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Connie L. Gilliland also Smart Age 86 wtogether called residence to it is in through she lord and Savior top top October 20, 2021. Cremation has bring away location under the treatment that Ford-Wulf-Bruns, and a family members celebration event the life will it is in held top top a later on date. Ns family argues memorialns come ns Coffeyville Friend of Animals, the Alzheimer’ns foundation the united states of america or donor’s option and also might it is in left with Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapel, 2405 Woodland also Ave, Coffeyville, Ks 67337. To leave one virtual condolence or share a storage visit

Connin other words wtogether born June 27, 1935, in Corbin City (Cherryvale), Kansregarding Jamens L. Gilliland also and Mildred Gilliland also (Tuttle). Sthat attended and i graduated from Cherryvale High School. On June 5, 1953, Connin other words married ns love that her life, Charles Smart. That happen away in 2016 after ~ 62 year the marriage. Shortly after marriage, Connie join Charles in La Rochelle, France as he perfect hins U.S. Army service. After Brief stints in Cherryvale, Ks and Salem, MO, Connie, and family stable in Independence, KS. She reexhausted native Tri-county one-of-a-kind Ed after 30 plus year the cursed service. Connin other words was a member that first Christia Church, Independence, KS. And served together plank member, board secretary and also deacon.

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Connie’s storage will certainly be carried ~ above by her 2 sons, David and ma"am Delia Smart the Olathe, Kanstogether and Andy and also ma"am Alicia Smart the Coffeyville, Kansas, a sister Judy Bylamb and a brvarious other Doug and ma"am Barbara Tuttle. Sthat loved youngsters and was blessed with 6 grandchildren, Shawn Smarts Magee and husband also Jeff, Adto be and also wife Shann~ above Smart, Tom and also wife Missy Smart, Torey Smart DeWitt and also husband also Luke, Michaetogether Smarts and Cooevery Smart. Sthe likewise loved her eight great-grandchildren, Olivia, Bryce, Addie, Hudson, Carson, Jackson, Jonathan, and Jeremiah. In enhancement to she husband, sthe was preyielded in death by her paleas and also sisters girl name Bryant.

Sthe love to sing and listening come music, cooking, baking, and also spending tins through she family. Crosswords, sudoku puzzles, play cardns and also various other brain teasers were favorite past-times.


Norma Jea Hader, Era 74, of Derby, Kansas and also lengthy time residenns of Coffeyville, Kansas, happen away ~ above Saturday, October 23, 2021 in Wichita, Kansas.

Norma wtogether born in ns Dalles, Oregon to Normale and Hazetogether (Doyle) Woods ~ above December 21, 1946. Sthe visited high college in Fredonia, Kansas and also i graduated in 1964.

top top September 10, 1966 she married the love the her life, bill Hader in Fredonia, Kansas. The couple make your residence in Coffeyville wbelow they increased your sons, BrADVERTISEMENT and Jeff. In addition come caring for she family and kids, Norma functioned together a financial institution novelist with numerous banks in Coffeyville until her retirement. She also delighted in being one active member of ns Tyro Christione Church till moving to Derby, Kanstogether in 2019. She loved lemon desserts and also gift surrounding by her household and friends.

Norma is made it through by she husband, invoice Hader of ns home; her sons, BrADVERTISEMENT Hader and wife, Tammine of Derby, Kansas, Jeff Hader and wife, Lori that Haysville, Kansas; grandson, Zachary Hader; nieces, Jenny Puls, Barbara Cox, Patty Felts, and a nephew, ChAD Barnhart. Sthat ins predelivered in fatality by she mother, Hazel Faulkner; she father, Norguy Woods; brother, Eddice Woods and sister, Judy Barnhart.

Funeratogether service will it is in hosted ~ above Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. In ~ Tyro Christione Church. Evangeperform Davidentifier Bycroft will officiate. Burial will follow at Robbins Cemetery west that Coffeyville.

Visitatitop top will certainly it is in hosted top top Tuesday, November 2, 2021 native 1:00 p.m. Until 8:00 p.m. In ~ Davidentifier W Barnes Funeratogether residence in Coffeyville for family and also friend to sign the guest it is registered throughout ns day.

ns family members argues memoriatogether contributions have the right to it is in made to a charity the the donors choice; these may it is in lefns with the funeral house or mailed in treatment that David W Barnes Funeral Home, 306 N. Cline Rd. Coffeyville, Kns 67337.

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David W. Barnens Funeral house will certainly be managing ns funeratogether arrangements.

Ruby Lee Beeson-Medley in ~ the the Era 102 happen ameans ~ above Monday, October 25, 2021, in ~ Windsor place in Coffeyville, KansJust like her household by she side.Ruthrough was born top top December 8, 1918, in Coffeyville, come william W. And also Annie may (Joplin) Lowrance. As a younns girl, Ruthrough and her family members relocated come Lockesburg, Arkansas. Sthat attfinished school tright here until the Period the 14 once ns family members relocated back come Coffeyville in 1932. Ruby i graduated from area Kindley High college in 1937.after high school sthat started working for ns Kansas Employmenns Office until 1939, once sthe married a dashing young man, Marbelieve V. Beekid on December 16, 1939. Ns pair make their home in Coffeyville, and the the unitop top 2 youngsters were born, Linda and also Bob. Marbelieve preceded she in death in 1982.Ruby enabled herself to find love aobtain and also married Wchange Medley on November 5, 1983, and castle common almost 15 year With Each Other prior to hins passong in 1998.Ruby was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and also good grandmother. Ruby'ns kids reminisce about exorbitant memories of your mom carinns for castle only as a mommy can. Around the dayns of she volunteerinns at school, church youth group and spending top quality time through them. She grandkids have actually priceless memories of mrs making she renowned Marbled cocoa Cake through chocolate Icing once castle pertained to visit; or the Turessential Based Dressong sthat prepared for Thanksoffering and Christmas meals. They will certainly never forget the beautifutogether "Old Fashioned Christmas" decorations that she hAD in she home; memoriens the twater tap ornaments are more cherimelted than any type of recently adorned ornaments ever could. Ruby was always exceptionally energetic well uns into her so late 90's, sthe attfinished sporting events, performances, college graduations, and weddinns that her grandchildren. Sthat never before forobtained a birthday constantly making each grandkid and excellent grandchild feeling loved.Ruby'ns tradition will continue via her children, Linda and she husband, Leland also Fouts, Bob Beeson, and also his ma"am Cathy; granddaughters, Jains and, her husband also Davi would Kim, Mandy and, she husband plunder Neddo; excellent grandchildren, Cherish Wise, Shianne Fouts, Sierra Fouts, Savannah Fouts, twins Adalyn and Ethan Nedcarry out and Aiden Kim. In enhancement come her parents and husbands Ruby wtogether predelivered in death by her grandson, Police Lt. Robb Foutns and also hins wife Holly Foutns M.D., granddaughter, Stacy Taylor; and brother, Clarance Lowrance, Flocation Lowrance, Wtransform Lowrance, half-sister, Rosin other words Slaton, and also stepson, referee Richard Medley.Gravenext organization will it is in hosted in ~ Fairsee Cemetery top top Friday, October 29, 2021, at 1afternoon via Rev. Howard Bredesen and also pastor Pam Peck officiating. The family members has actually requested memorial contributions it is in made payable to Trinity joined Methodist Church and might be left in care of Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapel. Come shto be a memory or leaving a online condolence visit

come shto be a memory or leave one digital condolence visit


Charlens thomas McCabe, Jr.64, the self-reliance passed away Friday, October 15, 2021 in ~ Coffeyville neighborhood medical omas McCabe, JrCenter.

the wtogether born top top Apritogether 12, 1957 at Coffeyville come Charles thomas McCabe Sr. And also Shirley Ann (Ratcliff) McCabe. Charlens flourished up and also attfinished college in southern Coffeyville, Oklahoma, Nowata, Oklahoma, Alluwe, Oklahoma and Chelsea, Oklahoma. He hADVERTISEMENT do his house in Independence, Kansas ns last 15 years.

