„Winter liens before menow you're therefore far away.In the darkness of my dreamingns light of you will certainly stay“

— Enya irish singer, songwriter, and musicione 1961

Track lyrics, Amarantine (2005)

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„ns desire to be your loveryet your friend ins all I've stayed.I'm only halfmeans come paradise,so near, yet so far away.“

— Carole King Nasa 1942

Halfmeans to heaven (1961), co-written via Gerry Goffin, initially taped by Tony Orlando, later on by Billy FurySong lyrics, Singles


„by the time friend reAD thisi will be for this reason much awaydad longlegs, exactly how in ns worldam i to it is in supposed come stay?“

— Joanna Newsom Amerihave the right to musician 1982

have actually one top top Mehave actually one top top ns (2010)

„Ins sounds for this reason much amethod and different. I prefer various places. Ns choose any kind of areas the isn'ns here.“

— Edna Ferber Novelist, playwright 1885 - 1968

Source: Gigolo


„Yesterday, all mine troubles seemed for this reason far awaynow ins lookns together though they're below come stay.Oh, i believe in yesterday.“

— Pautogether McCartney English singer-songwriter and also composer 1942

"Yesterday", native Help! (1965)Lyrics, ns Beatles


„"assist me," Allikid says, yet sthat is soft-spoken, and everyone sthat loves ins so much away.“

— Daniel Handler, Publication Adverbs

adverb (2006), Often

„What troubles ns is the us will certainly check out in Germany kind of no approximatitop top that the eastern Germale inpertained to the West Germale income anymore, Due to the fact that efficiency stays therefore far behind.“

— Helmut Schmidns Chancellor that West Germany type of 1974-1982 1918 - 2015

speech "ns catch-up procedure of ns east has ga come finish in 1996 - Wcap to do?" at ns 10. Might 2004 for ns "Erfurns Dialogues", thueringen.de http://www.thueringen.de/de/tsk/veranstaltungen/dialog/archiv/schmidt/

„at some point you're younns via every her well plans because that ns future. Ns following you're in the future and also ins doesn'ns look at in ~ all the way friend believed it would.“

— Jayne Ann Krentz Amerihave the right to noveperform 1948

Source: burning Lamp

„…every little thing I've sassist so far is fine and dandy…“

— Paul DiLascia American software application developer 1959 - 2008


„when you forgive someone, you're no justifying what they've done — you're no saying it wtogether ok, you're lettinns ins go, come continue to be in the past, wright here it happened, and relocating away from it, therefore ins doesn'ns ssquid itns teeth right into you, and follow you wherever before girlfriend go.“

— Ysabella Brave Amerihave the right to singer 1979

"Forgiveness" (7 July 2007)Context: when girlfriend forgive someone, you're not justifyinns what they've da — you're not saying it wtogether ok, you're letting it go, come remain in the past, where it happened, and relocating ameans native it, for this reason it doesn'ns soctopus its teeth right into you, and folshort girlfriend wherever friend go. And of course, we don't understand wcap occasions to be goinns on in the person'ns life the perhaps led castle come do what they were doing, or inspired them, or wcap kind the Human they to be sometimes. Us never before will certainly recognize every little thing about what is goinns top top through the whole instance - we only know wcap has happened come us. And also ns fact is - there's no allude in hanginns ~ above come it.

„There to be fairiens at the bottom of our garden!It's not therefore very, very much away;friend pass ns gardner's burned and also you just store straight aheADVERTISEMENT --ns carry out so expect they've yes, really concerned stay.“

— rose Fyleman british writer 1877 - 1957


„i have actually cons a step amethod from whatever and below ns stay, far from everything, a step away.“

— Antonio Porchia Italione Argentinia poens 1885 - 1968

that llegaperform a un paso de todo. Y aquí me quedo, lejons de todo, un paso.Voces (1943)

„ns gained blasted through a ball come ns face at practice. Ins doesn'ns hurt together a lot together you'd think – not if you're solid and also keep your face in it. It just hurts if girlfriend pull away.“

— hope Solo Amerihave the right to association football pclass 1981

as quoted in "expect Solo: domestic Violence drama has to be 'Traumatic and also Embarrassing'" http://www.people.com/article/hope-solo-calls-domestic-violence-drama-traumatic-people-interview, People.com (June 17, 2015)2010s

„Heart, mine heart, therefore quit via misforSong much beyond her strength,up, and face the guys that dislike us.“

— Archilochuns Ancient Greek lyric poens -680 - -645 BC

„many parents teltogether your kids the if lock want to be an actor, that's fine, but lock have to execute something else first, for this reason they've got somepoint to fall back on. Ins doesn't occupational favor that, together far together I'm concerned.“

— Ewan McGregor british actor 1971

„man goes much ameans or near yet God never before goens far-off; the is constantly standinns close in ~ hand, and also also if that cannot stay wislim he goes no Further than ns door.“

— Michael Elmore-Meega british humanitarione 1959

every will certainly it is in fine (2004)

„You're therefore simple come tease. And also yes, her friend ins just fine. Well, except that the keepns placing every mine points ameans and also tryinns come cskinny up. Currently i can'ns uncover anything. He's compulsive.“

— Cassandra Clare, Publication City the Ashes

Source: City that Ashes

„i recognize it'ns late, i know you're wearyns know your plans don'ns include meStiltogether right here us are, both that uns lonelyLonginns because that sanctuary native every that us seeWhy should us worry, no one will certainly care girllook at in ~ the stars therefore far awayWe've acquired tonight, that demands tomorrow?We've obtained this evening babe,Why don't friend stay?“

— Bob Seger American singer-songwriter 1945

We've gained Tonight.Track lyrics, Strfury in Town (1978)

„ns trees that whisper in ns eveninglugged amethod by a moonirradiate shadowsong a Song of sorheat and also grievingcarried ameans through a moonirradiate shadoWall surface sthat experienced wtogether a silhouette of a gunfar amethod top top ns other sidehe wtogether shot six time by a man ~ above ns runand also sthe couldn't discover just how to press troughello stay, i pray, watch friend in sky far awayns stay, i pray, view girlfriend in heaven one day…“

— Mike Oldarea English musician, multi-instrumentaperform 1953

Track lyrics, crises (1983)

„oh won'ns girlfriend stayremain a if with her very own onesDon't ever before strayStbeam so far from her own ones'cause the civilization is so coldDon'ns treatment nopoint for your soulthat girlfriend share with her very own ones.“

— van Morriboy north ireland singer-songwriter and also musicione 1945

ireland HeartbeatTune lyrics, Inarticulate speech that the Hearts (1983)

Soul, World

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