been maybe to usage or maybe even int. I"ve obtained my int. To 36 i thoctopus simply for spirit Spear, which i have 3 smany so i thsquid i obtained 12 of em. If ns gain ins come 44 i deserve to use crystal heart Spear, however is that really all the a lot much better that spirit Spear come the allude wbelow ins would certainly it is in precious adding 8 more points to int.?
-------------------i to walk around like every little thing ins fine, yet deens down...within my shoe my sock is slippinns off. Oooga booga booga!

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crystal heart Spear is a very effective sorcery, certainly better than soul Spear, however it"s arguable as to whether a sorcery alone ins worth a eighns level stin ~ investment. If girlfriend start lookinns at other benefits the levelling knowledge native 36 come 44, such as the Moonirradiate Greatknife AR gain, and also ns boost come fascinating ascended weapons, then twater tap level to be definitely precious far as decision Magic Weap~ above and also sunlight tongue goes, I"d probably have to next through sunlight tongue because that a couple of reasons.1. Sunlight blade adds the just element the has actually for sure no self buff defence. Addns around 310 AR via Canvtogether Talisman.2. Excellent Magic obstacle native a belief build will block the end 90% the magic damage, makinns the 393 increase from 44 Inns via TCC (believe Crystalization Catalyst) include much less the a rise to her weaptop top 보다 a Charcharcoal pine Resin.3. Darkmoon blade is easily accessible together a magic weaptop top buff because that faith builds, and also while ins falls about 30 AR Quick that wcap CMW in ~ 44 Int with the TCC does, for ns capacity to block 90% of every magic damages (i m sorry has Pursuers and Dark Bead) and have actually an effective Lightninns buff, I"d say it"s even more than a fair trade.a last point to cover, ins Logan"ns Catalyst, at 44 Inns it"s the third Many powerful catalyst, with Manuns Catalysns comes in second. The last requires you come have 14 stamina to wield, boosts dark sorceries, and weighs 5 units. Both the this acquire around a 320 and also 370 boost come AR utilizing CMW.It must it is in listed however, the only Logan"ns Catalyst doesn"t half speltogether uses, and while the TCC ins quickly the Many effective catalyst, via sufficient strength and also Int invested, ns Manuns Catalysns becomes ns the strongest catalysns because that casting dark sorceries.Edit: if her Inns is already at 36, and confidence in ~ 18, climate I"d more than likely simply rise Int if you"re lookinns in ~ cappinns her build at SL125, otherwise friend could be severely lacking in some various other stats.