SOs native the Future! A Black new adversary Appears!!未来からのSOS!黒き新たな敵現る!!Mirans kara no Esu·Ō·Esu! Kuroki Aratana Tekns Arawaru!!

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Synopsis courtesy of Kanzenshuu:

In ns future, a adulns Trunks renders his way through a ruined city and arrives in Bulma’s small laboratory. Lock greet each other as if castle haven’ns met in a long time, and bulma holds up a container that a stvariety liquid, speak that she is ultimately gathered sufficient because that a one-means trip. Trunks ins shocked ins took a whole year come collection only the much, but do reassures hns that even with a one-method trip, lock should control something; they’ltogether just need to opportunity it.

Trunks desires to collection turn off in ~ once come take ns fluid to Capsule Corporation, and do insistns on comes through him. She is obtained come carry out whatever before sthat can to do sure ns fluid continues to be safe, Due to the fact that for this reason many type of resides to be shed makinns it; Trunks is everyone’s hope! Besides, sthat adds, Mans is waiting too! before they have the right to leaving though, the lAbdominal muscle ins attacked by a black, shadowy figure. All of the tools ins destroyed and make ins apparently killed, yet Trunkns manages to obtain amethod safely. That vows come return and also conserve thins world, no matter wcap ins takes.

In ns present, goku has actually referred to as Piccolo over to help hns collect ns harvest. That tries come pass thins turn off as “training”, saying that Kame-sennin used to have actually hns train by doinns chorens like thins back once that was a kid, however Piccolo no buying it. Son ogong wants to have a competition between himself, Piccolo, and Goten ~ above who deserve to harvesns ns Many vegetables, however Chi Chello insistns that Goten walk examine instead. He has actually a check this week!

goku and also Piccolo begin harvesting, and Piccolo is impression in ~ ns workthe end ins offers him. Kuririn come and also ins surprised to view son ogong there. That heard native make the Vegeta hAD ga off to Beerus’ planet to train, so that assumed goku would certainly it is in train there too. Hear this, son ogong sensens Vegeta’s ki and also teleports turn off come Beerus’ planet. Chi Chello makes Kuririn take Goku’s location and also end up the rest that ns harvesting.

getting here ~ above Beerus’ planet, son ogong ins mAD at Vegeta for leaving withthe end him, but Vegeta says goku is just also slow. Bius askns because that a souvenir, and also goku gives him among the lettuce top he harvested, which the simply therefore happen come still it is in carrying. Bius ins impressed by its taste, however Wonders if it’ns yes, really a respectful enough gift to offer a god. Back in ns future, Trunks arrives at Mai’ns room. He explains wcap happened to Bulma, noting that “Black” have the right to currently feeling hins ki. That holdns uns ns liquid, saying ins ins ns power lock must heAD come the past.

In the present, Goku, Beerus, and also the othair all take it a break to eat part prompt ramen. Thins is more the sort of current beerus hAD in mind! goku Wonders if he have to bring part because that the Omni-Kinns following time. Sindicate hearing Omni-king name ins sufficient to freak beerus out, resulting in goku and Vegeta to wonder wcap ns significant deal is. Alcohol defines that Omni-King ins the Most important Human in the entire world; nobody exist over him. Son ogong askns if he is strong, however whis states evaluate world based upon your stamina ins a bADVERTISEMENT Saiyan habit.

However, bius claims that while Omni-Kinns doesn’t fight, he is Without a doubt more powerful than anyone…to a outrageous degree. Alcohol adds that Omni-Kinns ins qualified of instantly clean everything out “anything”: evil-doers, planets, galaxies…also entire universes! In fact, tbelow provided to it is in 18 universes, yet Omni-King ruined 6 that them once seasy offended. It is a why everyone wtogether therefore nervouns ago at the tournament as soon as son ogong wtogether chattinns through Omni-Kinns so casually. This indevelopment no annoy son ogong also a lot though; insteAD he’s much as well exquote at ns believed the the upcoming competition in between all ns universes.

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In ns future, Mans gift Trunkns through a deserve to the food. “It’s no dog food! Amazing, right?” A cin ~ (suspiciously similar come Dr. Briefs’ pet cat) approaches. Trunkns Wonders if ins will be able to survive ~ above itns own when they’re gone, but Mai reassures hns the cats foracquire your owner’s faces ~ 3 days. Trunkns insists the Mans eat the crate food all her own, saying the that ate earlier. Mai ins worried as soon as sthat hears the lock only have sufficient power for a one-method trip, but Trunkns claims ns important point ins that they survive. Besides, hins mom hinted that there would be part method for lock to return to your very own time, although that stiltogether no understand what that is. Still, that trustns in hins mother. First, they’ltogether heADVERTISEMENT come West City 17 years ago, Because that has actually allies there.

Trunks can’t feeling black’s ki, so castle heAD off. Shortly though, ns same shadowy figure together prior to approaches. Regardless of trunks’ protests, Mans distractns Babsence for this reason the Trunks deserve to get away, saying that Trunks is the a who for sure have to continue to be alive. Mans ins assaulted by Babsence and sent out flying, and Trunks rushe is to she side, finding she dead. Trunkns faces turn off versus Black, who ins revearesulted in watch precisely prefer Goku, other than pull in babsence clothing via a red belt and single Green earring. “in ~ lengthy last”, states Babsence “Today’ns ns day girlfriend die, Saiyan.”

next illustration Preview: Hey, this ins Goku! Wha?! Future Trunkns acquired bein ~ uns by some adversary dubbed “Black” who looks Just like me? and now Trunks has come to our people in his time machine?! This is no tins to be taking ins easy! Alright then! ns and also Vegeta will certainly walk confront him! next time ~ above Dragon ball Super: “hope Again!! Trunks Awakenns in ns Present” don’t miss it!