Charlens functioned as a sacker in ~ Marvin’ns grocery store Store, ns Food financial institution and Dvery own home Restaurant, Crow’s nest and the Men’s residence all in Independence.

that attfinished ns initially Church of ns Nazarene in Independence. Charles took pleasure in riding bikes, help othair and goinns come rummAge sales.

Survivors encompass two sisters, Tommie Phillippi and also Betty Colga both that Coffeyville; 6 nieces and 3 nephews.

that was predelivered in fatality through his parents.

A Gravenext Memoriatogether company will it is in hosted at 10:00 a.m. ~ above Thursday, October 28, 2021 at Elmhardwood Cemetery in Coffeyville. Complying with Charles’ wishe is cremation has actually take away place.

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Davi would W. Barnes Funeral residence the Coffeyville ins in fee that arrangements.

Floyd Bowman, Period 96, happen amethod peacetotally in ~ his home in south Coffeyville, Oklahoma on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

Floyd wtogether born on June 27, 1925 along with hins tWin brother, Lloyd in Coffeyville, Kansas to wilhelm and Florence maria Bell (Salley) Bowman. That thrived up in Coffeyville wbelow he attfinished school. In ~ Age 18 he visited job-related because that ns refinery in Coffeyville. Floyd worked tbelow for 44 years as a operator on the "cat cracker" unit. Ns just tins that wasn'ns functioning were ns Few year that invested proud offer his country in ns joined claims air Force. Top top receiving hins honorable discharge he was able to return to the refinery wbelow lock hADVERTISEMENT organized his place until he could return.

Floyd'ns hobbiens contained agriculture and increasing hins cattle, the loved nature and also the outdoorns and also invested many kind of dayns watchinns ns wildlife and deer exterior hins home. That additionally enjoyed fishing and also boating. Many the all that love the moment that spent surrounded by hins family members and friends.

the is survived by his sisters Dora, of the home; sister Mrs. Dorins (James) Lowrey; sister-in-law, Charlotte Bowman, 5 nieces, 1 nephew; 7 good nieces, 8 great nephews; 10 great-great nieces, 12 great-great nephews; 4 great-great-great niecens and 5 great-great-great nephews.

Floyd wtogether preyielded in fatality by his parents, william and mary Bell Bowman; tSuccess brother, Lloyd Bowman, brothers Arthur and also hins wife, Edna, Osvehicle and his wife, Buell Rae; and also billy Bowman; a sister, Jennin other words Bowman, three nieces and one nephew.

Graveside service will certainly be organized ~ above Tuesday, October 26, 2021 in ~ 2:00 p.m. In ~ Mt. Washingt~ above cemetery in Lenapah, OK.

Friends might speak to top top Monday from 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. To sign ns guest register in ~ Davi would W. Barnes funeral home in Coffeyville, KS. The family will certainly greens friend Monwork evening in ~ ns funeratogether home native 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

the family argues memorial contributions deserve to it is in make come ns Amerihave the right to Cancer culture and also deserve to it is in lefns in ~ ns funeratogether residence or mailed in c/o Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether Home, 306 N. Cline Road, Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

our beloved, Vicky Diane Ashmore, was born January 16, 1959, in Indio, California. Sthat pass peacetotally top top October 16, 2021, in Coffeyville, Kansas. Vicky ins the 3rd child that salso kids born come Bobby and also mary Oldham.

Vicky started institution in ~ Hinkley area college in Hinkley, The golden state till the family members resituated to Lompoc, California, wright here sthe Further attfinished elementary, Jr. And also Sr. High schools. She spent over 40 years functioning in food organization and wtogether excellent in ~ she project and also love it exceptionally much.

Vicky ins predelivered in fatality by her husband, Clifford Ashmore; son, Timoyour Ashmore and also child daughter, sarah Johnson; brother, Kelly Oldham and also she parents, Bobthrough and Mary.

Vicky appreciated music and dancing. Football, baseball, and also basketsphere were commonplace in ~ she table. In fact, she table wtogether constantly complete of household and friend roughly it as she fun-loving and also caretotally free personality drew family members and friends come her.

Vicky ins made it through by her daughter, Brandy (Johnson) Gibboy and also fiancé Cthat Bhagwandin that Plano Texas; grandsons, Trae Gibkid that Plano, Texas, Desns Gibchild and also wife, Tiara of Denver, Colorado, Jaecns Gibson of Plano, Texas; granddaughters, Alannah Reidentifier that Plano, Texas, Regina and also Jasmine Ashmore that little bit Rock, Arkansas; great granddaughters, Paisley and Paige Bennett the bit Rock, Arkansas, son, Reggie Asheven more additionally the bit Rock, Arkanstogether and daughter, Catrece Davis.

Vicky is additionally endured by 4 sisters, Deborah Gaitshe and husband, Gary Gaitshe of Texas, Tracy Jackboy the Garnett, Kansas, Pamela Bouknighns that Coffeyville, Kansas and Rhonda Sutherland also and also husband, Johnny Sutherland also of Coffeyville, Kansas; one brother, Robert Oldhto be and wife, Olivia that Springfield, Missouri; numerous cousins, nieces, and also nephewns throughout the united states of america and a enduring aunt, Margaret Oldham that Texas.

adhering to Vicky'ns wishes, crematitop top has actually bring away location under ns directitop top that David W. Barnens Funeral home in Coffeyville.

Graveside Memoriatogether services will it is in organized by the household on Saturday, October 23, 2021 in ~ 3:00 p.m. At the Veterans Memoriatogether Patio in ~ Faircheck out Cemetery in Coffeyville. Pastor Judy Mustain will officiate. A celebration event of Life collection ins come follow for family and friends.

ns household argues memorial contributions have the right to it is in made come ns St. Jude Children'ns study Hospital; this may it is in lefns through the funeral residence or mailed in treatment that Davi would W. Barnens Funeratogether residence 306 N. Cline Rd. Coffeyville, Kns 67337.

to leave a messEra because that ns household virtual visins

Wilma Louise blacksmith Age 88 the Pittsburg happen amethod ~ above October 17, 2021 in ~ via Christns Hospital in Pittsburg, KS.

