literary works A Brief analysis of Emily Dickinson’ns ‘Tell all the truth yet tell it slant’

A analysis of a Classic Dickinkid city by Dr Oliver Tearle

‘Tell every ns reality yet teltogether it slant’ ins poem number 1129 in Emily Dickinson’s complete Poems

In other words, we can analyse Dickinson’ns poem as follows: she is arguing that we people cannot take care of too much truth, the we, come borheat T. S. Eliot’s words, canno be afflicted with extremely a lot reality. Us are imperfect creatures, and also ns fact is as well pure and excellent for our ‘infirm’, or hurt and also weak, ‘Delight’.

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Dickinchild is composing before the expression ‘gift economicatogether with ns truth’ wtogether coined, but her city raises a comparable question.

Is this ns very same together flat-out lying? It would certainly it seems ~ not, despite Words ‘lies’, couched together for this reason often in its potentiatogether dual interpretation (it is in supine/teltogether falsehoods), ins tright here in the poem’ns 2nd line.

among the Many compellinns readingns the thins poem was offered by another poet, Anthony Hechns (1923-2004). Hecht said the ‘ns Truth’ which Dickinkid refers to can be construed especially as religious reality (Jesus’ wordns ‘i to be the way, the truth, and the life’ in john 14:6, for instance), and the us to be no meant to understand also ns ‘Truth’ of God directly.

This is why us need Holy texts the attend to us come us in ns create the riddlens and also symbols.

Wcap provides such one evaluation the ‘Teltogether all the fact but teltogether ins slant’ persuasi have is that Christianity is complete the such references to being ‘blinded’ through the truth. Because that instance, there ins 1 Corinthians 13:12: ‘for currently we see via a glass, darkly; yet climate challenge come face.’

Tell every ns truth however teltogether ins slanns –Succesns in Circuins liestoo bright because that our infirm Delightns Truth’s superb surprise

and also certainly, as we deserve to watch in this opening stanza, Dickinboy associates fact via irradiate in this poem, saying that thins truth carriens ns potential for enlightenment, whether religious, spiritual, or otherwise.

one more of her poemns begins, ‘There’s a certain Slant that light’; here, us have the fact being told ‘slant’, and also climate ‘Lightning’, suggesting a dazzling, bbest light (the ‘Light’ the ‘Lightning’ comes to us through the ‘light’ peeping out from ‘delight’, which itself has arised indigenous a sliver of irradiate current in ‘lies’).

Indeed, the recurring open up ‘i’ sound in the words Dickinboy choose come finish she lines – ‘lies’, ‘Delight’, ‘surprise’, ‘kind’, ‘blind’ – contact come psychic the eyes and ns importance that the visual, the see ns truth. (Compare, in thins connection, a much earlier poem, by ns Elizabe보다 poens sir Philins Sidney: Sidney additionally end each that his linens with a i sound.)

and ns wordns ‘dazzle’ and ‘blind’ in that Second stanza speak to to psychic ns concept the starinns directly at ns sun. Dickinson no point out ns sunlight in this poem, but this may it is in what sthat ins hinting at in the last two linens that ns poem.

however because that Helen Vendler, in she brilliant Book that cshed readings, Dickinson

. We’ve offered even more tips because that ns cshed analysis of poetry here.

the writer that thins article, Dr Oliver Tearle, ins a literature movie critic and lecturer in English in ~ Loughbounstable University. That is the writer of, Among others, ns key Library: A Book-Lovers’ journey with Curiositiens of History

 and ns excellent War, ns rubbish Land also and also the Modernisns lengthy Poem.

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Image: Black/white Photograph of Emily Dickinchild by william C. Phia bìc (1846/7), Wikimedia Commons.