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ns Deadlands DLC and Update 32 basic Video Game spot are now obtainable to test on ns PTS! ReADVERTISEMENT the full job notes here:

therefore I"ve to be contributing to and also following A few of ns threads the list out ns outcomes of search choices, yet they"re spreAD every over, and also look at like they"re no much longer gift maintained. So ns thought I"d create one threADVERTISEMENT where world have the right to post, maintain, and track ns irreversible consequences.ns will certainly it is in update quest choices here going forward rather than posting come every that ns individual threads. Eventually I"ll try come consoliday every ns write-ups right into the beginning here. And also yep, I"m enjoy it ESO, for this reason I"m happy to keep maintaining the thread, whereas ins appears favor the other threADVERTISEMENT starters have actually soon as posting, please use the adhering to format:Zone:Quest:Options:1. 2. Results:
comfortable map that za level do through reddins poster imikorari indigenous this thread: accessible here: old threads out there now to be (in alphabetical order):Aldmeri Dominion(can"t it seems to be ~ to discover a thread)Craglorn(haven"t checked out a thread)Cyrodiil(haven"t seen a thread)Daggerfall Covenant Pact
50 Bosmer Nighttongue 50 Bret~ above Sorcerer50 Dunmer Dragonknight50 imperial Templar50 Khajins Nightblade50 royal Dragonknight50 Altmer Sorcerer50 Argonian TemplarDiscussions that Interest:class Balance in 1.6quest ChoicesRequest to Reinstate Night"s silence and Dark Stalker stacking

1. --If friend damage lock ns soul rewardns girlfriend and also gives girlfriend ns intended "good job, go ns right thing, etc..." response.2. --If friend sell castle to ns Khajiit, she decidens come research she new purchases After that and also gets yanked into an additional measurement through a Daedra nearly immediately.
SerDinadone )Options:1. Ns found this skooma top top the beach2. . Ns don"t know wcap you"re talking about.Results:

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1. Officer Lorin is enjoyment and also asks friend wcap else you found. You can teltogether her around the bandits, then sthat arrestns ns enduring Khajit.2. Officer Lorin has no proof and hence decidens come leaving the Khajiit siblingns to mourn your father. Girlfriend provide ns skooma come ns brvarious other come destroy; that really hopes that that and his sister have the right to forgive every various other and redevelop their plantation.