examine thins guide the end for every ns bonus needs because that eexceptionally Parallel pursuit in Dragtop top ball Xenoverse.

Drag~ above round Xenoverse has a bunch that side pursuits referred to as Parallel Quests, or PQ for short. Every one of castle provides certain rewardns and also has bonus objectives. These bonuns missions are no displayed until friend finish them and you have the right to only obtain Some of the rewardns by perfect PQs.

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Obviously, for some, this can be incredibly tough come figure out. That"ns why ns made this guide. This guide contains eextremely Parallel search covert objective in the game. Please visit my Beginner"s Guidefor anypoint rather related to Dragtop top ball Xenoverse.

Thins overview will cover Paralletogether search requirements including:

Missitop top requirements - What"s should finish the quest.Bonus demands - ns two bonus demands needed because that each quest.quest Number and difficulty - the number of each search and also star difficulty.PQ Rewardns - ns rewards because that each PQ.

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1 Star PQs

Number and also Namemission RequirementBonuns necessity 1Bonuns necessity 2
00.Paralletogether quest Tutorialfinish Trunks" Trialdefeat all Saibamenloss Raditz
01. World competition Tans Teamdefeat Yamcha, Krillin, and Tienclean in under 5 minutesloss Piccolo
02. Prepare because that the attack of Saiyans!defeat Gohan/Piccoloclean in under 5 minutesloss Goku
03. Saiyone Bloodloss Piccolo/Gokuclear through Raditz"s health and wellness end 50%defeat Gohan
04.Saibamen"ns Revengedefeat all enemiesclear in under 5 minutesdefeat Nappa

1 Star PQ Rewards

00. Parallel quest Tutorial 150 Z01. World tournament Tans Team200 Zlittle Mix CapsuleSunglassens (civilization competition Anncr.)Chi-Chello CostumePiccolo (Dem~ above garments via Cape)AfterimageSolar Flarepower Shot02. Prepare because that ns assault the Saiyans!250 Ztiny Mix CapsulePiccolo"ns TurbanGoku"s tortoise Hermit GiGohone (Dem~ above Clan Cloths., Kid)Time Chasm decision Shard 5turn Retreatevil beam Strikeangry rise Strike03. Saiyan Blood300 Zlittle Mix Capsuleher strength ins 5? ...Scum.don"t choose top top mine daddy!!fight fit (Raditz)double SundayUnrelentinns BarrageKamehameha04.Saibamen"ns Revenge330 Zlittle Mix CapsuleKieeee!!I"ll present friend the outcomes the mine training!!I"ll end up up hereFine. I"ll walk firstfight suit (Nappa)giant Storm

2 Star PQs

Number and Namemission RequirementBonus requirement 1Bonuns need 2
05.strike that the Saiyansdefeat Raditz, Nappa, and Vegetaclear by beat all Saibamen without lettinns any escapedefeat all revived Saiyans
06.attack Earthloss Gokuclean via Nappa survivingdefeat revived Goku
07.Burst open up and also Mix!defeat great Ape Vegetaclean in 10 minutesdefeat the time Patroller in training
08.Namekione Dragon Ballsrecover 3 Dragon Ballsclear through beating Guldoobtain 7 Dragtop top Balls
09.Saiyone Pridedefeat Gokuclean with Vegeta"ns wellness over 50%defeat revived Goku
10.defeat Frieza"s Armyloss every one of Frieza"s underlingsclean in 10 minutesloss Ginyu, Burter, and also Jeice

2 Star PQ Rewards

05.strike the the Saiyans370 Ztiny Mix CapsuleI"m the the strongest ~ above Earth!!battle suit (Vegeta, on entry)break StrikeExplosi have Waveholidays Deleteeight Crash06.attack Earth450 Zsmall Mix Capsuleall right, who"ns first?do not underestimate Earth!!I"ll never before forprovide you!!Yamcha"s turtle Hermit GiGoku"s turtle Hermins Gns (Kinns Kai)KaiokenX3 KaiokenWevery one of Defense07.Burst open up and Mix!450 Ztiny Mix CapsuleI"ltogether turn girlfriend and her planet right into Gap dust!Welcome to ns finish of the line!Weekendrest CannonMeteor Blow08.NamekianDragtop top Balls600 Ztiny Mix Capsuleyour life ins mine!S-Stoooooop!!!!fight suit (Ginyu pressure White)Fighting posture Clast PoseFighting posture EUltra Fightinns Bomber09.SaiyanPride650 Zsmall Mix CapsuleSaiyanns are a warrior race!!ns will no lose!Krillin"ns CapGoku"s turtle Hermit Gns (Go)speed StrikeX20 KaiokenMasenkosoul Explosion10.DefeatFrieza"sArmy800 Ztiny Mix Capsuleyour human body ins mine!goku WigFighting pose DBlue HurricaneFightinns posture BSpinning BladeHolstein Shock