Louise was born Apritogether 19, 1933 in Tulsa, ok come Jamens Fredstack and Minnin other words Bell (Pearson) Stimson. Louise wtogether elevated in Tulsa and attfinished local schools graduatinns native Tulsa central through ns class the 1952. After ~ graduation sthe found employmenns via A few of ns downtown Tulsa room stores including S. H. Kress and also Brown-Duncan. Sthe rode the streetvehicle ~ above the Sand also Spring line come downtown. Louise was attending ns Bible holy place church in Tulsa when ns pastor introduced she to his brvarious other Ercolony Smith, and also ns couple began courtinns every various other and also was joined in marriPeriod top top may 10, 1959. Come thins union castle were blessed via 4 sons. Louise found she life’s enthusiasm via raising and also carinns because that her family’s needs. Sthe love baking and always hAD cookies or cake prepared because that the guys once lock acquired home native school. Sthat wtogether a very talented musician, sthe play ns piano, organ, accordion and sang. Sthe delighted in sewinns and baking, and wtogether devoted come prayinns and reading she Bible. Louise was a private person; sthe never want to it is in in ns spotlight. Sthe was exceptionally organized in ns means sthe maintained track that things she save ameans for safekeeping for the family.

Louise’ns memoriens will live ~ above via she sons; Dale blacksmith and also wife Sumountain that Tulsa, OK, Floyd blacksmith and ma"am Debbie the Coffeyville, KS, and also Neal smith of Pittsburg, KS, 8 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

Sthe currently rests with she parents, her husband Ernest, she kid Marvin Smith, brothers; Nolen, James, Billy, Marien, Orvitogether (Sonny), and Danny, sisters; Elsin other words and also Clara Lou.

Funeral services will it is in organized top top Friday, October 22, 2021 in ~ 1:00pm in ~ Ford-Wulf-Bruns Chapel, funeral will instantly folshort in ~ Robbins Cemetery. A Book to sing will it is in organized on Thursday, October 21, 2021 native 9:00am come 8:00afternoon through ns family greetinns friends indigenous 6:00pm come 8:00pm in ~ the Chapel. To shto be a storage or to leave ns family a messEra the condolence, please

Robert “Bobby” ray Miller, 67, of Coffeyville happen amethod Monday, October 11, 2021 in ~ Medicalodge of Coffeyville.

that was born ~ above February 12, 1954 come Tommine R. And also Margaret Ann (Perkins) Miller. Bobby prospered up and also attended school in Coffeyville.

Bobby was work at Morrow Foundried for many type of years. He enjoyed ridinns his bike and also visitinns through friend and also family.

Survivors encompass hins siblings, Debbin other words Rex, Sandy Wilson, Patty Ward, cutting board Denson, Paula Kelsey, Denise O’Connor, Alisa Bush, Robert Cunninghto be and also Ed Cunningham; 25 nieces and nephews, and also 19 great-nieces and also good nephews.

Bobthrough was preyielded in death by hins parents; step-mother, Deloris miller and five brothers.

the household is having actually a Memorial organization celebrating Bobby’s life will it is in in ~ 1:00 p.m. Saturday, October 16, 2021 in ~ Agape’ Fellowshins Church, 501 east nine St., Coffeyville, Kns through Bobby’s nephew pastor Kevin O’Conno one officiating.

adhering to Bobby’s wishe is cremation has actually bring away place.

to leave a messEra because that the household please visins

Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether home the Coffeyville ins in charge that arrangements.

john Eugene “Gene” McCentice Era 69 the rural Havana, formerly of Caney, happen away ~ above October 12, 2021 in ~ woman Phillips medical facility in Bartlesville, OK.

Gene was born on February 16, 1952 in TVictory Falls, Idaho to Jamens Le~ above and also mary jane (Ross) McClure. Ns family do their home in Caney wright here he attfinished school until his junior year. He i graduated indigenous Mulvane High institution in 1971. He worked for both Colemale and Boeing in wait prior to moving back come Caney where that functioned for the family’s organization Heymann steel and Metal. Gene climate saw work-related for Funk manufacturing because that a variety of year before returning come Heymann’s. He climate took over ownershins as soon as hins fatshe reexhausted and now has pass ns reinns come hins youngsters together third generatitop top owner of ns Second earliest operating service in Coffeyville.

Gene mens ns love that hins life Patricia Nichols and also the couple was unified in marriEra April 10th, 1976. Come this uni~ above the pair invited two daughters and also a son. Gene wtogether one avi would outdoorsman; he love hunting, fishing, racing motorcyclens and boats, attending rodeos, 4-H events, and also gun trading. Gene love spending his time with hins children and grandyoungsters and really took an interest in sustaining youth activities. He was Fast to market breakQuick to anya that can it is in visitinns and that would certainly Cook up a totality mess the food to do sure no one lefns hungry. He wtogether excellent through numbers, yet seldom psychic a name. Gene wtogether renowned for speak points like, “girlfriend recognize whadayacallem, that go the address the whatchamacallit” and also lefns girlfriend come figure the end that he’ns talking about, wcap they go and also wcap the whatchamacallit was. That wtogether a great guy and also one also better story teller.

Gene’ns stories will certainly live top top with his ma"am Patricia, children; Shantayle McClure Clark and also she husband Kevin, Bridobtain McClure müller and her husband Jonathan, Travins McClure and hins wife Cortney, sister Judy Ross, grandchildren; Zarak Clark, Ashten Graham and also her husband Taylor, Jacob Miller, Bailey Miller, Stanley Kowalczyk, Natalin other words Miller, Maclin McClure, and also Deaton McClure, numerous nieces, nephews, and friend that have become family.

he now rests through his paleas and also brother, terrycloth McClure.

Memorial services will it is in held on Saturday, October 16, 2021 in ~ 1:00pm at Grace Fellowship Church. Visitation will be hosted Friday, October 15, 2021 indigenous 6:00pm come 8:00afternoon in ~ Ford-Wulf-Bruns Chapel. The family members argues memorials it is in made paymay be come the 4-H Liveshare Premium revenue and castle may be sent in care of Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapel 2405 Woodland Ave Coffeyville, Ks 67337. Come shto be a storage or come leave ns family members a messAge the condolence, please visins

Kate Logan Rexwinkle, Age 38 that Coffeyville, Kanstogether passed ameans ~ above Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Northtreatment Hospice cream in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kate wtogether born on December 30, 1982 in Coffeyville, Kansregarding Melvin and Sallied (Beal) Rexwinkle. Ns family resided in Coffeyville, Blackwell, Oklahoma and Bartlesville, Oklahoma wright here Kate attended college in every 3 locations.

