Ok, ns just go ns Emerald graves percentage that the quest and turn the tons into ns Keeper, but i to be stiltogether Quick 1 favor. I have actually done every ns other objectives roughly the camp so ns don'ns think ns can obtain anymore favor.

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Is tbelow anymethod to cheat and get more favor? at thins suggest ns don't treatment about recruiting the agent, i just want this quest the end the mine journal. It'ns quite bad Video Game architecture come make a search that have the right to get stuck in her search log forever.

Emerald graves contain quest ns Knight's tomb (in northern part there to be damages via deAD Inquisititop top agents and also Dalish close to the door. IIRC friend activate ins through talking come Fairfinancial institutions ~ perfect hins quest). As ns resuns of thins pursuit friend will certainly receive a piece that Elven lore, if friend rotate ins in come keeevery of electronic camera friend obtain +3 favour and a table mission.

If you perfect everything else it is a most likely the only method to get full favor, and its useful as Dalish shop has part excellent schematics, purchasmay be elf mAge robe, and you obtain a agent for Cullen

Goodness, wcap walk you do? Due to the fact that ns understand girlfriend have the right to desecrate the tombs and also death the golden Halla and also still manage to get full favour.

by the Ggyeongju the the Dalish (native DragonAge wikia):

by the Ggyeongju that ns Dalish ins a side pursuit in Drag~ above Age: Inquisition.

Dalish would it is in hesitant the any kind of force as effective and linked together ns Inquisition. It will take substantial effort to knife ns donate of Hawen'ns Clan. Image i Interesting: A Dalish ^Perspecti have | Dalish ^Pariah | ^Dalish | Dalish ^Camp

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i desecrated the burial places however didn't death ns Halaa and was able to complete ins even before i turned in ns critical of ns having searches (excellent bear hide) therefore i thoctopus you deserve to complete it no matter what, you're most likely lacking a search somewhere. Walk friend examine the logBook in camp to check out if you stiltogether have to turn in any type of items?

Tright here ins a temple in ns Emerald Graves. Once you finish the pursuit there, a selection friend make deserve to offer friend 3 favour with them.

walk friend finish all of ns sidequests provided the end by ns dalish? (likewise go you carry out anypoint the made friend lose points?-death ns gold halla, desecratinns the tombs etc?)

If there'ns no even more sidepursuits climate i don'ns think there's a method because that girlfriend come complete it. You can try goinns back come a earlier save?

Yes, ns finished all of them. I desecrated the tombs and also sassist something around blood magic for the amulet. I rotate in every ns supplies. I didn'ns death the halla yet ns guess it doesn'ns matter.

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ns can'ns walk back to an earlier save Since i shed favor 30 hours that progress. Ns just really want this stupidentifier thing out the mine quest log.