Welconcerned east sink Center School!!! we want come do sure that ns enrollment procedure is as Quick and also simple as possible because that you. If friend just click on this connect boundary Map, you have the right to form in your attend to and find out the school your son will certainly be attending. (Microsofns Silverlight is needed come run ours map; friend can downloAD ins complimentary here.)

action 1: complete ns pre-enrollment online.

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(Adoit is in flash ins forced to use ns site, girlfriend can downloADVERTISEMENT ins complimentary here.)

step 2: as soon as you get prepared come enrole your student, ns adhering to items are compelled in ~ all Nampa Schools:


A certified copy that the student’s birth certificate or other reputable proof that a student’ns identity and bear date need to it is in gave to ns school. We canno expropriate hospital birth certificates. If other reputable proof ins provided, rather than a bear certificate, the proof sroom be attach through an affidavit explaininns ns incapacity come develop a copy the ns bear certificate. Other reputable proof of a student’ns identification and also bear day might encompass a passport, passport or other governpsychological documentatitop top establishing forth a children identity.


ns Idaho Immunizatitop top regulation says that children the qualities pre-school via 12 shall carry out evidence of immunization in ~ the moment that first enrollmenns in a Idaho school. Your child’s immunization must it is in top top document for your son to be current at school. Ins is ns duty of ns parent or guardian to carry out evidence that immunizations to the school.


the legatogether residence the ns student’s parent/guardian determines the student’ns designated attenrun area. Instances that agree deal with confirmation encompass telepha invoice (no cell phone), electric bill, water/sewer/trash bill, hook-uns receipt to any type of the the aforementioned, rental/lease/Acquisition agreement. not acceptable: auto registration, vehicle drivers patent or vehicle insurance.

the invoice need to present a recent date (wislim 30 days) and pnot or legal guardian’ns surname and address.

natural Parent OR LEGAtogether GUARDIAN

natural pnot must be present come enroll college student or a guardian through legatogether guardianshins papers.

divorced PARENTS

please lug a copy of any kind of divorce decree or custody Commitment pertaining come ns child.

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distinct SERVICES

If your child wtogether serviced in unique education and learning at ns former school, you"re welcome carry a copy that ns present IEns and eligibility report.