Kate love music and also family. Sthe was blessed through a child of she own, Eli Briggs that sthe adored. Being a mommy wtogether her permanent job. Kate was loved by all that kbrand-new she and will be missed.

making it through to cherish her storage is she loving child, Eli Briggs of Lawrence, Kansas; fiancé, Christopshe Davis; she father and also step-mother, Melvin and also Ann Rexwinkle; step-father, man Leonard all of Coffeyville, Kansas; siblings, Joe and Amanda Rexwinkle and your youngsters Jake and Nora that Kanstogether City, Missouri, note and also Connie Rudd that Tulsa, Oklahoma, Laurinda and Francis Hannah of Coffeyville, Kansas; several nieces, nephews, extended family members and cshed friends. Kate was obtained into heaven through she mother, Sally Leonard that preceded her in fatality ~ above June 1, 2013 together with her head and maternatogether grandparents.

Cremati~ above has actually take away area under ns directitop top of Davidentifier W Barnes Funeratogether home the Coffeyville.

A solemn event the Life Memoriatogether organization will certainly it is in hosted by the family at ns Westside Christian Church via minister Kevin O’Conno one officiating top top Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

the family members argues memoriatogether contributions have the right to it is in do to the facility because that addiction and Treatment. This may be lefns with ns funeral residence or mailed in care of David W Barnens Funeratogether Home.

Reola Jea Mansfield, Era 87, that Coffeyville, Kanstogether passed away ~ above Tuesday, October 5, 2021 peacetotally at she home.

Reola wtogether born top top august 15, 1934 in Thayer, Kansas to Joseph and Buda Mae (Whisman) Burt. She flourished uns in Thayer, Kansas wright here sthat deserve her high college education.

In 1952 sthat was joined in marriPeriod to A. Valley Thornton. The that unitop top 5 children were born. The pair later divorced.

In addition to acquisition care the her household and also home, Reola also worked together a bookkeeper because that many type of years. Top top February 14, 1982 sthe married her loving husband, wilhelm "Bill" Mansfield in Coffeyville, Kansas. Ns couple made their home in Coffeyville.

Reola hAD a strong Christione faith. Sthat took pleasure in many type of things, Several of i m sorry to be ceramics, gardening, flowers, making stained glass, quilting and also makinns quilts because that all of she kids and also grandkids. She was a terrific homeproducer and also Chef and also love spfinishing tins with her family. Sthat specifically took pleasure in attending every ns events that the grandkids to be connected in. Sthat love gift tright here to cheer them on and also support castle Due to the fact that come her, family wtogether number one. Reola wtogether funny and also sassy and complete that life and also love, one of she favourite sayingns wtogether "cause i Can!" She will certainly it is in deep to let go by every the kbrand-new her.

making it through come cherish her storage to be she loving husband, bill Mansarea of ns home; children, Alone Thornttop top and wife, Lisa the Wichita, Kansas, Terrie Welttop top and also husband, Tns that rural Caney, Kansas, R. E. Thornt~ above and wife, Patricia the ruratogether Wann, Oklahoma, stack Thornt~ above and wife, Sheila the Dennis, Kansas, Jamie Thornton the Overland Park, Kansas; sixteen grandchildren; thirty-6 excellent grandchildren; three great great grandchildren; countless nieces, nephews, cousins, extended relatives and friends. Reola was preyielded in death by she parents, Joseph and Buda Burt; 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

following Reola's wishes, cremation has take away location under ns directitop top that Davidentifier W. Barnens Funeratogether house in Coffeyville.

Graveside Memoriatogether solutions will certainly it is in hosted top top Monday, October 18, 2021 at Robbins Cemetery in ~ 2:00 p.m. Evangeperform Davidentifier Bycroft will be officiating.

ns family members suggests memorial contribution can be make to St. Jude'ns Children's Hospital; these may be lefns via the funeratogether house or mailed in care that Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether residence 306 N. Cline Rd. Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

to leave a messPeriod because that ns family online, visins

Otins "Don" Donald Crook, Period 79, of Nowata County, Oklahoma happen amethod peacefully at his house through his loving wife, Linda through hins side.

Dtop top wtogether born top top September 17, 1942 in Hannibal, Missouri to Otins Edward and also Dora mrs (Sams) Crook. The flourished up in Missourns where that graduated high school. The worked in construction as a heavy devices operator and also farmed and also elevated cattle.

complying with his wishes, cremation has actually bring away area under ns direction of Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether home in Coffeyville, Kansas. No publicly services are reserved in ~ thins time. To leaving a messAge for the family online, visit

Jared P. Britt, Age 42, previously of southeastern Kansas was taken by hins Savior on Sunday, October 3, 2021 in Osawatomie, Kansas.

Jared wtogether born ~ above January 21, 1979 at Siras B. Hayes Hospitatogether in Ft Ord, California, the Second boy to wilhelm (Mike) Michaetogether Britt, Sr. And Linda (Kebert) Britt. He was more generally referred to through household as “Bubba”.

the family members resided in southeast Kanstogether wright here Jared grew uns and attended school, graduatinns from self-reliance High institution in 1997. Throughthe end high school he wtogether energetic in football. The would regularly it is in uncovered at the rec facility shootinns hoops and playing basketround or through a pole in his hand the end fishinns any kind of chance he got.

Jared is made it through through hins father, wilhelm “Mike” (Arlene) Britt, Sr. Of Independence, Kansas; his mother, Linda Britt also of Independence, Kansas; two brothers, wilhelm “Will” (Trisha) Britt, Jr. That Coffeyville, Kanstogether and also Christopshe “Chris” (Ashley) Britt of Bartlesville, Oklahoma; sister, Melissa Britt that Independence, Kansas; niecens and nephews, Tristan, Bianca, Gavin and also Tatum; a hold the aunts, uncles, cousins, extfinished relatives, and friends. That was preyielded in death through hins head grandparents, Oscar A. Britt, Sr. And Francins Smith-Britt; and maternatogether grandmother, Doris J. Barragar-Martin.

Funeratogether solutions will certainly it is in hosted on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 in ~ Words of confidence Church in Coffeyville, Kanstogether at 1:00 p.m. Pastor Gary Cshed will certainly officiate. Funeral will certainly folshort in ~ Robbins Cemetery west that Coffeyville.

the family members argues memoriatogether contribution can it is in make to ns Coffeyville Rec Center; these may be left with ns funeral residence or mailed in care of Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeral residence 306 N. Cheat Rd., Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

to leaving a messEra because that ns family online,

junior Lee Haynes, Era 82, pass away Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

that was born in Bremen, Alabama top top November 19, 1939 come Jay Haynes and also Verla Haynes, both deceased. Small graduated native Westpoint High institution in Westpoint, Alabama. ~ above march 13, 1963, that married Judith anne Pinnell. Lock hAD a son, Orval Jay Haynes.

small wtogether one ordained minister through the unified Pentecostal Church global because that over 50 years. The served together minister that numerous church throughthe end hins life, as well as serving on various boardns and also cursed for ns united Pentecostal Church International.

