top top my latest play via the beginning i wtogether reasoning what type that spirit did Zathria bind come Witherfang? A soul of justice cream or vengeance or somepoint else? just wondering if anya has any type of information on this

She's a geniuns loci, a spirit reflecting not Human being emotions yet the totality the a place and also ns life within it. Simply Since tright here to be most soul that emhuman body Human being eactivities doesn't Mean that'ns the only sort the thing in ns Fade.

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If ns remember ideal tbelow wasn'ns a lot about her people of Thedtogether 1+2, in Video Game Zathrian and her talked about she is the heart that the forest bound to ns human body of a a wolf to spreAD lycanthropy. Ns area on Werewolf proclaimed ins was part sort of curse. Therefore ns thsquid the ins about ins (ns think?).

top top the wiki ins only says she is a soul that the forest, yet sthat stiltogether hregarding be part type that spirit.

ns thsquid DemythologizedDie's explacountry makes ns Many sense here, however soul embodice things various other 보다 Human being eactivity haven't been explored a lot in the series.

If she hregarding be Placed into ns existing Person emotion-based types, to me ins would certainly make sense for him come have called ~ above a spirit of justice, Originally (simply speculatinns here). However we carry out know the periodically soul prosper more complicated via tins (Cole ending up being more human, because that example) and also ns Lady of ns woodland has been ~ above Thedtogether because that thousands of years. Origins also makes it sound together though the werewolves ending up being sentienns wtogether a fairly recent thing. Perhaps ns Lady changed rather native her Original develop (maybe her expertise that justice, for example, readjusted over time).

when ns play via and also met the Lady of the forest i automatically believed of ns Dryadns of Greek mythology. They're tree soul who to be tethered to certain trees or your house forests, comparable to just how the Lady of the woodland grow weaker once she pipeline her forest and also exactly how sthat spoke as despite she wtogether usually the personificati~ above that ns Forest.

ns thoctopus DemythologizedDie's answer ins perfect and also it provides sense via wcap us recognize about the Lady that the Forest.

Eitshe way, among mine all tins favourite Dragtop top Age characters!!

simply a guess, but Due to the fact that spirits seem come emhuman body attributes, and she is the ‘soul the ns forest’: adjust spirit? Or a heart of renewal?

ns don’t know if it’s in the lore, however it fitns her personality and also pursuit ns think.

I'd i think she'ns part type of soul the Vengeance Since Zathria want come gain revenge on ns people that murdered hins boy and r*ped his daughter. Sthat could it is in any type of kind of spirit the involves chaos, wrath, anger/rage, desire.

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Sthat could also it is in one amalgamation the all ns negati have emotions of the woodland itself, Because it'ns sassist the many kind of have actually died there. Forgaining that DA: Inquisititop top ins a thing because that a moment, originally Zathrien could have actually referred to as top top the powers/heart of Fen Ha'retogether to aid hns in gaining vengeance.