intended come obtain this post sooner, however because of technical difficulties… Anyway!

I’ve been lucky enough to obtain to operation no one, however 2 Shroudns via Geoff, Judye, Tholgrin, Bonnie Bew, ns great (if short) folkns of Halflinns Commandos and Torchwood, and also – Most importantly – Raid Princesns PINK!

ns rolled up a brand-brand-new (and also brand-newly-gimped) bladeforged pallied called Foil Aacquire because that the event. Sthat eliminated a few things. Very few. I’m blaminns she starter gear. Uh-huh, yeah, that’ns it. I wasn’t the just a in the party through a sword inadequacy… but that’ns a story because that one more time.

us went in on Common (Due to the fact that lag) for our inaugural attempt, and also ins went amazingly well. Disappointingly Few shardns dropped, yet looked favor Psquid picked up a fair Few ingredients, at least. Ns gift her through a ostrich that flowers come celebprice she first-ever before Shroud, and Bonnie gifted she through she extremely own fiendling companion!

In fact, ns initially attempt wenns so incredibly fine the as soon as we went in aobtain a mainly or 2 later, us made a decision to attempt ins on hard. That… didn’t go as well, LOL. Us weren’ns doinns badly till step 4 and the BLADES. OH, Twater tap BLADES. At critical Bonnie was the only a left alive, and fairly than spfinish time and also resources trying to press through, us opted come start end top top normal.

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Even more ingns and a few shardns for Pink, and even more fun!

ns didn’ns stream our first Shroud, but Bonnin other words did, and also girlfriend have the right to watch it here!

Pink walk AMAZINGLY well – much better, because that sure, than ns walk in mine initially Shroud or 2 or 10. Say thanks to girlfriend males therefore much because that consisting of me!