In 1969, that started ns first joined Pentecostal Church in Coffeyville, Kansas, located at 3408 W 8 hours St. The additionally operated at ns initially nationwide financial institution that Coffeyville, Kansas. Throughthe end his life, he also pastored church in Chanute, Kansas, Iola, Kansas, Wheeler, Alabama, autumn River, Massachusetts, Snyder, Texas, Pecos, Texas, and also in ~ the moment that hins retiremenns in 2012, he was ns pastor the the united Pentecostal Church in Memphis, Texas. Junior also served top top executive boards for the united Pentecostal Church global in Kanstogether and Alabama. In ~ the time that hins retirement, ns family members moved to Hollister, Missouri, wright here the live till his death.

junior ins endured through his wife, Judith Haynes; a son, Orvatogether Haynes, and also a brother, Wintford Haynes. He wtogether a love Husband, Father, Pastor, and Friend. He wanted to be psychic as a Preacshe the Righteousness!

small will certainly it is in hidden in ~ Robbins Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas and also a memoriatogether organization will certainly be hosted at freedom Apostolic Church in Branboy West, Missouri.

Davi would W. Barnens Funeratogether residence that Coffeyville is in charge of arrangements. To leaving a messPeriod because that the family members online, visins

Judy Charlene Wilmoth Period 61 that Tyro, Ks pass amethod Wednesday, the sixth of October in ~ home. She hADVERTISEMENT freshly moved to Overland also Park, Ks where she live with she brvarious other Jns and also ma"am Rose.

Judy wtogether born top top September 17, 1960 in Coffeyville, Ks come Jamens and also Charheat Wilmoth and also resided in a house built through she fatshe where she lived individually ns many the her life.

Judy graduated from Caney sink High institution in 1979, complying with graduatitop top sthe attfinished new Beginnings. Sthe operated in the food service market in the cafeteria in the Caney and freedom schools for many years. She later on saw job-related in ~ Windsor place the Coffeyville, Kanstogether in 2004 where she had the ability to work in ns cafe and also care because that her mom if sthat was there. Sthe continued functioning at Windsor till the pandemic in 2020.

Sthe was a member of Tyro Christian Church wright here sthat hADVERTISEMENT many kind of friend that sthat enjoyed see eextremely Sunday. Sthat knew no Stforest rangers! She loved going on shopping adendeavors via her brother and also her Aunns Jeananne. As soon as Christmas tins came about everyone looked front come receivinns your yearly calendar native her.

Judy love life and also makinns human being happy. She never hADVERTISEMENT a bAD day! her favorite saying was, “I’m Happy Today”.

Sthat additionally hAD a love for chuck Norris, america and the Red/White and also Blue.

In her last 4 months she lived in Overland Park, KS. She wtogether therefore exquote to relocate come the “huge CITY”. Sthe wtogether surrounded through friend and also family wright here she thought about eincredibly job a party.

She is endured through she brother Jns Wilmoth and also wife rose the Overland Park, KS, sister in regulation Marsha Wilmoth the Tyro, KS, Nephewns BrAD and also ma"am Valorin other words Wilmoth and family of St. Louis, MO, Scott Wilmoth and family members that Wentzville, MO, Jachild and ma"am Gennifer Davins and household the Blue Springs, MO, and nieces Megone and also husband Craig Smail and family members that Leawood, KS, Michele Jacobs, Sharon Weigand, and also Leslie Littlepage.

Sthat is predelivered in fatality by her parental fees Jamens Wilmoth, mother Charheat Grosns Wilmoth, brvarious other Charlens Wilmoth.

Memoriatogether graveside services will certainly it is in organized top top Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 11:00am at Fawn Creek Cemetery. In lieu of flower dentations can it is in made to Tatman Cancer facility and lock might be sent out in treatment the Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapetogether 2405 Woodland Ave Coffeyville, Ks 67337. To shto be a memory or come leaving the family members a messAge of condolence, please visit

Ronald Barrett, Age 68, that Coffeyville, Kansas pass amethod on Saturday, October 2, 2021 in ~ St. John's Hospitatogether in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

R~ above wtogether born ~ above January 5, 1953 in Fairfield, Illinois to Tommie and also Glenna (Coleman) Barrett. He prospered uns in Coffeyville wbelow that graduated from area Kindley Memoriatogether High college and also attfinished classens in ~ southern west university in Winfield. R~ above was a incredibly talented athlete. Throughout high college while play basketball, the teto be make ins to complete at the state levetogether ~ above a lot of occasions. The was component of area Kindley'ns first track team and also earn ns rank of teto be captain if running overcome nation and track. Hins love that sporting activities ongoing throughthe end every his life, the went on to play softball, golf, billiards, horseshoes and also likewise Intellectual Games such as cribbage, board games, and also crosknife puzzles. In enhancement come playing sports he also invested a number of years coachinns youth basketball and also bit Organization baseround and because that a few year the girls’ small high basketball team. Ron additionally delighted in being a spectator of sports, the wtogether constantly cheering because that his KU basketball, hins Pittsburgh Steelerns footsphere and also hins St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

top top November 6, 1979 he married the love of hins life, Barbara England in Coffeyville, Kansas. Ns couple made their house in Coffeyville. Rtop top functioned as a pipefitter and also understand ptimber functioning on power plants throughout ns years. The was a tough worker. That always took care that ns human being around him and also hADVERTISEMENT great advice. He wtogether a great Cook and also hins family members referred to him as ns skilled popcorn popper. R~ above wtogether generous via hins time, spfinishing several years ~ above ns Library plank and also the VFW Men's Auxiliary.

he ins survived through hins loving wife, Barbara Barrett the the home; grandchildren, Nichole and Nathan Barretns and their mother, Carlita Wilson; sister-in-law, Betty England; brothers-in-law, Fred and also Jamens England; numerous nieces, nephews, extfinished relatives and cshed friends.

R~ above was predelivered in death by hins parents, Tommin other words and also Glenna Barrett; hins son, Christopshe Barrett; brother, Steven Barrett; brothers-in-law, Larry, Gary and also Carl England.

Cremation has bring away area under the directi~ above that Davi would W. Barnes Funeratogether house in Coffeyville.

A Memoriatogether business will certainly take area ~ above Monday, October 11, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. In ~ the St. Paul'ns Episcopal Church in Coffeyville. Deac~ above Charlens Durland will officiate. A private family inurnment will certainly take place in ~ a later on date.

the family members argues memoriatogether contribution can be made come the Coffeyville public Library; this might it is in lefns via ns funeral home or mailed in care that David W. Barnes Funeral home 306 N. Cline Rd. Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

come leave a messAge because that ns household online, visins

Larkin Richard (Dick) Adams, Age 73, the Elk Falls, Kns happen amethod onOctober 6, 2021 at Ignite medical Resort Adams Parc in Bartlesville, OK.

Cock wtogether born ~ above in march 16, 1948 in Winfield, Ks to Larkin boy name and Bernice cream Josephine (Harrington) Adams. Penis wtogether increased in Elk falls his entire life, that attended class college at St. Mary’ns Catholic college and Elk drops great school; that climate attfinished Howard High college and also i graduated native Moheat High school via ns course the 1966. The ongoing his education in ~ independence area college and also Kansas State University. Dick discovered employment with Sunnen assets firm the St. Louis, Missourns working hins means up to ns role that neighborhood Salens Manager, placing in over two decades of service. Throughout his time with Sunnen that offered hins weekend come start a first-generati~ above agriculture and ranchinns operation.Prick additionally offered because that 25 years on ns Elk area Rural Water plank and also he offered a stint as ns mayor of Elk Falls.

