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Error occurred During initialization the boots class Thu, 12 November 2020 16:39
Andreea Predi
Messages: 1Registered: November 2020

i want come operation ns Hello people code in Java, however the adhering to error has actually appeared:Error occurred Throughout initializatitop top the boots layerjava.lang.module.FindException: Error analysis module: C:UsersIoana in by: java.lang.module.InvalidModuleDescriptorException: MyClass.class discovered in top-level magazine (unnamed packEra not allowed in module)This ins ns password i tried to run:public class Mycourse publicly revolution void main(String<> args) // TOcarry out Auto-created method stub System.out.println("Hello World!");mine Java version is this:javac have the right to ns deal with it?
Re: Error occurred Throughout initialization that boots great
Fri, 13 November 2020 03:00
Manoj Palat
Messages: 19Registered: October 2014

Hi,i believe you have a module identified below . You need to have actually got a compilatitop top error in this instance "need to declare a called packEra Because this compilation unit ins associated to the called module "test"" as per Java LanguAge Specificatitop top variation 15, sec 7.4.2 "the hold system need to associate simple compilatitop top systems in an uncalled packAge with one unnamed module (§7.7.5), not a named module." Trying come run thins program need to have actually resulted in this error. So either (1) rerelocate thins paper if friend do not desire your job connected with a module or (2) develop a package, speak pack1 and also relocate this course right into the and compilepackPeriod pack1;public class Mycourse public static voi would main(String<> args) // TOcarry out Auto-produced approach stubSystem.out.println("Hello World!");Regards,Manoj
Re: Error arisen During initializatitop top of boots class
Fri, 05 march 2021 09:28
Zoheth George
Messages: 1Registered: in march 2021

Error arisen During initialization that boot layerjava.lang.module.FindException: unable come deri have module descriptor because that s2xml.jarbrought about by: java.lang.module.InvalidModuleDescriptorException: JDOMAbout$Author.class discovered in top-levetogether magazine (uncalled packAge not enabled in module)exactly how to remove this error?
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