3 Star PQs

Number and Namemission RequirementBonuns requirement 1Bonus need 2
11.force entrance Examloss Burter, Jeice, and also Recoomeclean via Guldo"s wellness over 50%loss Ginyu
12.Fierce Battle! Ginyu Forceloss all Ginyu force membersclean in under 5 minutesloss Frieza
13.Tri-race Coopdefeat Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegetaclear in under 5 minutesdefeat Frieza and also revived enemies
14.legendary Suevery Saiyanloss goku and also Krillinloss krylin before Gokuloss Suevery Saiyan Goku
15.ns explode that Namekloss Friezaclear in under 3 minutesdefeat the moment Patroller in training
16.Suevery Saiyan Legenddefeat FriezaBefrifinish Vegeta and also clear via him aliveloss Super Saiyan Vegeta

3 Star PQ Rewards

11.pressure entrance Exam900 Ztiny Mix CapsuleBurter ins the fascheck in ns universeWe"re ns one and also only Ginyu Force!fight suit (Ginyu force Black)ParalysisMach DashSauzer BladeRecoome Kick12.Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force950 Zlittle Mix Capsulespirit Echo DeviceThis can it is in funfatality SlashPsycho EscapeRecoons Eraser GunMach PunchCrwater level Ball13.Tri-gyeongju Coop950 ZMed. Mix CapsuleYou"re insanely annoying!battle suit (Krillin)fight suit (Frieza saga Vegeta)Meteor Strikeevil EyesSledgehammer14.legendary Super Saiyan950 ZMed. Mix Capsulecurrently I"m mad!!!!!i must safeguard Grand Elder Guru!I"m a Saiyan, elevated ~ above Earth!battle fit (Gohan)Time Chasm crystal Sdifficult 4Psychic MoveSuper SaiyanExplosi have Assault15.ns explode the Namek1,000 ZMed. Mix Capsulesoul Echo DevicePopporunga pupirittparotogether if I"d lose!Why yoooou!!!death Slicer16.Super Saiya Legend1,100 ZMed. Mix CapsuleLet me awaken her powerI"ltogether never foroffer you, scum!I"m Super Saiya Goku!death MeteorSuper VegetaChain Destructo-bowl Barrage

4 Star PQs

Number and Namemissions RequirementBonus requirement 1Bonuns need 2
17.Challenger Herculeloss Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and also Vegetaclear through Hercule"ns health end 50%loss revived Vegeta
18.Rerevolve that Ginyu Force!loss every Ginyu pressure membersclear in under 5 minutesdefeat Frieza
19.Let"s Traindefeat 5 warriorsclear with Vegeta and also Gohan transformeddefeat revived Gohan
20.many cell Jr. Huntdefeat 7 cell Jr.clean in under 5 minutesdefeat Cell
21.ns cabinet Games Beginloss Piccolo, goku and also Gohandefeat Piccolo and also goku prior to GohanWin withthe end beating Cell
22.Planet in Danger!loss Cellloss every enemiesdefeat all revived enemies
23.Clash! Perfecns Cellloss Cellclean under 3 minutesloss revived Cell
24.power Teamsdefeat son ogong and also Cellclean in 10 minutesloss revived Gohone and also Cell
25.17 and also 18 of ns main Historyloss Androi would 17 and also 18clean via Vegeta and Piccolo survivingloss revived Android 17 and 18