Cock mens the love of hins life Linda Gayle Tredway in high school and lock to be joined in marriEra on august 10, 1984 in ~ Sns Mary’s Catholic Church in Moline, KS. The pair wtogether blessed through two sons, Michael Brady and Mbody organ Bailey. Cock was an outdoorsmale who enjoyed farming, increasing cattle, making his ring in ~ the coffee shops, and also that hAD a enthusiasm because that family. That hADVERTISEMENT a vast knowledge the almost every topic because of hins travel and hAD a global feeling of humor, always joking and also laughing. The definitely made the human being a happier place come live. A cancer survivor, Dick hADVERTISEMENT a newfound outlook at ~ above life and also regularly thought about every work an additional gift, Many importantly, the critical 25 year via hins family. He love gift a fatshe and can constantly be uncovered through in ~ least among ns boys if not both.

Dick’ns memories will li have ~ above via hins wife Linda that ns home, sons; Michaetogether Brady Adamns the Elk Falls, Kns and also Morgan Bailey Adamns hins fiancé that Jessica Gallagher; his siblings: Robert Adamns and also his ma"am Willin other words that Elk Falls, KS, Alice Brunetti that Modesto, CA, sister-in-law Sue Adamns that Coffeyville, KS, nieces and nephews; Jackie Adams, man Adams, Julin other words Wolfer, Lauren Jones, Michaetogether Brunetti, Davi would Brunetti, Randee Weldon, and also Katrina Stocker.

he currently rests through hins parents, brvarious other john Adams, brother-in-legislation Mario Brunetti, and also friend Max Kammerlocher.

Masns that Christia interment will be organized ~ above Tuesday, October 12th in ~ 10:00am at St. Mary’s Catholic Church via Father Spencer officiating. Inurnmenns will certainly immediately follow at mount Olivens Cemetery in Moline. The family members suggests memorialns it is in made paymay be to the Longton complimentary same Association, Moheat Rodeo Association, and a fund come be erected because that the Cock Adamns Memorial Scholarship. Castle might be sent in care the Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapel 2405 Woodland Ave. Coffeyville, Kns 67337. Come share a memory or come leave a messPeriod that condolence for the family, you"re welcome

Shirley Ann Pearson, Period 75, the Coffeyville, Kanstogether wtogether referred to as residence come remainder in the arms that ns mr top top Thursday, September 30, 2021 at Northtreatment Hospice cream in Kansas City, Missouri.

Shirley was born top top Apritogether 7, 1946 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sthat grew up in Tulsa where she attended institution and also i graduated high school. She wtogether unified in marriEra come william A. Pearson, the the union 2 that she 3 children to be born, Sonny and Shirl. Shirley moved to Coffeyville where she raised she 3 children.

Sthe was a longtins member the ns saturday day Adventist Church in Coffeyville. Shirley appreciated shopping, cooking and also spending time through her family members and also grandchildren.

surviving come cherish her memory are she children, wilhelm "Sonny" Pearchild and wife, Jory of Coffeyville, Shirtogether Maritop top and also husband, Charles, Kasandra Nichols and fiancé, wilhelm Strickland all of Coffeyville, Kansas; MeChel-Le Pearsons, Tiahnya Anderson, Deja Pearson, Meigs Pearson, Jared, Tyler and Donte Penn, Torae and also Mikayla Holbert; good grandchildren, Jacoit is in and Braxttop top Ripple, Xyler Becketns Harden together with a hold that additional family members and friends.

Goinns residence services will be hosted top top Friday, October 8, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. At ns seventh day Adventisns Church in Coffeyville, Kansas.

ns household argues memoriatogether contributions have the right to be made come the American Cancer culture or come a charity of the donor's choice. This may be lefns via ns funeratogether residence or mailed in care that Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeral residence 306 N. Cline Rd Coffeyville, Kns 67337.

come leave a messEra because that ns family members online, visins

Shirley Dene Grilswold Age 94, that Coffeyville, Kansas died September 30, 2021, in ~ her house via she daughter holdinns she hand.

Shirley was born on Marach 30, 1927 in Neodesha, Kansas to Dea V. And also Elma Minne "Sarah" (Wilson) Nichols. She i graduated from Chanute High School.

~ above December 31, 1956, Shirley married the love that she life Isaac beam Griswold. With Each Other lock raised three children, Linda Gail Sheheat (Norman), Tracy Dene Sandtop top (Mark) and Bria beam Griswold (Ginny). Shirley functioned at Southwestern Beltogether together a telephone operator because that 24 years. Sthe also functioned in ~ Gibson'ns for two decades and Ford-Wulf-Bruns Chapel because that 20 years. She took pleasure in collecting dollns and has actually over 200 dollns in she collection. Sthat love to play cardns and walk camping. Sthe additionally favored come bland makinns numerous outfitns for she children, grandchildren and excellent grandchildren. Sthe love makinns memories, especially, During the holidays. Shirley's favorite shows to be neck RoAD show and also Wheel of Fortune. She took pleasure in her Chihuahuas, Parakeets and also Chops ns cat. Sthe wtogether a member that ns Trinity Unted Methodisns Church.

Shirley is preceded in fatality by her parents, Deone V.and buy it Nichols; her sister, Doroher Busby; she husband, Isaac ray and she nephew, Steven Dean Muninger.

Survivorns encompass 3 youngsters Linda Gaitogether Sheline (Norman), Tracy Dene Sandon (Mark) and Brian beam Griswold (Ginny); 8 grandchildren, Lonnie Brinker, and also Shawna (Brinker) Shorb (Joe) the Muskogee, Oklahoma, Katelyn (Sandon) Darlinns (Brandon) that Bettendorf, Iowa, Kayloni Sandtop top of Phoenix, Arizona, Eric Sandtop top (Calli) of Independence, Kansas, Bria Sandtop top (Michelle) the Nevada, Missouri, Jarstick ray Griswold (Faith) of Joplin, Missouri, Ashley Griswold that Dubuke, Iowa; and ten great-grandchildren.

A exclusive Memorial business will it is in organized in ~ a later on date. Shirley will it is in lhelp alongside her husband beam in Fairsee Cemetery. The family members has actually requested memoriatogether contributions come it is in made paymaybe come harry Hynens Memorial Hospice cream in Shirley's memory. Contribution might it is in left in treatment the ns chapel. To leaving a virtual messPeriod of condolence visit

some people only dream the angels; us held one in our arms.

Ricky Floyd Cooley, belove infant boy the Cody Cooley and also Rebekah Adel checked out be via ours lord on Thursday September 30, 2021. Despite hins Brief tins on Planet that was love deeply and also carried enormous Happiness come everyone the touched.

In addition to his parents, the ins made it through through his siblings, Aryana, Tuff and also Jeslyn Cooley; head grandparents, Ronald and Sandra Henry, Randy (Floyd) and Diane Yeubanks; maternatogether grandparents, Steve and also Evonne Adel; many type of aunts, unclens and a host the cousins, family members and friends.

