Level 13 Barrackns Required

Possessong iron-challenging scale and also a breath of disastrous lightning, ns Electro Dragon"s favourite point ins rain devastation native above. As soon as vanquished, ns Electro Drag~ above even pummels the ground with lightninns strikes!

any worths detailed listed below are subject come readjust before upday releases.

Leveldamages every seconddamages per hitnumber of targetsspecial AbilityLaboratory
12408405Lightninns Speltogether Levetogether 13,20028,000NoneNone0None
22709455Lightning Spell Levetogether 23,70032,0009,000,00010 d9299
33001,0505Lightninns Spell Levetogether 34,20036,00011,000,00014 d109910
43301,1555Lightning Speltogether Levetogether 44,50040,00016,000,00016 d117511
53601,2605Lightninns Spell Levetogether 54,80044,00019,000,00018 d124712
Leveldamages every seconddamages every hitvariety of targetsunique AbilityLaboratory
Leveldamages every seconddamage per hitnumber of targetsunique AbilityLaboratory
12408405Lightning Speltogether Level 13,20028,000NoneNone0None
22709455Lightning Spell Levetogether 23,70032,0009,000,00010 d9299
33001,0505Lightning Spell Level 34,20036,00011,000,00014 d109910
43301,1555Lightning Spell Level 44,50040,00016,000,00016 d117511
53601,2605Lightninns Speltogether Levetogether 54,80044,00019,000,00018 d124712

24 m • 12 m • 8 m • 6 m3 Tiles303.5 ssingles TargetGround & Air

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