4 Star PQ Rewards

17.Challenger Hercule1,500 ZMed. Mix Capsulespirit Diffusion Mix Dev.that will certainly surhappen me?!Hercule"ns Clothescomplete power Chargewonder Kneelsignificant Bang Attack18.Return of Ginyu Force!1,550 ZMed. Mix Capsuleyou need to die by my hand!goku Wins (Suevery Saiyan)Tins Chasm decision Shard 4Tins ControlCrasshe VolcanoFightinns attitude JMach Kick19.Let"s Train1,600 ZMed. Mix Capsulespirit Echo Deviceheart Diffusion Mix Dev.Piccolo (Demtop top Clothes)Goku"ns tortoise Hermit Gi (No Character)burn Attackimmediate TransmissionSuevery Dragon Flight20.multiple cabinet Jr. Hunt1,850 ZMed. Mix Capsulesoul Echo Devicespirit Diffusitop top Mix Dev.over here!Sunglasses (turtle Hermit 1)Goku"ns Yardrat ClothesTaunt21.the cabinet Games Begin1,600 ZMed. Mix Capsulecollection her rPeriod free...I"ltogether never foroffer you now...Glassens (cabinet Game Commentator)Time Chasm crystal Sdifficult 5Super Saiya 2God Breaker22.Earth in Danger!1,800 ZMed. Mix Capsulesoul Echo Devicesoul Diffusion Mix Dev.friend will not get away with this!Saturday CrashBomber DXfatality Balldrain Charge23.Clash! Perfect Cell3,000 ZMed. MIx Capsuleheart Echo DeviceThat"s sufficient of a warmupI"m your brotherAndroi would 16"ns Clothesenergy Barrier24.power Teams2,000 ZMed. Mix Capsuleheart Diffusion Mix Dev.No more games...ns am... Super Vegeta!!Trunks" CC ClothesShining Slashburning Slashangry Whirlwind25.17 and also 18 of ns main History2,800 ZMed. Mix Capsuleheart Diffusion Mix Dev.currently I"m fighting for real!Oh, fine done!Androi would 18"ns garments (Skirt)Androi would 17"s Clothespower FieldSuper electrical Strike

5 Star PQs

Number and also Namemission RequirementBonus need 1Bonuns requirement 2
26.Warrior"ns Annihilatitop top - Future Chaptersloss Gohanclear through 17 and 18 survivingdefeat Trunks
27.synthetic Warriorsdefeat Android 17 and 18clear by beat all cabinet Jr.defeat cell and revived Android 17 and 18
28.take it ago the Dragon Balls!recuperate 6 Drag~ above Ballsclean by beat all cell Jr.get 7 Drag~ above balls
29.second civilization tournament Tag Teamloss Androidentifier 18, Goten, and also Trunksclean in under 5 minutesdefeat all opponents that appear
30.great Saiyamale is Heredefeat Frieza and Cellclean through good Saiyamale still alivedefeat revived Frieza and Cell
31.Majin Chaosdefeat 30 Majin Buu (Small)clean in 10 minutesloss Majin Buu
32.Suevery Saiyone Bargain Saleloss Gohan and Gokuclean in under 5 minutesloss Suevery Saiyan 3 Goku
33.Namek Berserkerdefeat Goten, Gohan, and also Piccoloclean in under 5 minutesdefeat revived Piccolo

5 Star PQ Rewards

26.Warrior"ns Annihilatitop top - Future Chapters3,000 ZHigh Mix CapsuleI"ll usage every my stamina come death you.getting beat uns renders ns cranky...It"ns curtains because that youyou are...ours last...hope!!readjust the Futurewarmth Dons Attack27.fabricated Warriors3,200 ZHigh Mix Capsulespirit Diffusi~ above Mix Dev.You"ltogether never before bein ~ an android.Arrrgh! ...KiddingDr. Gero"ns HatDr. Gero"s Clothesflexibility KickRollinns Bullet28.take back the Dragtop top Balls!4,000 ZHigh Mix Capsuleheart Echo Deviceheart Diffusion Mix Dev.Bwa ha ha! acquired you!Android 19"ns HatAndroidentifier 19"s ClothesSuevery Drain29.second human being tournament Tans Team4,500 ZHigh Mix Capsulegreat Saiyaguy Transf. Article 1Androi would 18"s clothes (Vest & Pants)Dabura"s ClothesChargedouble Buster30.great Saiyaguy is Here4,600 ZHigh Mix CapsuleGoha never before foroffers evil!Gohan"ns High institution Clothesgreat Saiyaguy SuitJustice cream PoseJustice Rush31.Majin Chaos4,700 ZHigh Mix CapsuleOkay! rotate right into candy!Papparapah! Barrier!Kai Kaicandy BeamZigzans Express32.Super Saiyan Barobtain Sale4,700 ZHigh Mix Capsuleheart Diffusitop top Mix Dev.No fair using your lefns hand!*Silence* Ignored...It"ns choose a Super Saiyan barget sale...Time Chasm decision Sdifficult 5rock Bulletfinish Busterbest Charge33.Namek Berserker5,500 ZHigh Mix Capsuleultimate Mix Capsuleheart Echo Devicegreat Saiyaman Transf. Article 2Piccolo"s Clothesevil flight StrikeHellzone Grenade