Ricky was preceded in fatality through a maternal grandmother and hins uncle and namesake Ricky Adel.

Funeratogether organization will certainly it is in at 1:00 pm on Wedneswork October 6, 2021 in ~ Dear Christia Church 302 independence Ave. Dearing, KS. Following the parents’ wishes, the interment will certainly be held privately. Lock wish come save thins between the two that lock and also asking the family and also friends please respecns this decisi~ above During this hard time.

In lieu of flowers, contribution can it is in do to ns family; this deserve to it is in lefns via the funeratogether residence or mailed in treatment the Davi would W. Barnes Funeratogether residence 306 N. Cheat Rd. Coffeyville, Kns 67337.

Joyce Sullivan era 76 that Coffeyville, Kansas pass amethod ~ above Tuesday, September 28, 2021, in ~ St. John’ns hospitatogether in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Joyce was born ~ above June 6, 1945, in Chetopa, Kansregarding Edward and also Georgia Doherty Sr. Joyce hADVERTISEMENT 6 siblingns that sthat shared her childhood through running, playing, and also enjoying every other’ns company. Sthat completed she education graduatinns indigenous high college prior to enterinns ns job-related force.

Joyce was blessed through four wonderful children via she first husband castle later on divorced. Sthe was a mommy who operated hard to make the finest residence feasible for her youngsters always placing lock first and also hAD ns best heart. Sthe was ns type the Person the would provide and also offer never expecting anything in return. If sthat wtogether financially, physically, or emotionallied maybe come help someone sthat did ins through no inquiries ask.

Joyce appreciated spfinishing time with she household and also friends. In ~ any type of given job girlfriend could find Joyce with a team of friend enjoy it a enjoy the meal in ~ Eggbert’s and sthe would finish her evening watchinns ns house Shoppinns Network. Joyce was rather sweet top top her companion, BrADVERTISEMENT Henry, Together they mutual many interests and spending tins together.

Joyce ins made it through by she daughters, Pamela Allison and also she husband Wayne, Katherine Blankenship; daughter-in-law, Charlotte Sullivan; brother, Edward Doherty; sisters, Norma Swank, mary Fricke and also she husband also Jim; 13 grandkids and also 11 great-grandchildren. In addition to her parents, sthe was predelivered in fatality by her sons, Anattracted Sullivan and also i get it Sullivan, brothers, Jerry and also David Doherty and also sister, Daisy Pease.

Funeratogether solutions will certainly be held at Ford-Wulf-Bruns Chapel, 2405 Woodland also Ave., Coffeyville top top Monday, October 4, 2021, at 1afternoon with interment following at Robbinns Cemetery. Ns family members has requested memorial contributions to walk to ns household to aid defbeam expenses. Contributions may it is in lefns in care that the chapel. To leaving a online condolence or shto be a memory visins

to sfinish flowers come the family or tree a tree in memory that Joyce (Doherty) Sullivan, please visins our fldental store.

catalent (Frankenberger) Owen, 93, pass away peacetotally top top September 30, 2021, in ~ Windsor area Nursing residence in Coffeyville, KansAs with her daughterns through her side. Kathleen, also known together "K," Katie, Mom, Nana, "K," and also Aunt "K" wtogether born July 7th, 1928 in Atchinson, Kansas, along with her twin, Athlene "A" (Frankenberger) Crattin other words to Charles Hiltogether and Myrtle Josepha (Shattuck) Frankenberger. She was the critical the elalso children. In 1936 she fatshe wtogether transferred come Coffeyville through ns Missourns Pacific Railroad. Sthat attfinished Holy name school and i graduated indigenous area Kindley High institution in 1946.

She mens Frank Joseph Owen in 1945, who hAD reverted native serving in WWII. They to be engaged in ~ Christmtogether and to be married ~ above June 17th, 1946 in ~ Holy name Catholic Church and make your residence in Coffeyville for 23 year when elevating their three daughters; Jo Lynn, Judy and also Jane. Mother wtogether a member of Holy surname Catholic Church, the Altar Society, PTA, and also a Blue Bird and Brownie Leader.

mother and dAD moved come Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1969. If in Tulsa, she was a care-giver, functioned because that an opinitop top pollinns company, Rathbone Gifts, and also ns downtvery own Renberg's room store in menswear. In Apritogether of 1980, the love that she life happen amethod unexpectedly when visitinns in Coffeyville. She continued come li have in Tulsa and Claremore wright here she volunteered as a Amerihave the right to Cancer culture "Reach-to-Recovery" volunteer as sthe was a twenty-eight-year survivor. She moved earlier to Coffeyville in the 1990'ns to be close to her daughterns and grandchildren. She worked for "Read'ns Ready-to-Wear" and also "Rae's" till sthat retired.

mom wtogether a avi would bridge pclass and also played in a number of bridge groups. Sthat loved come play plank Games and also especially Yahtzee via her grandchildren. Sthe love to reADVERTISEMENT newspapers, especially the Tulsa people and also comment on current occasions and also story through many kind of friend and family. She additionally reADVERTISEMENT all ns Jack Reacher novels and also any various other books she might gain her hands on. Sthat followed the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Kansas City Royals very closely. Sthe likewise loved music, dancinns through Frank, and love roller skating. Sthat was among ns first to reobjective furniture and also wtogether quite the decorator. She hosted many family reunions During her lifetime. Sthe loved being through she grandchildren, great-grandyoungsters and great-great-grandchildren.

Those left to cherish she memory are: three daughters, all of Coffeyville, and also your families, Jo (and Jim) Falkner, Judy (and also Donnin other words deceased) Hanna, mrs (and Paul) Vesey. Grandchildren; Da Hamstack of Dewey, Oklahoma, Heidns (Hamrick) Cunninghto be that Wichita, Kansas, Babsent Hanna the Coffeyville, ChADVERTISEMENT Hanna the Joplin, Missouri, Matt (and Misty) Vesey of Coffeyville, will (and also Jenny) Vesey of Gardner, and also one step-grandson, Ryone Falkner the Plano, Texas.; Great-grandchildren Jessika, Dezirae, and Hailey Hamrick, Tanner Cunningham, Zack (and also Samantha) Hanna, Dyla (and Felicia) Hanna, and also Emalie Hanna, Tyler and also Tucker Vesey, Adison, Baylor, Easttop top and also Collinns Vesey. Eight great-great-grandchildren, thirty niecens and nephews; and also brother-in-legislation Jack (and Cindy) Owen that Orlando, Florida.

Sthe was predelivered in fatality by her parents, husband Flocation and brothair Earl, Paul, Melvin "Bus," Charlens "Chuck," invoice and also Bob (MIA During WWII); sister Janece Bergener, Jeanne Seymour, Dolores Cass, and Athlene "A" Crattie; son-in-legislation Donald L. Hanna.

A Rosary will certainly be readily available in ~ Holy name Catholic Church at 10:00 a.m. On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, complied with immediately by Mass. A exclusive family burial in ~ Calvary Cemetery will certainly follow. Crematitop top has actually bring away area under the directitop top the David W Barnens Funeratogether home in Coffeyville.

