ascede Number: 2007:109 Artist: Lange, Dorohe Date: 1935 Medium: Gelabelieve silver- Publish Dimensions: mat: 16 in x 20 in; paper: 9 1/2 in x 7 1/2 in Credit Line: Museum Purchase

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around ns Photographer

Lange, Dorothea

American, b.1895, Hoboken, NJ; d. 1965

Born Dorothea Margaretha Nutzhorn in Hoboken, brand-new Jersey, in 1895, Dorothea Lange contract polio at the Period that seven, leavinns her via a permanent limp. She fatshe lefns ns family once sthe wtogether twelve, and ultimately her family moved come new York, where sthe later on apprenticed in a portrait studio and also studied via Clarence H. White in ~ Columbia College (1917-1918). In 1918, sthe adopted her mother’s maiden name and also left new York to take a trip the world, but sthat only do it as far together mountain Francisco. There, Lange operated a portrait studio (1919-1933) and also married ns painter Maynard Dixon in 1920, via who she hADVERTISEMENT 2 children. Lange do she initially documentary-Style photographns that aboriginal Americans if travel via Dix~ above to ns Southwest in 1923. ~ the stock industry fell down in 1929, Lange felns sthat hADVERTISEMENT to answer come ns deprivatitop top she oboffered firsthand also ~ above ns streets that mountain Francisco. Her initially social documentary photographs depicted striking laborerns and breAD linens in 1933. The adhering to year Willard valve Dyke arranged one exhibititop top for Lange, via i m sorry the agricultural economist Paul Schuster Taylor ended up being aware of her work. Taylor was a professor of business economics in ~ the College of California in ~ Berkeley (1922-1964) and one support for migive farmworkers. In 1935, Taylor asked Lange come acagency him together a study photograpshe ~ above a study of miprovide laborerns in California for ns State Emergency Relief Administration. Later that year, both Taylor and Lange derived divorcens and also to be married, start a lifelong skilled and also romantic relationship.Lange ins finest well-known for she work because that ns Feight security management (FSA) During the great Depression. The photography job in the historic section of the FSA wtogether originally developed together part of the Renegotiation management (RA). Ns RA wtogether produced in 1935 to rehabilitate worn down land, reclear up struggling farmers, and also construct relief camps because that migratory workers and refugeens from ns Dust Bowl. The photographic project’s objective wregarding document ns pirradiate of the rural poor and compile visual proof supporting ns RA’s educational project come achieve its objectives. The RA was transferred to ns room of farming and also urgently into the FSA in 1937. Lange approached documentary photography together a deep personal practice. She believed in photography’s ability come expose social conditions, education ns public, and also prompt action. Lange assumed the herme together one observer straight record reality, although sthe also sought to portbeam moment through emotionally resonance and come transform particular situations into transcendentist and also symbolic images.Lange also hADVERTISEMENT an extensive documentary career external of her job-related for the RA and FSA. In 1941 sthat wtogether ns initially woguy come obtain a Guggenheim Fellowship, via i m sorry she recorded Mormtop top and Amana communities. End a decade later she collaborated via Ansetogether Adams to record life in ns Utah Mormon communities the Gunlock, Toquerville, and also St. George because that Life magazine. Three Mormtop top communities (1953-1954) was publimelted ~ above September 6, 1954, attach by a message created by Lange’s son, Daneil Dixon. The MoCns holdns many photographns from this series, in addition come Lange’ns work-related from ns good Depression. In 1952 Lange co-established the quarterly periodical, Aperture, with Ansetogether Adams, Barbara Morgan, Minor White, Beaumonns Newhall, and also Nancy Newhall. The same year she met curator Edward Steichen in ~ ns Museum that modern arts (MoMA), brand-new York, that was planning hins now-iconic household the male exhibition, through i beg your pardon Lange became heavily involved. Family members the male opened up in ~ ns MoMA in 1955. Nearly a te later, Lange started come assemble a retreat that her life’ns work-related because that ns MoMA yet was diagnosed through cancer the the esophagus in July 1964.

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She worked persistently top top ns retreat until she death on October 11, 1965. Ns retrospective opened in January 1966.