training mine main, and I"ve to be making use of a dragtop top defender. Ns have actually bandos, turmoil, etc. Ns see some people using a DFS. Ns recognize it"ns higher str bonus, however no as accurate.i don"t need ns def bonus, as i"m spirit dividing because that full hp. For this reason whats better because that me, DFs or drag defender? many thanks !
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Dragtop top defender definetly if girlfriend do not require ns def bonus, it has greater atns bonus i beg your pardon implies girlfriend hins better etc.

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if train then the defender ins sooooooo much better. +20 attack bonuns wheretogether the dfns ins only and additional 1 mrs bonuns Compared come the defender. So yeah, ns thsquid it"ns clear i beg your pardon one to use
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favor said before drag~ above defender ins better for Many situations, girlfriend need to thsquid which onens friend will certainly face, require def? 보다 a dfns ins adviced, friend dont, use a traction def which gives even more crucial than ns str bonuns ins the att bonuns i m sorry the dfns no give
thanks guys, i yes, really evaluate ns responses.Ins seems it"ns clear us every agree, defender is best. Ns figured together much, i m sorry ins why I"ve been making use of it, ns wonder why all these other civilization use dfs" sometimes... They need to it is in noobs
.many thanks everyone, defender it shall stay!
defender ins always great, dfns ins mainly because that high damaging monster or monster which use firebreath, and also even climate a super antifire and also defender to be preferred.
defender for training, dfns because that boss fighting...sounds prefer friend persuaded yourself in your first short article haha
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If castlebattles or somepoint like soulwars, use a DFs through hybri would armour.. You do not great acquire hit 800+ wielding a defender.for defence eitshe a spirit shield or dfns or chaotic shield.because that simply Level combin ~ use defender.

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DFns ins outclassed in every possible situation. Defender must be used in practically every situation other than for particular bosses. Climate there are dunns shields and also heart shields.DFs ins the single Most overrated items in the game.
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