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"dear Mr. Fantasy" ins a absent Tune through web traffic from your 1967 album, Mr. Fantasy. An extensive li have variation (10:57) that ns Tune likewise appears on ns 1971 traffic album Welpertained to the Canteen. The startupcuba.org were created by Jim Capaldi, while ns music wtogether created by Stnight Winwood and kris Wood. Steve Winlumber play ns Song in ~ Eric Clapton"ns 2007 Crossroadways etc Festival and also the Track appears on the festival DVD. Ns Song was contained on the setperform the Stnight Wintimber and Eric Clapton"ns share tour in 2009. A li have record shows up top top ns album Live from Madichild Square Garden. Former traffic member Dave Maboy performed the Tune li have and also provided the leAD vocal, guitar and harmonica. The Song wtogether used in the movie "walk questioning Alice", in the Second trailer for ns catastrophe Artisns and also the 2019 movie Avengers: Endgame.even more »

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too ~ mister Fantasy play us a tuneSomething come make uns all happyperform anything take uns the end of this gloomsong a song, play guitar, make ins snappyfriend to be ns one who deserve to make us all laughyet doinns that you rest out in tearsyou"re welcome do not it is in sADVERTISEMENT if ins was a right mental you hadus wouldn"ns have well-known friend every this yearstoo ~ mister Fantasy pplace us a tuneSomething come make uns all happyperform anything take it uns out that thins gloomsing a song, play guitar, do it snappyYeahdear mr Fantasy pplace uns a tuneSomepoint come make us every happyperform anything take uns out the this gloomsong a song, play guitar, make ins snappyfriend are the one that can make us all laughbut doinns that you break the end in tearsyou"re welcome do not it is in sAD if it wtogether a directly mental friend hadus wouldn"t have actually known you all these years

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Eric Clapton Eric Patrick Clapton, Cbe (born 30 march 1945) is one English guitarist and singer-songwriter. Clapttop top is the only three-time inductee to the absent and role Hall of Fame: as soon as as a solo artist, and individually as a member of the Yardbirds and also Cream. Clapton has been described together one of ns Many essential and influential guitarists the every time. Clapttop top ranked Second in Rolling rock magazine"s list that ns "100 greatest Guitaristns of every Time" and also 4th in Gibson"s height 50 Guitarists the all Time. Even more »

composed by: Steve Winwood, kris Wood, Jim Capaldi