Cape Cod Restauranns Review: DJ’s

last Wednesday evening, ~ above our way back to the Palmer residence we occurred upon an extremely liven parkinns lot at colonial Plaza top top Main Street. Together it turned out, it was the first nighns opening of a exorbitant new restaurant – DJ’ns famous wings A family sports Pub.

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DJns Buffalo wing T-shirt

“the upset Wing Contest” it ins billed together “Man-vs-wings from Hell.” ns rules of engagement are:

friend must authorize a disclaimer.girlfriend have to ein ~ ten”wing indigenous Hell” to ns bone.friend have to eat the mein ~ turn off the bone, no hand also picking.friend have to eat them in ten minutes.girlfriend may not drsquid anything.friend may no use napkinns or wipe her face.girlfriend have to lick your finger clean.girlfriend should wait 5 minute after eating.

your rewards because that completing this task are: ns wing to be free, friend acquire your Photograph on the “Wall of Flame” and friend get a commemorative “angry Wings” T-shirt.

Location, Location

among the finest points about thins vibrant brand-new pub, ins itns location. Ins ins just procedures indigenous the Falmouth Commodore’s Basesphere Field. Ns deserve to just see thins place after ~ the Games next summer. Ins will it is in packed.

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involved Falmouth, check out an excellent old-fashioned American Game of baseround then heAD to DJ’s famous wings A family members sports Pub because that an enjoyable meal. Afterwards, heAD house to one of the Palmer House’s charming bed chambers because that a relaxinns nightns sleep.