once friend satisfy ns death Knight in Fire Emblem: three Houses ins regift a far-ranging jumns in difficulty. You’ll operation into ns death Knight in numerous chapters, and each tins hell press girlfriend come ns limits if you choose come challenge him. Fortunately, tbelow to be a few easy methods come beat him, however depending upon whetshe she playing ns Game ~ above Classic Setting or Casuatogether Mode, you’ll desire to alter your approach.

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Furthermore, the fatality Knighns holds a powerful item the have the right to unlock two covert classes in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses. Below, we’ll show you how come beat hns outbest and case the Dark Seatogether every tins friend fighns him.

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i m sorry chapterns do you challenge ns death Knighns in Fire Emblem: three Houses


Despite these tips, taking the death Knight ~ above is a difficult prospect. We’d, therefore, recommend girlfriend try and also steal the Dark Seal indigenous hns if you’re playing on Classic Setting together one wronns relocate could Mean shedding a personality because that the rest the the game. Thins can only it is in done if friend have actually a theif class character or have actually one more character that deserve to usage the Steatogether ability (likely a personality who has actually master ns thief class). Come make things easier because that you, make sure ns personality you revolve right into a thef has a speed stin ~ of at leastern 20.

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to steatogether from the death Knight, make sure you have actually initially eliminated virtually everyone rather in the map. In a number of mapns with ns fatality Knight ns Win conditions are to get rid of hns or eincredibly other foe unit, so do certain you nothing accidentallied kill everyone but the death Knighns or you’ll obtain Win in ns scenario without having ns possibility to gain the Dark Seal. Location your theif nearby the death Knighns (yet not on a squto be next to him). Make sure your other characters to be near enough come the other opponent in stimulate come kill ins after ~ you steal the Dark Seal. Steal ns Dark Seal and use ns rest of your characters come kill the various other continuing to be enemy or ns death Knighns himme come finish the scenario.