6 Star PQs

Number and also Namemission RequirementBonuns need 1Bonus need 2
34.Majin Revivaldefeat Herculeclear through Majin Buu"ns health and wellness end 50%loss revived Hercule
35.Tag via Gotenksdefeat Gotenksclean in under 5 minutesdefeat ultimate Gohan
36.Majin Banquetdefeat 3 Majin Buuclean in under 5 minutesloss Hercule and revived Majin Buu
37.bucket Warriordefeat Vegitoclear with Suevery Buu"s health end 50%defeat Suevery Vegito
38.Blast the Suevery heart Bomb!defeat boy Buuclear with Majin Buu survivingdefeat revived boy Buu
39.the cell Gamings Continuedloss Gohan, Videl, and also Piccololoss Videtogether and Piccolo before GohanWin without beating Cell
40.Sheight Beerus" Destructionloss Beerusclean withthe end any type of ally defeatedloss Whis
41.Frieza"ns Nightmare Returns!defeat all enemiesloss Gotenks before Vegitoloss Suevery Vegicome and also Suevery Saiya 3 Gotenks
42.power the a Suevery Saiyone Goddefeat Gokuclear in under 3 minutesdefeat revived Goku
43.Old Rivalns and also Dragtop top Ballsrecover 3 Dragon Ballsclean by defeating 3 enemiesobtain 7 Dragon Balls
44.God the destruction and Hins Masterdefeat beerus and also Whisclear in under 5 minutesdefeat revived Beerus

6 Star PQ Rewards

34.Majin Revival4,900 ZHigh Mix Capsuleultimate Mix Capsulespirit Diffusi~ above Mix Dev.Angelatin HaloAngelatin WingsMajin Buu"s ClothesInnocence Bullet35.Tag through Gotenks5,200 ZHigh Mix Capsulespirit Echo Devicesoul Diffusitop top Mix Dev.Yahooo! Fwee-fwee!Z-SwordVictory CannonBursns Rush36.Majin Banquet5,400 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsuleheart Diffusitop top Mix Dev.ns dislike you. Don"t bully Hercule.Innocence CannonIll FlashPearl Flashangry Hit37.bucket Warrior5,600 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsulecurrently I"m really mad!Here, have actually somepoint good!Iltogether Bomberforce Shieldattack Rainbreak-up Finger Shot38.Blast ns Super soul Bomb!6,000 ZHigh Mix CapsuleDieeee!!!Uub"ns Clothesvanishing Ballangry ShoutSuevery Vegeta 2Suevery noodles Ball39.the cabinet Games Continued7,200 ZHigh Mix Capsulespirit Diffusi~ above Mix Dev.can be fried Kai"ns ClothesFighting pose HFighting attitude IFightinns attitude KFighting attitude G40.Speak Beerus" Destruction8,000 ZHigh Mix Capsuleultimate Mix CapsuleNow...I"m FURIOUS!M-my Bulma...! how challenge you...Innocence BreathGod that Destruction"ns RampageSymphonic Destruction41.Frieza"s Nightmare Returns!7,500 ZHigh Mix Capsulesoul Echo Devicespirit Diffusi~ above Mix Dev.obtain serious, would certainly you?Explosive Buu Buu Punchdimension CannonFast Sleepspirit Sword42.strength that a Suevery Saiyan God7,700 ZHigh Mix Capsulesoul Echo Devicesoul Diffusitop top Mix Dev.below comes payback!Quit enjoying ns destruction!Tins Chasm decision Shard 4Super Drag~ above Fist43.Old Rivalns and Drag~ above Balls9,000 ZHigh Mix CapsuleOkay... Here"s a native me!can friend save up?girlfriend mustn"ns do that!Beerus" ClothesPrelude come Destruction44.God that devastation and also Hins Master13,000 ZHigh Mix Capsuleheart Echo Devicespirit Diffusion Mix Dev.This isn"t a game, you know.strike of RevelationGod the Destruction"s Wrath

