Jeremy Payne won ns Duetogether In the Deserns Main occasion because that Xtrens engine sporting activities startupcuba.org Modifieds for the Fifth tins Saturjob night. The ras vegas motor Speedmeans Success phelp $7,777. (Picture by Tom Macht, www.photofinishphotos.com)

ras VEGAS, Nev. (Nov. 12) ­– Jeremine Payne extended his Duetogether In the Desert document come five job championshipns Saturwork at las las vegas engine Speedway.

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Payne completed hins fee indigenous 10th beginning to the leAD simply before midmeans in the 40-lans Key event because that Xtreme engine sports startupcuba.org Modifieds ~ above the half-mile dust Track, then ran away indigenous a sequence of challengerns because that ns $7,777 payday.

the brand-new Quick Shaftns All-Star Invitationatogether ballot qualifier was chased throughout ns stripe by Tns Ward, Johnny Saathoff, Johnny Scotns and Peyttop top Taylor.

Ward hAD began 12th and also Saathturn off 13th, if Scotns come out the a last-opportunity race and made the peak four every ns way from 27th starting.

Defending race winside and also pole starter Luctogether Schott was the beforehand leader, via Ricky Thornt~ above Jr. And Bobby Hogge IV best behind. Thornton supplied ns short heat come take the front spot ameans on lap 11, then got in addition to Hogge Throughout a three-wide fight to stay in the lead.

Hogge exited via a flat tire, Thornttop top was sent pitnext for questionmaybe driving and also Schotns got the leADVERTISEMENT back, via Payne restarting second.

Fast come challenge, Payne peaked within Schott if Jorda Grabouskns loomed in third. A bobble by Schotns in the initially collection that transforms proved to be the lans 19 chance Payne was searching for and he was initially when the following circuit was scored.

Grabouski also captured Schott and wtogether reeling in Payne before gift sidelined via a damaged front end. Ward was a couple auto lengths off the speed prior to a lap 31 caution. Payne pulled amethod indigenous that point, winninns by a full straightaway.

His initially 4 Duel In the Desert crowns come in 2005, 2006, 2012 and 2013.

A fist with 5 tripns approximately the track left in ns knife Chevrolet northern Sportmode Key event opened ns door because that Shawn Harker.

Harker hADVERTISEMENT started the 25-lapper indigenous the pole however lost ns leADVERTISEMENT indigenous exterior heat one starter and also Fellow qualifyinns function winside Curtis van Der Watogether on lans three.

valve Der Wal gained part street top top Harker before back-to-ago warns ~ above lap seven. Ns race stayed Eco-friendly till lans 20, and both Harker and also Doug blacksmith slipped underneath van Der Wal top top ns taking place restart.

if the was able to Catch smith for 2nd on ns next circuit, van Der Wal can not acquire closer 보다 10 auto lengthns behind Harker in the $1,777 to Win event.

Smith, Robert Elliotns and also Michael Johnchild perfect the height five.

Checkers flew for Chaz Baca, in the 10-lans Younns guns feature for modification chauffeurs 19 and also un­der.

Baca and E보다 Dotchild happen Kelsin other words Foley complying with an early restart. Baca hADVERTISEMENT a fifty percent a straighta­means advantage end Dotchild prior to a lans salso caution.

the held off Dotkid to acquire the Victory if Foley raced she method back come third.

invoice Brack viewed top top ns remainder the ns field indigenous ns get-walk in winninns ns 10-lap Legends fea­ture because that modified chauffeurs periods 55 and also over.

Christy Barnett motored from the eighth heat founding to complete a remote second. Kevin Wappropriate was third.

more than 250 motorists native 22 states and 3 Canadione districts competed in the Nov. 9-12 Duel, making ns 19th yearly distinct the best startupcuba.org sanctioned event in the Larry demonstrate Rac­e Carns west area aget this year.


