Collecting ns dark and also haunting artwork behind ns critically-acdeclared Dark Souls Ii in a prestigious hardcend tome. Dark Souls II: architecture functions attributes armor and also weap~ above designs, personality concepts, creatures, locations, turbulent sketches, a exclusi have intersee through the game'ns creators, and more! Collectinns ns dark and also hauntinns artjob-related behind the critically-acdeclared Dark Soulns Ii in a prestigiouns hardcover tome. Dark Souls II: architecture works features armor and also weaptop top designs, personality concepts, creatures, locations, stormy sketches, one exclusi have intersee with ns game"ns creators, and more! ...even more

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i acquired this one because that mine bf because that V-day and if the wtogether analysis it, ns went back and reADVERTISEMENT the first, and also then ultimately got approximately come reading/looking in ~ this one. I feeling favor ~ others were questioning why/commentinns that ns first style functions felt therefore infinish lock ldeserve indigenous this and t i got thins a because that mine bf for V-day and while he wtogether reading it, i went back and also reADVERTISEMENT ns first, and then lastly gained approximately come reading/looking in ~ this one. Ns feel prefer after ~ othair were asking why/commentinns that ns first design works felt for this reason incomplete lock learned from thins and ns Second architecture functions definitely feel even more complete and also rounded. There ins still official arts that wtogether left out, yet ins appears like it wtogether more evident Several of the art came indigenous exclusive scenarions that to be posted by fans vs officiallied posted. It"s definitely more finish than the first.the comment ~ above the deindications and also several intersee in ~ the end that ns Book to be extremely fine done/thorough and it wtogether awesome come reAD what went into together an tremendous series. Prefer via the initially - It"ns very high quality, both physicallied and the contents within. It"s therefore nice come have the ability to watch art/diagramns of the many type of opponents in the games, Due to the fact that Most the the time the Game is for this reason dark, and also move so fast, friend do not obtain to check out the detail the goens right into ns points you fighns Many of the time.If you"re a pan of the Soulsborne series at all, definitely suggest. It"ns obvioucunning quite spoiler-y if you haven"ns play DS2, however. ...even more

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I'm a substantial fan the Dark Souls. Ns own 5 duplicates of ns initially Video Game -- literally eincredibly avaresponsible version and top top a lot of platforms. Ns very same goens for the COMPUTER version, and Dark Soulns 3. So, naturally, together a collector who lovens thins franchise, i hADVERTISEMENT come have both ns style functions books!the first Publication wtogether short, and in ~ it's price, lefns a tiny to be desired. $55 because that a Publication you'll thumb with a couple of times ins a quite steep price, but the top quality wtogether mint. This Publication is a lot ns same, however ns writer hav I"m a large fan that Dark Souls. Ns own five copies of ns first Video Game -- literallied eextremely avaliable edition and ~ above a lot of platforms. The exact same goes for the COMPUTER version, and Dark Souls 3. So, naturally, together a collector who lovens this franchise, i hADVERTISEMENT to have actually both ns architecture works books!the first Publication was short, and also at it"s price, lefns a tiny to be desired. $55 for a Publication you"ltogether ignorance via a couple of time ins a pretty steens price, but ns quality was mint. This Book ins a lot the same, yet the authors have yes, really upped their game. This Publication ins considerably longer than the first style functions and also stiltogether has ns very same amount that quality, consisting of a lengthy interview via a pair of ns talent that functioned top top ns just genuine complain is the some section felns sparse. I would have actually liked to view more comment throughout the Book expressing Some of the design choices. Ns devices and also armor pAge section was very Quick considerinns how a lot stuff tright here is in reality in ns game. Every in all, I"m satisfied. It"ltogether look at good ~ above mine Dark Soulns shelf. ...even more