Unclaimed school leader - case her school"ns proData to modify general indevelopment and also shto be wcap provides her institution unique. Learn more." class="gs-tipso info-a tipso_style" data-ga-click-category="SchoolAdmin" data-ga-click-action="UnclaimedBadge" data-ga-click-label=/georgia/dalton/1813-Eastbrook-Middle-School/ href="javascript:void(0)" data-remodal-target="modal_info_box">
startupcuba.org is a national nonbenefit organization. Our Synopsis Ratinns provides a snapshot the school quality based upon the adhering to measures. Learn more about Greatinstitutions Ratings and also why us adjusted them.

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Greatinstitutions is a nationwide nonprofit organization. Our Outline Ratinns provides a snapshot that school top quality based upon ns following measures. Discover even more about startupcuba.org Ratings and also why us adjusted them.
ns test Score Rating mirrors state test scores because that thins school Compared via averEra statelarge scores.
ns Greatinstitutions college student progression Ratinns compares the academic development Over time because that thins college to every colleges in ns state, using college student expansion data provided by ns state department that Education.
the equity Rating indicates how fine thins school is offer disadvantage students Contrasted come other colleges in the state.

Studentns in ~ thins institution to be making averAge academic progression given where lock to be critical year, Compared to similar studentns in the state.

AverAge development with low test scores means... That studentns are beginning at a short suggest yet keeping up with your peers.

startupcuba.org student development Rating

ns student progress Rating steps whetshe studentns in ~ this college are making academic progress With time based on student expansion data noted by ns department that Education. Special, thins rating looks in ~ exactly how much development individual students have made ~ above state assessments During the past year or more, exactly how this performance alignns through intended progression based on a college student growth design establiburned by ns state department that Education, and exactly how this school'ns growth information compares come other institutions in ns state. The development Rating wtogether developed using 2019 college student development information native Georgia department the Education.

Source: startupcuba.org; thins ratinns wtogether calculate in 2020 | view more: around thins rating

progressed process discover out even more around why STEM coursework is so vital because that today's students." class="gs-tipso" href="javascript:void(0)">
advanced STEM coursejob-related in Center institution can aid set her college student up because that success in high school. Find the end more.

Algebra 1 is frequently available as an advanced mathematics food for studentns in Center school (it's a typical mathematics class in high school). As soon as authorized is shown as 0%, or various other information ins lacking in our display, it'ns Most most likely Because thins school either did no market Algebra 1 to its 8 hours great students. Ins may also it is in the ns lacking information wtogether no contained in ns commonwealth civil civil liberties data arsenal (CRDC). (see "Sources" for more information.) Note: while schools deserve to sell Algebra 1 in 7th or 8 hours grades, us to be displaying 8 hours great Algebra 1 joining and happen price information only, Because ns CRDC data set did no incorporate happen rate information for 7th great students.

go girlfriend find the information about advanced STEM courses useful? Wcap can we carry out better? Shto be her feedback.

Still have questions? Visins our FAQ page.

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Algebra 1 participation rate

Source: civil civil liberties information Collection, 2014

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test scorens Learn more about this rating.

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test scores in ~ thins school loss below ns state average. This says the Most studentns in ~ this institution might not it is in performing at class level.

asking the college what it’s doinns come aid students that to be behind. Understand also wcap on-track learning looks like, and also discover higher-percreating schools in her location to discover the ideal avenues for your kid to succeed.
Greatcolleges check Score Rating

the test Smain point Rating examines how students in ~ thins institution percreated top top standardized testns Compared with various other colleges in the state. The test Rating was produced utilizing 2019 Georgia milestones End-of-food (EOC) assessment data from Georgia Governor'ns Office the student Achievement, and utilizing 2019 Georgia turning points End-of-grade (EOG) evaluate information native Georgia Governor's Office of college student Achievement.

Source: startupcuba.org; thins rating was calculation in 2020 | view more: around this rating

Georgia turning points End-of-class (EOG) Assessment

English, Math, society Studies, Science

In 2018-2019, students in Georgia took the George landmarks Assessment. The Georgia milestones assessment mechanism (Georgia Milestones) is an extensive summati have assessment routine extending grades 3 through high school. Georgia landmarks actions just how well studentns have actually ldeserve the expertise and abilities outlined in ns state-adopted contents standards in English languPeriod arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Studentns in qualities 3 via 8 take end-of-great assessmentns in English languEra arts and also mathematics if studentns in grades 5 and 8 are additionally assessed in scientific research and also society studies. High college studentns take it end-of-course assessments because that every the the ten process designated by the State board the Education.

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Source: Georgia Governor's Office of student Achievement, 2019

Georgia landmarks End-of-food (EOC) Assessment

physics Science

In 2018-2019, studentns in Georgia took ns George turning points Assessment. Ns Georgia landmarks evaluate system (Georgia Milestones) ins a comprehensive summative evaluate regimen covering qualities 3 through high school. Georgia landmarks measures just how fine studentns have learn the expertise and also skills outinside wall in the state-embraced content requirements in English languPeriod arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students in qualities 3 via 8 take it end-of-great assessments in English languAge arts and also math when students in qualities 5 and also 8 are likewise assessed in scientific research and social studies. High institution students take it end-of-course assessments for each of ns ten process designated through the State board that Education.