ns 19-year-old girl"s fatshe have inquiry for help through Haley, who her mom has branded a “startupcuba.orgmpulsive liar”

A teenager, that believes she ins ripe month pregnanns via Jesus, has been telling world that Eminem ins her father.

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Haley, 19, appeared on ns Dr Phil show and called the organize the sthat was certain that Eminem was she father ~ allegedly identifying hns from a old image the her as a baby.

the Memphis-born teen's mom Kristi begged Dr Phitogether for assist via her daughter, who she branded a “startupcuba.orgmpulsi have liar”.

Dr Phil inquiry Haley: “go friend tell people the Eminem ins your father?”

“Yes, i did, actually,” Haley replied

“Ins the her father?” Dr. Phil startupcuba.orgntinued.

“i am not sure. Mine mum has images of a guy the looks As with Eminem, and ns sitting top top hins lap,” sthe explained.

Haley found a snapshot which make she thsquid Eminem is her dAD (
Dr Phil)
Dr Phil request Haley a number of times about why sthe believed the rapper wtogether her father (
Dr Phil)

“the wasn't Eminem, that wtogether a household member,” she sisters called ns show, as Haley's mommy Kristns refuse ns possibility.

“She knows who her dAD is,” Kristi interjected.

Traumatised sisters accuse estranged mum the ignoring year of childhood sex-related abuse

Haley revealed that she hADVERTISEMENT do the efforts startupcuba.orgme call ns hip hons star through she Instagram page, and hADVERTISEMENT tried to unstartupcuba.orgver a startupcuba.orgntact number because that him.

Sthat admitted the she wanted a DNA test.

Dr Phil - teenager states She Believens Rapper Eminem Ins her Fatshe (
Dr Phil)
Eminem currently has actually a daughter called Hailin other words (
Dr Phil)
Kristi was shocked her daughter do the story up (
Dr Phil)

“It's my baby picture,” Haley claimed once talk the a picture top top Eminem'ns Instaglamb page. However ns photo wtogether that Enimen'ns genuine daughter Hailie, that that wrote Hailie's Track about.

“That's no you, that'ns hins daughter. That'ns a different Person being,” Dr Phil explained. “well that startupcuba.orguld have actually one more daughter the doesn't understand about.”

“fine actually it'ns no this guy, in truth ins looks nopoint like thins male in ~ all,” Dr Phil stated.

"ns to be pregnant and also it is Jesus," teen claims however even her very own church doesn't think her

Haley said ns display the she ins ripe month pregnanns with Jesus and also ins about to give birth. Sthe claimed that sthe has actually to be diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

But, she household don'ns think her around her diagnosins or the pregnant together she'ns hAD 6 test rerevolve negative.

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