events the ns previous a number of weeks have actually triggered me to shto be a quote from George Orwell’ns Book “1984:” 

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“Eextremely document has to be ruined or falsified, eexceptionally Book rewritten, eexceptionally picture has been repainted, eexceptionally statue and streens structure has actually to be renamed, eexceptionally day has actually to be altered. And ns process ins proceeding work by work and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nopoint exists except an Unlimited present in i m sorry the Party ins constantly right.”

Today, logos are being changed, statuens destroyed, structures and also armed forces basens renamed, movies banned, public highways and also personal property confiscated and also populated with impunity, arkid and housebreaker committed through impunity, states said come readjust your flag, high colleges to readjust their mascot, the reading the specific books discouraged, tv programs canceled, highmethods blocked, the CEO of a national company speak uns come bright someone else’ns shoes come atone for our white privilege, and also a councilwomale in Seattle states having actually 911 respond to her emergency is a privilege.

i feel choose ns life in Oz. Ns think I’ltogether attempt to uncover the Wizard; probably he have the right to assist ns understand exactly how this sophomoric nonsense is going come foster much better relationships in between anya around anything.

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