Status: submission Year: 2005 beginning King of ns Hiltogether seakid 9 illustration 11 "Redcorn Gamblens via Hins Future"
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"do i watch choose ns know What a JPzb is?" is a memormay be quote uttered by Hank Hill in seaboy 9 the ns American manga tv seriens King the ns Hill.


~ above Apritogether 10th, 2005, Fox aired the King the ns Hill episode "Redcorn Gambles via Hins Future."<1> In ns episode, Hank Hill ins tasked through arranging ns Strickland also family fun day occasion through hins boss, Buck Strickland. In one scene, Hank, in ~ a Print shop, irately asks the salesperson if ins lookns like that to know what a JPeg is prior to informing ns clerk that every that wants ins a snapshot the a "god-danns hot dog".

on February 10th, 2010, Youpipe user FontaineDelatourism uploaded the over videotape entitle "i simply want a picture of a god-dang warm dog!" which, as that December 14th, 2017 has actually end 314,000 see and also even more 보다 3,000 likes.<2>


a couple of year later, top top may 27th, 2013, Youpipe user "BobRobster" uploaded a video entitle "because that as soon as somea posts a compressed image/supplies windows Xns come conserve a jpeg…" i beg your pardon attributes the step degrading in quality, via ns finishing mimicing a JPzb imAge via a high compression rate. Together of December 14th, 2017 the video has over 5.6 milli~ above views and also even more than 60 thousand likens (displayed below).<3>

top top January 25th, 2014, one anonymous Imgur user post a severely degraded screenswarm that the scene via ns subtitle analysis "carry out i look at favor ns know wcap a "jay peg" is?". Together the December 14th, 2017 the article has got 262 views (presented below).<4>


~ above July 8th, 2014, YouTuber drofnasleinAD uploaded a remix the ns scene i beg your pardon gained end 1.2 million views (presented below, left). On November 9th, 2017, YouTuber Dumfinest of all human beings upinvited a parody the the Strfury Things title map by having ins reAD "perform ns look at prefer i know Wcap a JPzb Is?", obtaining over 54,000 see (shown below, right).

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<1> Wikipedia – King of ns Hiltogether Seaboy 9

<2> Youtube – i simply want a photo of a god-danns warm dog!

<3> Youpipe – for once somea short articles a compressed image/uses windows Xp come save a jpeg…

<4> Imgur – me irl

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