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do not it is in Shy, Put some More refers to a catchphrase that acquired popularity on tik adhering to a viral videotape post in November 2019. The Format typically involves filminns users from over your heads therefore the their foreheADVERTISEMENT appears comically disproportional.

prettygirlandcoolyoung (user40850309) posted a POV rolepplace in i m sorry sthat shown a Chipotle customer asking ns viewer to include more ingredients come your bespeak (shown below). Ns videotape obtained over 433,000 likes and 2,300 comments in 2 months, with a December 6th YouTube<2> reuploAD garnering 117,000 views.

don"t be shy, Placed some more! Put part more! Cons on, don"t it is in shy, Put part more!

prettygirlcoolboy"s video, through the punchheat in many Examples usually gift a Human being asking for too much quantities that somepoint eitshe preferable or undesirable. Many kind of videos likewise duplicated ns perspective that the Original video, through the Human being in the videotape being filmed indigenous above for this reason their foreheAD shows up comically enlarged. For example, top top November 29th, 2019, TikTok<3> user
dxrianss post a video the got end 317,500 likes and 1,900 comment in 2 month (presented below, left). Top top December 7th, TikTok<4> user
zinccx post a video i m sorry gained over 335,200 likes and also 1,200 comments in ns same period (shown below, center).

In enhancement come reutilizing the soundbite, multiple individuals ~ above the app voiced your very own versions that ns meme. Because that example, on January 29th, 2020, user
imdrewscott<5> posted a variation in i m sorry that paropassed away makeup artist Jamens Charles, with ns videotape gaining end 1.9 milli~ above likes and 32,600 comments in 2 weekns (displayed below, left). On February 7th, exaggeration residence member Charlin other words D"Amelio posted<6> a video clip the obtained over 1.8 millitop top views and 24,200 comment in one mainly (shown below, center).

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