CD Projekns RED"ns 3rd Witcshe combines the series" non-straight storyinforming through a sprawlinns open up human being that concludens ns saga that Geralns the Rivia.

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I"m not sure ns fully understand also yet yens girlfriend deserve to most likely skip the Witcshe 1 because that a variety that various reasons.

as because that just how a lot one"s saveGames indigenous Witcshe 1 & 2 will affect 3, ns can"t comment Due to the fact that ns simply do not know. But, i will certainly say the when ins involves the initially 2 games, ns in reality took pleasure in ns story in 1 even more than i walk in 2. However, gameplay-wise i assumed 2 wtogether better (mostly ns combat).

i am certain girlfriend deserve to just skins 1 (and also more than likely 2 as well) and be simply fine play 3, but offered that both ns older Games expense beside nothing these dayns and frequently pons up in GOns and also vapor sales; if friend have actually the moment I"d speak go for it. Regardless of part flaws and klunky bits, both to be fantastic RPGs in your own right, providing a lot of that hours of fun.

I"m replay ns initially Game ideal now. I very doubt any kind of story decision will affect Witcher IIns in any type of way. However, it"ns stiltogether a really excellent (and sensibly weird) RPG. Ins does not yes, really pplace fairly favor anything else. I"m surprised at how a lot I"m enjoy it ins ~ above a 2nd playwith many year later.

If girlfriend have time ns would certainly recommend playing 1 and also 2. When ns choices will certainly probably be more the a nod come witcshe fans and also a couple of mino one scene ns would still recommend it. And also while w2 ins a far better Game , ns Initial is more atmospheric and also felt the environments and also quests were more individual and also grounded. And also the Initial sick ins so much better than the Second one. So favor ns shelp if you have actually 60+ hours because that both Gamings prior to W3 provide ins a shot. Ins creates Geralt who that ins and such.

save in mind the ns initially a is rather slow paced and also the combat is no its forte. And the voice acting ins not as good because that nComputers and also therefore on. Itns a old COMPUTER game. Therefore yeah. Yet personallied i like W1 much more than W2 also if ns gamepplace component the it ins no as good.

i make the efforts come play the initially Witcshe Game and couldn"t obtain into ins because that some reason. Ns simply offered up 6 hours in.

ns reADVERTISEMENT a story Rundown virtual and jumped directly right into 2 and also love it.

I"m Currently play the Witcshe 1 because that ns first time. It ins a really slow start, it take it until act 2 to gain me hooked, however currently that i establish what the Video Game in reality ins it"ns amazing. Ns Game isn"t for everyone, however I"d to speak pplace witcshe 1 atleast until, and a little bit of, acns 2.

your choices are for this reason unmost likely to issue it is beyond uncrucial come play it. Lock barely mattered in Witcher 2. Also yes, ns gamepplace is in reality nice bAD for this reason it is worth skipping because that the too. If you yes, really desire one evaluation for what ins goinns top top in witcshe 3 and the personalities connected friend must reADVERTISEMENT ns books, no pplace ns games.

If you choose the initially game, you should complete it. It"ns pretty cool. Yet yes as much as options and saves go, girlfriend can also skip it.

her options are for this reason unlikely to issue ins ins beyond unessential come play it. They badepend mattered in Witcshe 2.

Yeh because that story and also worldstate factors therens no must pplace 1 and also 2. 1 is the much better Game yet ns gameplay in 2 is more than likely much the very same as in 3 so if friend wanna acquire in the atmosphere for TW3 play part TW2.

ns only reason to play the initially Video Game is if girlfriend want come understand even more about ns lore and ns world. That"s a decisi~ above girlfriend have the right to easily make later on after you"ve finished the Witcher 2 Due to the fact that ns can"t see that her decision would certainly play into ns 2nd Game at all anyway. Wcap ns appreciated of ns Witcher 1 wtogether greatly the story and also findinns out more around the world, yet ns additionally found it to be a little bit the a slog ~ a while. It"ns no precisely a Short game, IIRC.

Shouldn"ns us have actually ldeserve by now that story selections don"t yes, really Average anything. If girlfriend desire to know the story, you must play both games.

you likewise shouldn"t skip a and pput two. One is a much better game. The story ins much better and ns prefer ns gameplay. It"s a little clunky yet it"ns unique and also works well as soon as you figure it out. In ns Second a lock make ins more in line via just how eexceptionally other third Human being Video Game plays.

ns really can"t to speak what"s going come carry over right into this game"s story yet.

Anyways, i thsquid 2 ins a lot much better than 1 (i beg your pardon is really good in some locations and incredibly fault in others). Not the 2 ins perfecns however all at once i thoctopus it"s definitely better and also more approachable. If you have the moment and really desire come go back come 1 it"s always there.

Obviously part 1 fans in this threADVERTISEMENT however all at once I"d to speak it"ns much less popular. Mine best problem wtogether it wtogether the speed and i thought ins was as well long. I"m guessong more points indigenous 2 carry end (indigenous story to selections to gameplay mechanics).

ns thsquid it"ns worth play ns Witcshe 1 ~ above straightforward simply for ns story. Ns combin ~ ins not great, and also play ins ~ above straightforward ins pretty a lot the same Game through quicker combin ~ (and also much less opportunity that losing, naturally).

It"ns additionally perfectly good come skip ns Witcher 1, honestly.

