ns division 2 has many keys and little bit covert room places for football player come discover and also explore. While friend deserve to neglect this areas, and simply focus top top the Main missions, finding out exactly how to discover the covert section that the Game will certainly often leAD to new loot dropns and places come discover gear. This guide will certainly contain several composed entries reflecting friend how come discover the surprise rooms in ns miscellaneous missions, Dark Zones, and other locations that the department 2.

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Obviously, there are some irradiate spoiler in ns write-up below. Thins is your just warning.

surprise room locations in ns department 2

Tbelow to be a t~ above that concealed rooms scattered around the city of Washingt~ above D.C. And findinns lock deserve to carry out an extra resource the equipment and itemns because that players. We’ve damaged dvery own several concealed locations below, as well as wcap objectives you’ll discover castle in, and also also contained part media come aid girlfriend discover your way. Us will continue come update this guide via new locations and hidden areas, for this reason make sure friend booknote the pAge come ensure girlfriend never before miss ns latest covert room areas in ns department 2.

Suite 3 in Grand also Washington Hotetogether mission

ns initially concealed room on ours list deserve to it is in uncovered in the initially Main negotiation missitop top that the game. Do your way over ns Grand Washingt~ above Hotetogether Missi~ above and begin it up. If you’re farming because that the Mercimuch less Exotic Rifle, climate walk aheAD and also bump ns difficulty up, otherway just leaving things as lock are and start ns mission.

if replaying ns mission, store advertise via till friend reach ns laundried area. Clean the adversaries the end inside and climate do her way back the end right into ns hallmethod where girlfriend entered. If friend look at down the hall, friend should spons a human body slumped against among the huge laundry carts. Approach the human body and an interactivity prompns need to appear. This will certainly drons the Suite 3 Key.

currently it’ns tins come continue playing through the mission. Do her way every the means through until friend revery the critical floor—before girlfriend heADVERTISEMENT the end oncome ns roof. If friend look alengthy ns Wall girlfriend have to be able to spons a large authorize that reads Suites 1-10. Simply past this sign girlfriend can find ns door come Suite 3. Open the door making use of the essential you got native ns body and also climate grAbdominal ns loot inside. You can hit thins room eextremely time that girlfriend pplace the missitop top come score some added loot.

trick Room in Viewallude Museum mission

the next covert room top top ours list can be discovered in ns Viewsuggest Museum mission. You’ve probably cons across thins room before—it’ns feasible to loot among ns small boxens via ns wall—and also just didn’ns establish how to open it.

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while playing with the Viewallude Museum mission, do her method through the level till you pertained to ns room with ns substantial world in the center. You’ll want come clear out any type of enemies in the area first, together you’re goinns come should shoons one electric crate come gain access come thins following room. Through ns area clear, search along ns Wall for an open up vent. If girlfriend watch via thins vent, friend need to watch an electric crate along the wall. Shoons package and also ns door come the secret room will certainly open. To uncover the room, heAD earlier down the hall ns means girlfriend deserve to and also look because that a sign ~ above ins that says “notification store DOOR closeup of the door do not BLOCK.”

together stated above, we’re continually working ~ above finding new trick locations and concealed rooms. Do certain come examine earlier regularly and heAD ago over to our the department 2 guide because that also even more in-depth content choose this.