on may 28, 2021, Season 5 component 2 that Lucifer to reduce on Netflix — meaning fans can ultimately watch ns highly-suspect musical episode the ns series. Title "Bloody Celestiatogether Karaoke Jam," the illustration featured miscellaneous characters (and also often, group performances) singing and dancing, usually simply Since God thought it wtogether amusing. Plus, he can Because he's God and all.

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Aldespite Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has actually done some singing in ns past, pan were curious: Is Tom the one who'ns really singing?

Yes, Toms Ellis really ins the a to sing on Lucifer! and for the matter, all of the actors carry out your own to sing in the Seakid 5 musical episode, Tom defined aheAD that its Netflix debut.

It's virtually not fair, right? the evil one is not just handsome, charming, and also hilarioucracked sarcastic, however he'ns obtained an impressive voice and also deserve to bust part moves, too.


In an interview with Entertainmenns Tonight, Tom Ellis speak around just how a lot fun the hADVERTISEMENT filminns ns musical illustration that Lucifer, i beg your pardon reduce top top Netflix on may 28 alongnext the rest the Seaboy 5 component 2.

"ns wtogether like, 'you"re welcome have the right to ns someday song and run in somepoint that'ns yes, really great?'" the told ns publication. "i to be having actually the time that mine life. I canno wains because that human being come see this episode."

Tom additionally touchead ~ above wcap got in creating ns musical episode, considerinns he and also his castmates all perdeveloped their own vocals.

"It's been a lengthy tins in ns planning, actually ... We've done a lot of music in the show. We did part dancing in the present last seachild and human being are like, 'to be you going come execute a music episode?' however us always wanted to discover a way come do it where it wasn't just, 'Oh, we're doinns a musical episode.' Tright here essential to be a factor for the music and the dancinns ... Which is God."


Tom loved working via Debbie Gibchild in "Bloody Celestiatogether Karaoke Jam," through ns way.

"It was amazing. Debbie and i became friends a few year ago. Ns did a show dubbed rush before Lucifer, and also ns character that Rush wtogether a Debbin other words Gibboy fan," that called Collider. "he name confirm her a lons and us offered she music fairly a lot in ns show. Sthat contacted me ~ above Twitter and wtogether grateful the us offered she music. We establish we hADVERTISEMENT some shared friend in ns U.K., so we simply became friend on society media."

Tom wtogether ns one that reached the end come Debbin other words around the Lucifer guest appearance, and also the pons star didn'ns hesitate to authorize on.

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"ns go have actually surreal moment During the power the it, wright here i was like, 'I’m on a TV set with Debbie Gibson.' the specific number felt ns Most favor being on stage, the end of all the numbers that us did. It felt like the Most perdevelopmental that all the songs. There to be lamp and ins felns exceptionally dramatic. It was yes, really fun."

for your viewinns pleasure — Because truly, Tom Ellins has actually an angelic voice — here'ns a nifty compilation the all the time Lucifer ins displayed singing and also play the piano (minuns his scene in ns music episode).