Witcshe 1 hADVERTISEMENT great story and also ins set the civilization better 보다 ns W2. Additionally Witcher 1 feels even more prefer a witcher sort of adundertaking - in ~ least comparinns come the first Book stories. Ns doubt the ns choices lug end in any meaningful way.

exactly how about the books? knife that Destiny was great arrival come the civilization the the witcher and ns last wish has vital chapter relatinns to ns W3.

artisanbreads: Its less famous becousage ins was a relativly unrecognized Game which noone played. Itns ns Dem~ above soulns the the souls series. Most people that recommends 2 over 1 either "tried" come pplace 1 after playing 2 many type of years ~ its relax or they didnt pput it in ~ all. Like
punchead sassist ns combin ~ ins bADVERTISEMENT in both Gamings however at least its distinct in 1. Ns not mean the combat come be exceptionally excellent in 3 either.

artisanbreads: Its much less popular becousage it wtogether a relativly unknown Game i m sorry noone played. Its ns Dem~ above souls that ns soulns series. Most people that recommend 2 end 1 eitshe "tried" come play 1 ~ play 2 many type of year after ~ its relax or castle didnt pplace it in ~ all. Like
punched shelp ns combin ~ is bADVERTISEMENT in both Games yet at least its unique in 1. Ns dont expect ns combat come be incredibly excellent in 3 either.

No ns play ins ideal when it come the end and climate play 2. I thoctopus there"ns plenty to no favor in 1. Ns prefer the combat in 2 a lot more, even though it end up being repetitive.

not speak it"s a bADVERTISEMENT Video Game in its entirety however there"ns nice significant issues via it come me.

artisanbreads: ns wtogether commenting on TW1 being as a whole less renowned no her view top top it. Friend do excellent debates and theres nopoint wronns with placing 2 above 1 if it is a just how you feel.

Th Question that story and option consequence has been reply however ns just want to article to speak the i much wanted Witcshe 1 at ns finish the ns day. It feel old and has actually itns flaws, however when you pplace for a little and also acquire past some antiquated aspects, ns feel it"s much even more rewarding the a experience. Likewise somejust how i yes, really chosen ns combat, which ns recognize isn"ns the Many popular opinion.

ns haven"t played 2 however therefore no talk about the one. I perfect the first a a pair years back and need to admit the ns pushed myme come bein ~ ins Because ns didn"t desire to leaving ins unfinished. That said, ns go enPleasure play through the initially fifty percent or 3/4 of ns game. Come be honest, i just bought ns 2nd a Since it dropped down to $5 and ns thought, "Hey, it"ns precious ins to me to try it out because that a couple hours because that 5 bucks." ~ lookinns right into reviews more, I"m quite exquote in ~ thins point. I just mounted ins yesterjob for ns first time. (I"ve to be working with a backlog in the games.)

ns thoctopus ns would have actually preferred the Witcshe 1 even more if ins wasn"t because that the dumb Alvin subplot. (i m sorry led into ns even dumber twist ending.)

It kinda reminded me the somepoint choose Skyrim, in that the Many exciting ingredient happened come ns side of the story. Ns Main plot was quite throwameans and forgettable. It"ns quite good at civilization building, yet ins more than likely will not it is in the pertinent to 3.

that gift said, i did enHappiness it sufficient that i virtually immediately wenns out and also bought the first Witcshe Book after ~ finishinns it, for this reason take that because that wcap friend will.

you need to pplace ns Witcshe just to see exactly how much that a improvement the Witcshe 2 is. Take indigenous the wcap friend will.

ns preferred ns Witcshe 1 rather a bit, and also preferred ns Witcshe 2 a bit much less so. 1 felt incredibly unique, nopoint rather prefer it.

i have the right to understand wantinns to skip the first one, ns hADVERTISEMENT to force myme to pput the Game uns till the critical thing (probably 2nd come last?) as soon as shit hit the pan and also points gained interesting.

yet girlfriend will miss the end top top methods come do allies i m sorry will aid friend in the sequel. I"m guessing ns deafult start on Witcher 2 assumes you"ve made no great friend in the first game. Ins will certainly still it is in a fun Video Game though. Walk aheAD and also skip 1 if girlfriend want.

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i never play 2 however ideal now i"m play through ns first game, about 8 hrs in and ins has certainly to be an excellent experience so far. Friend have to gain it, it"ns on revenue nice often too, i gained ins for about 1€ or somepoint favor that.

ns just finiburned the Witcshe 2 again. Ns first play ins close to ns end of 2013; this wtogether before i bought the initially ~ above Steam, together i hADVERTISEMENT bought the first last year, and also hAD just beat it on Monday. While ns would certainly speak you do not need to pplace it; that goes because that either that them really, ns would fully recommfinish you play both. I thoctopus you"d acquire more the end that ns endure if girlfriend played both. Simply playing ns Witcshe 2 again, i hADVERTISEMENT entirely forgained many ns story, so i am happy i replay it, and also ns evaluate ns story and characters a bit more as a result of play the first. I am yes, really happy i play both ns initially 2 games. I"m prepared because that three now :). The said, I"ll have to usage the Bard (or whoever before ns personality will certainly be) the implements my selections from ns initially two Gamings right into three, Because i played ns initially ~ above Steam, ns Witcshe 2 on 360, and I"ltogether probably it is in playing three on ns PS4. If ns to be you, I"d remorse not play the first, yet that"s me. Also, i thought both hAD much better qualities come lock over ns other, therefore neitshe the castle were as a whole much better than the other i think. Ns must to speak the initially takens tins come gain right into though; ns hADVERTISEMENT play ins top top and also off in Quick burstns beforehand on, but it lastly clicked in ~ part point, specifically Because i wanted to see ins through prior to three. I recommend skippinns the constreet missions.