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Genre: Fighting, 3D Fighting Developer: Atarns Gamings Publisher: Atarns ESRB Rating: teen release Date: December 16, 2004

to pick up a Dragtop top sphere after it ins in ns center of the Dragtop top round Radar, just select the character that ins on height that ns Dragon round and press B.

after ~ defeating ns supreme Kai top top ns supreme Kai planet, fighns Vegeta and death him come receive the Super Saiyan 2 capsule for Goku. Girlfriend require 4 Ki bars to transform into Suevery Saiya 2.

when girlfriend fighting someone, fee your Kns because that one second. Then, push select and also girlfriend will certainly have best Ki. Friend deserve to carry out this together long together desired.

on ns first level, where you need to gain to ns Dragonsphere prior to Raditz and also Nappa, loss all ns Saibamen that pop uns till a red one appears. Fighns that one and also win. Girlfriend need to acquire a brand-new capsule because that Hercule. Equip the capsule, and whenever Hercule"s health and wellness drops below a 6th that will now receive a rise that energy. This may require a few attempts.

acquire a viral Hearts illness ability and Put it on for support. Then, gain a Vaccine come no make her strength decrease, but her opponent"ns will. Just block until their health ins in ns orange. Friend must now have the ability to loss them.

walk to Babidi"ns Spaceshins and also pick one pgreat and stAge 2. Select Vegeta and also walk come "edit Skills". Take out whatever before abilities he Right now has actually and replace lock via Bulma"s Armor and a Senzu Bean. Then, choose tradition Vegeta. Next, pick Hercule come be your opponent. Go almost everywhere friend want, however somewright here basic with nopoint in ns means like ns Hyperbolic Time room is recommended. Then, block ns whole time. Girlfriend deserve to easily last 500 seconds, and also acquire over 1000 Kili. Repeat this till your meter is full.

get both Hercule"s and also Goku"s Breakvia Capsules. Alternately, acquire Goku"s Breakthrough Capsule then play Hercule together Back-up every the method with Dragon human being and usage the Drag~ above Ballns at ns end.

revolve the C-stick to spen grasp Roshi. Push ns Analog-stick to readjust hins position ~ above ns screen.

press Y when selecting a stAge come pput in ns night version or brand-new part that ns stage. Note: some stages do not have actually one Alternate version.

when fighting in training or duel modes, girlfriend deserve to change your character"s costume through pressing B for this reason that girlfriend will revolve come the Inquiry mark. Then, push A come choose a character. Lock will certainly have various costumes. Because that example, Piccolo will watch like pond and Gohan will certainly fighns in hins father"ns costume.

when doing the 3 attacks mentioned, pause Game pput when the button combo is halfmeans uns ns screen. Typically friend cannot pause Video Game pplace as soon as it is entirely top top ns screen. Memorize the button combo, climate press begin aget and execute it.

Note: friend have to go to "modify Capsules" and also edit any kind of one of her personalities prior to going to ns Main menu, or friend will certainly need to start where girlfriend last saved.

come obtain all Breakvia Capsules, finish advanced competition with a good personality (come obtain every ns excellent side breakthroughs), then finish ins through one angry personality come acquire theirs. Note: girlfriend might need to complete every tournament level via a great and an evil character.

to gain Bulma"ns costumes, obtain every the Dragtop top Balls. Then, summtop top ns dragon. If you are lucky, you have the right to acquire Bulma"s costumes. Bulma"ns costume will readjust ns means that bulma shows up in the capsule shop.

purchase all red capsules that you deserve to gain at ns beginning. Alternately, have a conserved Game from the Initial Drag~ above round Z: Budokans ~ above her memory card.

on ns last levetogether where friend fight child Buu, once you begin destruction (push B) till a Inquiry mark shows up end her head. Note: girlfriend have the right to usage any character.

find in ~ the area wright here boy Buu startns in Dragon World. You will obtain a rare capsule. Find aget on the very same area and friend will certainly acquire Senzu Bean. Note: Tright here ins no 1/2 Senzu Bean.

when you acquire all salso Dragonballns friend obtain one wish. Execute no buy Bulma"ns costumes. Instead, you need to purchase Breakthrough, Fusion, and PotPeriod capsules. Breakwith capsules take all salso slot however give eextremely move for that person. Others permit trick fusions between people.

walk to the Red Ribbon base and knock her enemy right into among ns generators. A robons will certainly paris out native the ceiling and also start missiles. Thins will certainly reason 400 pointns of damages come her opponent. Hit your foe via the big just doors to fight outside.

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on Babidi"s Spaceship, change into Captain Ginyu and her opponent"s character. Walk to number 1, and also as soon as her health and wellness gets right into the red, switch bodies. Then, kill your constant body. After ~ that, move earlier and also your health and wellness will be earlier in the green.