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lacking storage card
hi everyone.ns have just downinvited Dolphin 5.0-8445 come pput Pokém~ above XD gale the darkness. As soon as i open up ns game, it says tbelow is no storage map in slons A. I have actually looked in ns folderns by goinns via route Documents/Dolphin Emulator/GC. Supposedly, the storage card is meant come it is in watched below yet tright here to be just 3 empty folders, EUR, JAP, USA. I"ve gone come Dolphin Emulator/Config however there"ns no gamecube Documents or anypoint here.I"ve to be browsing ns Web because that hours yet ns am just no findinns any kind of answerns regarding why ns have actually no storage card. I"ve confirm various other folders and also there"s still nothing found. I"ve likewise rerelocated and also re-set up dolphin to see if ins would certainly create a memory map fenlarge and also deleted the .ini file. Simply no results.can somea please try and also help?

Neui Quiet
attempt setting Confins → GameCuit is in → gadget Settings → Slot A come either "GCns Folder" (i m sorry is, i think, ns recommfinished one) or "memory Card".

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once ns go to the confins folder, there is no GameCuit is in folder to go into. For this reason I"m not sure if ins would certainly be anywhere else.

DJBarry004 don"t also bother...
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Nope.went into dolphin, to the GameCube storage location and also storage card A wtogether already set come GCns folder. I"ve set that to memory map also but stiltogether does nothing.

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Ok, fine i left ins overnight and also ns determined come watch at ins today again and also randomly, the memory card has actually appeared in ns files!I"ve run right into a brand-new problem though lol. After using ns Video Game to the memory card, i opened up the Game and also got ns messPeriod speak the memory card has to be read. But, now ns can not actually click to proceed and play. Ns can not develop a Game or loADVERTISEMENT a save. I guesns perhaps ns key-board hasn"ns to be set together ns controls? I"ve to be tinkering through ins however I"m not certain just how ns can obtain ins to work.
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