var locationarray = <"name":"canada","id":"2","name":"sweden","id":"3">;var locations = rerevolve ;);rerevolve ( this.setState(location:location)} style=> Locations );


much better performanceThins ins a suggestions that reactjs come improve ns calculation giving a distinctive vital for each dynamically created element, it is possibile come minimize feasible DOM changes.

You are watching: Each child in an array or iterator should have a unique "key" prop.

Update her code

use the id the each aspect as a unique key. Alternatively would it be possible come use the index of each element.

var locationselection = <"name":"canada","id":"2","name":"sweden","id":"3">;var areas = rerevolve ;);return ( this.setState(location:location)} style=> Locations );

even i confronted the exact same warninns messPeriod and also had the ability to overcome it by adding a distinct key to the return thing favor in the listed below code.

password via warning message

getBatchList() rerotate => rerotate ( data.label ) ) code without warning message

getBatchList() //like THIns var keyId=1; rerotate => rerotate ( data.label ) keyidentifier = keyId+1; )

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Warning: each boy in A variety or iterator need to have actually a unique "key" prop. Examine the render approach the `ListView`

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