final Judgement?! the can be fried God'ns can be fried Power最後の審判か!?絶対神の究極の力Saiwalk no Shinpa Ka!? Zettai Kamns no Kyūkyoku no Chikara

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Zamasu and also goku Black have actually used ns bucket come unify into a single being, who declares himme the immortal and mightiesns the god (yet otherway simply stickns with “Zamasu”). A aura that irradiate appears behind hins back, and the bragns around having actually a immortal body whose strength infinitely rises. Ins feel good!

if goku and also Vegeta host Zamasu off, make locations her garPeriod back into itns capsule, and Trunks takes her and Mai come safety. Zamasu now attacks goku and Vegeta via his “knives the Judgement”, a volley the red power blastns the rain dvery own native the heavens.

In the underground resiview shelter, ns tremors resulted in by ns fight make the survivors flee come ns surface, wbelow part get killed by ns blades the Judgement. After ~ points it seems ~ to patience down, they acquire Yajiroit is in to go the end and also check things are safe.

once Yajirobe offers the OK, ns group increase and spotns Zamasu in the distance. Castle wonder if thins is a god, yet Haru (among the kids Trunkns saved) states tthis is no method a god would wreck ns city favor this. A resiview fighter has actually a Situation of faith, believinns all your efforts to be in vain, but another one triens come progressive his spirits. Meanwhile Yajiroit is in simply wishes goku have the right to beat this monster, because that ns children’s sake!

goku and also Vegeta continue to it is in utterly outmatched by Zamasu. Goku thinks this need to be ns power of a god, yet Vegeta states god or not, he is never met anyone who emitns this kind of kns before.

Vegeta is mAD that Zamasu is just play around through them, when also the Kaioshins to speak he is ga far past anypoint castle deserve to understand. Still, goku and Vegeta stiltogether refuse to provide up; lock won’t remainder until castle beat him!

Trunks and co. Have fbrought about the suburbs the the city. Do takens she garPeriod the end again, and also Mai offers to assist her finish repairinns the moment machine. Trunks At the same time decides come go back to the battlefield, for this reason Mai provides hns a bag of two Senzu before he goes.

Zamasu goes top top around perfect his 0 Mortals arrangement and also developing a new world. The create a stselection bird-like biology out of power which hovers over hns and firens “absolute Lightning” at goku and Vegeta, hurtinns lock to the suggest the they revert from SSB come their basic forms.

the survivorns flee the crumbling city, and Trunks divens in to conserve Makns (Haru’ns sister) from some fallinns debris. The tells Yajirobe to take it the totality team up to ns plateau wbelow bulma and Mans are, then flies off again to fight Zamasu.

Bruised through no broken, son ogong and Vegeta obtain uns and use your Combined strength come damage Zamasu’s violet power bird. However, as soon as lock try and also assault Zamasu himself, that easily blocks their attacks and also knockns castle dvery own again.

Trunks arrives, and also once he seens Vegeta in such bAD shape, he powers earlier up right into hins bulky Suevery Saiyan form. He declares the it will certainly it is in mortals, no Zamasu, who do a new world. Reasoning the Mans and the others, he firens off a Gallick Gun, i m sorry Vegeta join in on.

though thins father-son Gallick total overwhelmns Zamasu’s “Holy Wrath” (a fiery energy spright here attack), ins fails to damage him. He firens even more chisels of Judgement, and Vegeta shieldns Trunkns indigenous ns onslaught, which shatters his armor.

Zamasu preparens one more Divine Wrath blast come finish them off, but goku actions in and counterns ins through hins own Kamehameha. Together the two attacks struggle versus every other, son ogong refprovides come give up.


episode title: "last Judgement?! the supreme God's can be fried Power"

Zamasu brags around hins immortatogether human body and also super power. Ins feels quite good!

Vegeta: "What a ki!" therefore the can feeling it, i guess

Vegeta tells Trunks come take Mans and also Buma to safety

Zamasu'ns new attack: "Spear that Judgment"

Yajirobe gets choose come investigate.

Yajirobe: "Hey, it looks OK! Cons out everyone!" Why carry out ns feeling like thins will backfire...

ns resistence guys wonder if Zamasu ins a good. Haru+Makns (twater tap arbitrarily kids) say there's no method a god would be for this reason mean.

Resistence Member A desires to provide up, but Member B tries to save his fighting heart up.

Vegeta'ns angry Since Zamasu is just play via lock at this point.

totality bunch that speak about just how gosh bland strong combined Zamasu is.

Kaioshin: "how deserve to girlfriend beat him? He'ns strong and immortal!" -- Vegeta: "ns don't know, but he's not gaining ameans through this!"

Trunkns states he'ltogether go ago and fighns Zamasu. Mai offers hns some Senzu.

Zamasu speak about being the wisdom/power/and so on that ns universe. What a dork.

Zamasu bids goku farewell and zaps hns through his strand.

at this point, simply take it it because that granted that Zamasu is babbling about how good the ins and also just how a lot everyone rather sucks.

Trunkns has actually Yajiroit is in take Haru and also Makns come up where make and Mans are.

Zamasu: "Thins wounded civilization is over." -- Goku: "Ins ain'ns end yet!" -- Vegeta: "i said it'ns not over till we beat you!"

Vegeta: "Saiyans don't have limits!"

Zamasu claims Goku+Vegeta deserve come die for every their Mean god-punch, firens even more Judgemenns Spears.

Zamasu declarens ns opened the a new chapter in universal history. Through hns in charge, naturally.

Gowasu: "Ins this the strength that anger?" -- Kaioshin: "Trunks' ki ins climbing in ~ one significant rate!"

Trunks: "i won'ns provide up! the a who'll do a brand-new people isn'ns you, it'ns uns mortals!"

Trunks: "ns won't let you have your street! I'm putting everyone's wishes right into this a blast! Gallic Gun!"

Trunkns stiltogether refuses come offer up. Vegeta agrees, addns in his very own Gallic Gun.

Trunks: "This ins the strength the mortals!" (this appears to it is in becoming his catchexpression lately)

Shockingly, Zamasu is no actually defeated.

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Vegeta: "damn you immortatogether monster!" Yes, he is Without a doubt immortal, together previously established.

Goku: "Zamasu, I'll wipe out every her light!"

next Episode: Showdown! the Unyieldinns Warriors' Miraculouns Suevery Power

new illustration Preview

son ogong speak around how strong Zamasu is...yet now they'ltogether acquire serious too!

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Series compositionToriyama Akira
character designerYamamuro Tadayoshi
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