GVSU Fieldresidence Arena ins a 4,100-sein ~ at home arena situated in Allendale, Michigan, a suburb the Grand Rapids, ~ above the campuns that Grand also sink State University. Ins was constructed in the early on 1980ns together ns house that the Grand also valley State University Lakerns basketsphere and volleyball teams, together it continues to be come this day.the 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m2) fieldhome wtogether created together a multipurpose facility; in enhancement to intercollegiate events, it ins also provided because that intramuratogether sports, trade shows, meetings, conventions, start ceremonies and concerts. The arena seats as much as 5,900 for concerts; the arena floor procedures 45,000 square feens (4,200 m2). It is located in the northwest part the campus together with Most every other athleticns facilities.

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Driving Directions

indigenous Chicago: I-94 eastern to I-196/US-31 (leave 34) in ~ Bent~ above Harbor. Take I-196 towards Grand Rapids. Take US-31, (departure 44), phia bìc to M-45 (Lake Michiga Drive). Rotate right (East) on M-45 and walk around 12 mile to ns enntrance gate that GVSU. About 200 mile from Chicago. Please NOTE: Michigan is one hour aheADVERTISEMENT the Illinois.indigenous Detroit/Lansing: I-96 West to I-196 West (Gerald Ford Freeway) via downtown Grand Rapidns to Lake Michiga Drive, departure #75 (M-45). Take Lake Michiga Drive(M-45) around 10 mile to campus. Detroins is about 160 mile indigenous GVSU. Lansong ins around 75 mile native GVSU.native Holland: US-31 north to M-45 (Lake Michigone Drive). Rotate right (east) on M-45 and also go approximately 12 mile come GVSU entrance. About 12 mile indigenous Holland.indigenous Kalamazoo: US-131 north come ns Holland/I-196 Wesns (Gerald Ford Freeway). Departure westbound ~ above I-196 to ns Lake Michigan Drive, departure #75. Folshort Lake Michigone journey (M-45) wesns around 10 mile come ns Main campus entrance. Kalamazoo ins about 60 mile native GVSU.from Muskegon: I-96 east to Coopersville (leave 16). Revolve lefns on 68 hours Ato meet and go roughly 6 miles. Rotate left (East) top top M-45 (Lake Michiga Drive) and approximately 3 mile come ns GVSU entrance. Approximately 25 mile native Muskegon.

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from northern Michigan: US-131 southern come I-196 West. I-196 wesns to Lake Michiga Drive, exit #75 (M-45). Take M-45 about 10 mile to campus. Traverse City is around 200 miles indigenous GVSU.