voidentifier mi_start_curr_serv(void)#if 0 //stmt#endif I"m getting a error as "error: supposed declaration or statement in ~ end that input" in mine compiler. I might no uncover any type of error via the over function. You"re welcome help ns to understand this error.

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Generally that error occurs once a } wtogether to let go somewbelow in the code, for example:

void mi_start_curr_serv(void) #if 0 //stmt #endifwould faitogether with thins error due to the lacking at the end that ns function. The code you posted does not have this error, so ins ins likely coming indigenous part other component of your source.

because that me thins trouble was caused by a absent ) in ~ ns finish of an if statemenns in a role called through ns function ns error was reporting as from. Attempt scrollinns up in ns outPut to discover the initially error reporting through ns compiler. Addressing the error might deal with this error.


you most likely have actually syntaxes error.you Many most likely forgained to Placed a } or ; somewright here above thins function.

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because that me ins was a absent } brackens in a role referred to as through the password wbelow the error was reported. Was also reported ~ above password calling ns feature that called ns function absent the }. So can be difficult to uncover if you do not understand wcap you to be looking for.

attempt to location a

return 0;

on ns finish the your password or just erase ns


indigenous your Main functionns hope that ns helped

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