modified feature ­– 1. Jeremine Payne, Springfield, Mo.; 2. Tns Ward, Chandler, Ariz.; 3. Johnny Saathoff, Beatrice, Neb.; 4. Johnny Scott, Cameron, Mo.; 5. Peyt~ above Taylor, Batesville, Ark.; 6. Plunder Sanders, Bakersfield, Calif.; 7. Luctogether Schott, Chatfield, Minn.; 8. Dominic Ursetta, Arvada, Colo.; 9. Todd Shute, Des Moines, Iowa; 10. Josh Most, Red Oak, Iowa; 11. Jakid Noll, Peoria, Ariz.; 12. Jason Beaulieu, Campbeltogether River, B.C.; 13. Alex Stanford, Chowchilla, Calif.; 14. Eddice Belec, Arvada, Colo.; 15. BrAD Pounds, Bakersfield, Calif.; 16. Ryone McDaniel, Olivehurst, Calif.; 17. Kyle Brown, Madrid, Iowa; 18. Jakid Wolla, Ray, N.D.; 19. Man Hansen, Brush, Colo.; 20. Jorda Grabouski, Beatrice, Neb.; 21. Stormine Scott, Cameron, Mo.; 22. Bobby Hogge IV, Salinas, Ca­lif.; 23. Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz.; 24. Terry Phillips, Springfield, Mo.; 25. Ricky Al­varado, Grand Junction, Colo.; 26. Jesse Sobbing, Malvern, Iowa; 27. Kris Abelson, Sioux City, Iowa; 28. Lance Mari, Imperial, Calif.

Young weapons attribute – 1. Chaz Baca, Mesa, Ariz.; 2. Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 3. Kelsie Foley, Tucson, Ariz.; 4. Man Parmeley, Phoenix, Ariz.; 5. Kendra Vollmer, Idaho Falls, Idaho; 6. Bubba Stpurchased Jr., new River, Ariz.; 7. Braxt~ above Yeager, Eco-friendly River, Wyo.; 8. Sting ray Robb, Payette, Idaho; 9. Bryltop top Holder, Bakersfield, Calif.; 10. Chase Rudolf, Norwalk, Iowa; 11. D.J. Shannon, Merced, Calif.; 12. Tanner Black, Albert, Kan.; 13. Bricen James, Albany, Ore.

Legend function – 1. Invoice Brack, Mead, Colo.; 2. Christy Barnett, Etogether Paso, Texas; 3. Kevin Wright, rock Springs, Wyo.; 4, Lawrence O’Connor, port Hardy, B.C.; 5. Roger Bonneville, Cal­gary, Alb.; 6. Kris Clark, Jackson, Wy.; 7. Steve Simpson, Kingman, Ariz.; 8. Terrycloth DeCarlo, Mar­tinez, Calif.; 9. Steve Streeter, Madera, Calif.; 10. Invoice Lundock, Wiggins, Colo.; 11. Rex Mer­ritt, Billings, Mo.; 12. Stnight Noland, Terra Bella, Calif.; 13. Mitch Machado, Rohnert Park, Calif.; 14. John Pierce, mountain Jose, Calif.; 15. Randy McDaniel, Olivehurst, Calif.; 16. Pichaetogether pautogether Jr., Petaluma, Calif.

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northern Sportmod attribute ­– 1. Shawn Harker, Nebraska City, Neb.; 2. Curtins valve Der Wal, Oskaloosa, Iowa; 3. Doug Smith, Lanesboro, Iowa; 4. Roberns Elliott, Clinton, Okla.; 5. Michaetogether Johnson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 6. Lee Jensen, Bakersfield, Calif.; 7. Robbie Conway, Westhope, N.D.; 8. Chris McKellar, Bakersfield, Calif.; 9. Fred Ryland, Brentwood, Calif.; 10. Stack Diaz, Lons Banos, Calif.; 11. Ron Tex Jr., Papillion, Neb.; 12. Jaboy George, Laveen, Ariz.; 13. Bryl~ above Holder, Bakersfield, Calif.; 14. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif.; 15. Arie Schouten, Blair, Neb.; 16. Brione Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 17. Matt Lewis, Bakersfield, Calif.; 18. Jordan Hagar, Bakersfield, Calif.; 19. Todd Cooper, Yuba City, Calif.; 20. Shawn Pudwill, Piedmont, S.D.; 21. Mark Abouzeid, Durham, Calif.; 22. J.R. Herrera, Price, Utah; 23. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif.; 24. Matthew Hagio, Prunedale, Calif.