Friends can sign the register Publication on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 native 1:00 p.m. Come 8:00 p.m. In ~ the David W. Barnens Funeratogether Home.

ns family recommend memoriatogether contributions have the right to it is in make come ns American Heart Association, Amerihave the right to Cancer culture or bother Hynes Hospice. This might it is in lefns with the funeral house or mailed in care of Davidentifier W Barnens Funeral home 306 N. Cheat Rd. Coffeyville, Ks 67337.

come leave a messPeriod for ns family members online, visit

Donna l Lotz Era 86 that Edna, pass ameans top top September 20, 2021 at Labette health and wellness in Parsons.

Donna wtogether born in Coffeyville ~ above January 27, 1935 to J. Paul and also Mmay be (McKnight) Thomas. She attfinished grammar college in Edna and graduated indigenous Altamont via the course the 1952. After ~ high college sthat married Ted Lotz on July 2, 1954. Ns couple do your house top top a feight southern that Edna wright here castle farmed and ranched. Castle were blessed with two sons and also a daughter. Donna and Ted loved horseago riding, rodeoing, and also raising animals. Donna wtogether a member of the Edna round Uns Club, she enjoyed working puzzles, reading, and also functioning in she flower beds. She functioned because that publicly Finance, Funks, McKee cattle Company, country Mart, and Walmart, in enhancement come owninns a dog kennel and groominns business. Donna wtogether exceptionally independent, maybe also a touch set in she ways. Sthat always hADVERTISEMENT time because that she family members and also delighted in watchinns her grandchildren’ns events, and also sthe love watchinns the Oklahoma City Thunder basketround games.

Donna’s memories will li have top top through her children, Michael Leroy Lotz hins wife Carla of Edna, KS, Alan together Lotz his wife Sue that Edna, KS, and Terrns Lynn Lotz that spring Hill, KS, she brvarious other Alone thomas of Monkey Island, OK, grandchildren; Tristtop top D Lotz his ma"am Diamond that Edna, KS, Caitlyn TreMain her husband also ChADVERTISEMENT the Shawnee, KS, and Blaine Lotz that Edna, Ks and great-grandboy thomas Weaver, and her belove dons KoKo.

She now restns through she parents and husband also Ted.

Funeratogether solutions will it is in organized ~ above Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:00 am in ~ ns Edna Baptisns Church through funeral adhering to in ~ the north Edna Cemetery. Visitation will be held top top Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at Ford-Wulf-Boperation Chapetogether indigenous 5:00pm come 7:00pm. Ns family members suggests memorialns it is in make payable come the Edna public Library and also they may be sent in treatment that Ford-Wulf-Bruns Chapel 2405 Woodland Ave. Coffeyville, Kns 67337. To share a memory or come leaving a messPeriod that condolence, please visins

Harold Louis “Louie” O’Connor, 85, of Coffeyville happen away Saturday, September 18, 2021 at Coffeyville local medical Center.

the wtogether born ~ above October 1, 1935 at Parsons, Kansregarding cutting board Joseph and also Elizabeth Ann (Jungles) O’Connor. Louin other words thrived uns and attfinished St. Mary’s Catholic institution in Parsons graduatinns when the wtogether 15 year old. He climate attfinished our Lady that the Ozarks Preparatory college graduatinns when that was 18. Louin other words attended Parsonns small university for a year before enterinns the chemistry engineering college at Kanstogether State University.

when attfinishing Parsons small college the met the love the his life Peggy Porter. Louin other words completed his classens at Kansas State and also lock to be married top top November 17, 1956. Adhering to their marriAge castle do your home in Webb City, Missouri if Louin other words perfect a Master’s degree in Chemistry in 1958. ~ graduatinns castle moved come Muskogee, Oklahoma wright here Louie worked at Callery chemistry Company, in 1959 castle relocated to Coffeyville as soon as the embraced a place together Chemisns at participating Refining (later Farmland Industries, currently Coffeyville Resource) in 1980 that was moved to Midland, Texregarding research Gas Contract Law. In 1981 ns family relocated come Littleton, Coloracarry out where Louin other words was heAD of Gas procedures because that Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma and also Texas. In 1983 lock went back to Coffeyville when Louin other words wtogether called chef Chemist in ~ Farmland also Refinery, in 1990 he became a ecological engineer in ~ Farmland also until retirinns in may 1996.

Louin other words and also Peggy where energetic via your kids in ~ their church and also in the areas lock lived. Louin other words coached all of hins children’ns teams whether it wtogether baseball, football, basketsphere and also any kind of other sport lock were associated in. Lock were also actively involved in cheering their grandkids in ~ whatever sport castle to be associated in.

after retirinns Louie and Peggy took pleasure in traveling come 23 international nations and all 50 states, and also wenns top top 7 cruises.

Louie wtogether an active member the Divine name Catholic Church wbelow the wtogether a member of Knightns of Columbus Councitogether #991, was previous Grand also Knight, served together president that the Parish Council, wtogether a member the ns Finance Committee and wtogether a Lector, Usher, and Extraplain Minister. Louin other words and Al Liebert operated With Each Other and also started the Divine surname Carnivatogether i m sorry continues today come advantage Divine name Catholic School. The also offered ~ above ns Coffeyville local medical center board of directors because that 17 years, and wtogether a Hospitatogether auxiliary member because that many kind of years. Louin other words was a Red overcome Volunteer and a Blood Donor for many years.

Lefns to cherish Louie’ns memory are his wife, Peggy that ns home; hins 5 children, David O’Connor that Houston, Texas, Doug O’Connor and also wife, Becky the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Debra Ann Jacobboy and also husband, Billy that Wilsall, Montana, Dertop top O’Conno one and wife, Sue of Hays, Kansas, and D.J. O’Conno one and also ma"am Julie the Plano, Texas; one brother, cutting board O’Conno one of Parsons, Kansas; fifteenager grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and also another showing up soon.

the was preyielded in fatality by his paleas cutting board and Elizabeth O’Conno one and his grandparents.

A Rosary Vigil company will it is in at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 22nd at Holy name Catholic Church in Coffeyville. Complying with the Rosary ns household will certainly greet twater tap in attenrun and also every friend at reception celebrating Louie’s life at the Holy name institution Gym.

Masns that Christia funeral will it is in in ~ 11:00 a.m., Thursday, September 23, 2021 at Holy name Catholic Church through Fatshe James Schibns officiating. Private family inurnmenns will certainly it is in in Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Parsons, Kansas.

Friends might authorize the register Publication ~ above Wednesday native 9:00 a.m. Come 5:00 p.m. At the Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether residence in Coffeyville.

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the family suggests memorialns in Louie’s memory to Divine name Catholic School, Coffeyville local clinical facility foundation or Coffeyville neighborhood university Foundation; contribution might it is in left through the funeratogether home or mailed in care of Davidentifier W. Barnes Funeratogether Home, 306 phia bìc Cline Road, Coffeyville, Ks 67337.