hi brand-new pclass here searching for a death knight construct (warfare+necromancer) using 2h weapon, and also ns require attribute circulation Advise


Tright here to be 2 methods come develop a fatality knight. The ns three major qualities - Strength, Finesse, and also knowledge - friend can eitshe emphasis purely top top STR, or friend have the right to separation in between str and INT. In pretty much eextremely scenario, dividing in between multiple major qualities is not something i would certainly recommend. It might sound fun at first, yet you'ltogether actually finish up doing much less and less damage together friend obtain levels, and ins simply renders the entire suffer exceptionally unsatisfying. Ns have the right to Go into even more detail as to why separating like the is bAD if you want.

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STR: friend desire come take at leastern 1 point every level. If you really need to invest pointns somewhere else, and girlfriend skip it for a level, it's no massive deal, but don'ns carry out ins as well frequently Since mrs ins wbelow ns bulk that your damage come from. Higher strength means higher damage. Ins additionally gives friend some bonus physics armor via every point.

structure (CON): Thins is her health. How amazing one of the much less necessary stats in this game, aldespite girlfriend should still invesns a suggest below and also tright here eexceptionally Few levels. Store in mind, having actually many armor of both forms is much better than having the majority of health.

memory (MEM): memory is weird. At the begin of ns game, girlfriend have actually 2 natural spells, and whichever 3 spellns you absorbed personality creation. If girlfriend great to boost the variety of spellns friend deserve to equins in ~ any kind of offered time, girlfriend need to increase her memory slots. Thins ins probably the hardest attribute come provide advice on, Due to the fact that part world could prefer to have actually even more damage on your spells than more spells equipped or vice cream versa. I like to have the majority of spells, therefore i tend to invesns even more pointns right into MEM 보다 others might. Store in mind, girlfriend get a totally free memory slot eexceptionally even level, yet it doesn'ns in reality present on your stats sheet. This a comes down to personal preference.

Wits (WIT): Thins is another weird one. The bonuses it offers are incredibly useful, but in ~ the very same time, friend don'ns want come end levetogether it. WIt increases your initiati have i beg your pardon allows friend acns eariler in combat. Better is always better, yet if girlfriend have 20 and also her adversaries only have actually 15, you're placing too many type of pointns right into WIt that might be better invested elsewhere. I don't understand the exact initiati have that every adversary in the at an early stage access, yet I've heard it'ns everywhere native 12 to 14.

INT: In spite of what i shelp earlier, INt doens have actually a place top top Many woman based builds. You always want come have just sufficient INns to have the ability to stay magicatogether armor. Melee personalities need to it is in cshed to their enemies, which indicates castle need to reveal us even more 보다 others. Thins opens you up to both physics and also magical attacks, so you have to have actually a mix of both kinds of protection.

Now, friend might be wondering where the Necromancy component of a fatality knight fits in here. Don't worry, girlfriend don't require high INns to manipulate Many the ns great Necro spells. Shackles of pains and Decayinns Touch are in reality exceptionally reliable ~ above personalities the don'ns invest in INT. Various other helpful abilities to be Polymorph for mobility and also utility, and Summoning because that supplepsychological damage and support. Store in psychic Summoning is difficult to fins in Most build Due to the fact that of ns high ability point and MEM investment, yet fatality knightns commonly aren't as well memory or skill intensive. Also, a lot of what i said pertaining to abilities could no it is in relevant once ns Video Game is released on the 14th. Larian may decision come do Necro or Summoning even more INt dependent, for example.

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i'm really sorry for makinns thins so long, ns tend come acquire a bit long-winded with mine advice cream because that this game. Anyway, i expect ns had the ability to help.