Group: chapter 4 - Masterinns ns Source

starting Map: Reaper"s Coast

come start this quest friend have to speak to Magisterns Alduns and also Fedor.

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us have learned that a White Magister named Reimond has actually seniority amongst Driftwood"s garrison. Us must seek him out.

connected pointns of interest

Magisters Alduns and also FedorReaper"ns Coast

Magister ReimondReaper"ns Coast

Magister JulianReaper"s Coast

resource WeaponsReaper"s Coast

Letter through a big octopus stainReaper"s Coast

Ship"s ManifestReaper"s Coast

Letter from ns Dwarven QueenReaper"s Coast

1. Sent out come Reimond

us have actually learn the a White Magister named Reimond has seniority among Driftwood"s garrison. We have to seek him out.

2. Mens Reimond

talk come Magister Reimond.

us have met the White Magister, Reimond, who is prepare to leaving Driftwood. The believes that dwarvens are plotting to weaken the Magisters, and also has actually request that us seek out evidence that this conspiracy.

2.1. Ask Julian

Reimond called uns come look at come Magister Julia for orders, if we wish come aid their cause.

3. Reimond Left

Reimond has actually set sail indigenous Driftwood, leaving Magister Julian in charge the a reduced garrison. If us discover proof that a dwarf conspiracy against ns Magisters, climate us to be to carry it to Julian.

4. Investigate Lohar

speak to Magister Julian.

Magister Julione has trequest us with investigate the dwarf Lohar"s involvemenns in the suspicious events happeninns approximately Driftwood. The doubt there"s a basic the operation in ns Reaper"ns Bluffs, wbelow he hopes us have the right to discover evidence that hins working for the Dwarven Queen.

5. Call Lohar

find Lohar in Effie"s Emporium.

us have made call with Lohar. We need to save one eye out for any information the will be that interest come ns Magisters, when not aroutilizing Lohar"ns suspicion.

6. Lohar Hint

Lohar discussed the his associatens hAD steal some Magister cargo. Thins need to be worth looking into.

7. Lohar Problem

speak come Lohar and also sell her help. Shadow over Driftwood quest will certainly be added to her journal.

Lohar has to be having actually challenges with one combine that hins called Mordus. Probably us have the right to exploit thins somehow.

8. Recognize Deathfog

discover and reADVERTISEMENT Ship"ns Manifest in Wreckers" Cave.

us learn the the dwarves gained part Deathfons indigenous a Magister ship, but it"ns to be relocated elsewhere. We will certainly require even more proof.

9. Discovered Wrong Letters

uncover and reAD Letter with a huge ink stain in Wreckers" Cave.

us found part letter in the Wrecker"s Cave, but they do not have actually sufficient incriminating detailns to usage against Lohar. Tright here should it is in something else roughly here the bears more potent information...

10. Smuggling Found

we have learn the shipments that fish the have actually to be tainted through the Void are gift used to conceatogether the smuggling of resource weapons.

11. Smugglinns told Magister

us told ns Magisterns wcap we know about the smuggling of source weapons. We have to be told come continue looking for more evidencens against the dwarves.

12. Smuggling Cache Found

uncover and also choose up source Weapons.

we have actually uncovered the resource weapons, surprise in the lower levels of the Fishworks.

14. Smuggling buyer Learn

speak to Brayton Barnens and sway hns come teltogether friend even more about the buyer.

us learned the the void-tainted fish are being boughns through a secret "man in a house" in Arx.

14.1. Smuggling Fish Learn

If you go no to convince him. You deserve to additionally talk to Pressley.

us learn that ns Void-tainted fish are desire by someone in Arx, Despite your condition.

15. Uncovered Empush Letter

find Letter from ns Dwarven Queen in Wreckers" Cave.

us uncovered a letter in ns Wrecker"ns Cavern - one written through Justinia, the Dwarf Queen. It provens the the dwarves hADVERTISEMENT to be conspiring versus ns Magisters. We should be careful about that learns the ns Contents the this letter.

16. Gave Letter come Lilian

go earlier to Lohar and provide him the letter.

us gave the Dwarf Queen"s letter come Lohar, concludinns our business.

16.1. Pursuit Reward

17. Provided Letter to Magister

provide the letter to Magister Julian. The will certainly give girlfriend the Key come ns Magisters" Chesns located ~ above the Second floor the Magisters" Barracks.

us provided ns Dwarf Queen"s letter come ns Magisters. Castle will certainly send ins ~ above come their brethren in Arx and also let them take the Ideal action. Ceded Lohar Head

us carried Lohar"ns heAD to Magister Julian; that appears incredibly satisfied with hins death and also bonus us well. Search Reward02 Told Julia Ate Loharns Head

we called Magister Julione the Lohar"s heADVERTISEMENT wtogether eaten. That was not pleased.

20. As well Slow

Someone else has actually already reporting back come Magister Julia aheAD that uns and also break up the investigation.

21. Close Left R C

we have departed indigenous Reaper"ns coast withthe end readdressing problem relatinns come the Magisters of Driftwood.

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