7 Star PQs

Number and Namemission RequirementBonuns requirement 1Bonuns necessity 2
45.Saiya Battleloss Gotenks, Gohan, and also Vegetaclean in under 5 minutesloss son ogong and revived Goha and Vegeta
46.evil looks for Dragon Balls yet Again!recuperate 6 Dragon Ballsclear through beating all enemiesacquire 7 Drag~ above Balls
47.Super-Suevery can be fried Seriens that Battles!loss Goku, Gohan, and also Gotenclean in 10 minutesloss Vegito and Gotenks
48.gathering of the excellent angry Allianceloss 9 enemiesclean in 10 minutesdefeat revived Frieza, Cell, and son Buu
49.Saiya Revoltdefeat Gokuclean via Raditz and Nappa survivingdefeat Vegito
50.Pnot and Childloss Goku, Vegeta, and Herculeclean in 10 minutesdefeat Bardock, Raditz, and Goku
51.Heated, Furious, ultimate Battleloss Brolyclean via revived goku survivingloss revived Broly
52.excellent Ape Festivalloss 3 great Apesclear in 10 minutesdefeat the time Patroller in training
53.Dangerouns Duo! warriors Never before Restrecover 3 Dragtop top Ballsloss Broly with Gohan survivingobtain 7 Dragtop top Balls
54.Saiyone Warriorsdefeat Brolyclear in 10 minutesloss all revived Enemies
55.power Berserkersloss Gohan, Piccolo and also Vegetaclean in 10 minutesloss Gohan, Broly, and Bardock

7 Star PQ Rewards

45.Saiya Battle15,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsulecut it out already!Training SuitVanisher GuardBluff Kamehameha46.angry seeks Dragtop top Ballns yet Again!18,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsulesoul Echo Deviceheart Diffusion Mix Dev.

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47.Super-Suevery can be fried Seriens of Battles!16,000 ZHigh Mix Capsuleultimate Mix CapsuleI...I"m okay!Buu Buu BallHigh stress Turnpush Sign48.collection of ns good evil Alliance18,500 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsuleheart Echo Devicespirit Diffusitop top Mix Dev.side BridgeIll RainTeleporting vanishing BallHyper Drain49.Saiyone Revolt20,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix CapsuleVegito"s ClothesTins Chasm crystal Shard 3Shininns FridayGenocide Shellsubstantial Bang Kamehameha50.Pnot and also Child25,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsuleheart Echo Devicesoul Diffusion Mix Dev.ns will certainly adjust the future!Rebellion Spear51.Heated, Furious, ultimate Battle30,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix CapsuleKakaroooot!!ns can"t... It"s every over... *sob*...i am ns prince the ns Saiyans!girlfriend won"t get amethod with that!giant Omegagiant Meteor52.good Ape Festival33,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsulesoul Echo Devicespirit Diffusitop top Mix Dev.battle fit (Bardock)Tyranns Lancer53.Dangerouns Duo! warriors Never Rest38,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix CapsuleI"ltogether take friend down!Pointless... Here, I"ll end ins allVidel"s ClothesBroly"ns ClothesKamekamehalast Cannon54.Saiyan Warriors40,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix CapsuleYou...are going down!my Ki ins building... Overflowing...Saiyone SpiritBlaster ShellX 100 massive Bang Kamehameha55.power Berserkers45,000 ZHigh Mix Capsulecan be fried Mix Capsuleheart Echo Devicespirit Diffusi~ above Mix Dev.Thins ins ns true form that the zero Drag~ above leader!Majin KamehamehaBlaster MeteorRiot Javelin

That"ns everyDragtop top round XenoverseParallel search and also your matching PQ rewards. You"re welcome visit my Beginner"s Guidefor more advice and also guides top top the game.

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