extreme RPeriod Paintsphere Park ins rated #1 in the whole southern Florida Area. Us have actually been serving, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Dade, and Broward area because that many type of years. Excessive RAge Park ins centrallied situated and also quickly accessible from all ns significant highways. Both Ft Lauderdale and MIA airports are cshed by as well. Ins ins a household owned and also activate business. Us have end twenty years that experience in the paintsphere industry. Us have three play areas i beg your pardon incorporate two wooded and also one wait ball fields.Both the wooded area and also ns wait ball areas are lins uns at nighns via lights. The wooded areas consist of hills, tunnels, snievery towers, machine gun bunkers, and also bit huts to simulate a village. We likewise have actually a 5 bedroom residence to simuso late close combat quarters. We additionally sell script Games both at nighns and During ns work with smoke machines, grenades, and so on in ns wooded area. Ns air round field ins a X-sphere and also NPPtogether field. Thins field is perfect for both recreational and also competiti have players. For recreational players you get come suffer ns adrenaheat flowing together girlfriend pput in a Quick pace Video Game As with the pros. ​

the competiti have players gain come have a leaf on the vain together the area place outs are erected prior to the competitions to exercise top top them. ER Park setns uns ns field to cover all ns leagues (PSns Events, NPPL, Sunbright Series, and also USPL)extreme RAge Paintball Park specialization in birthday parties, corpoprice teto be building events, bachelor parties, youth groups, summer camp activities, church outings, family members & friend obtain together, fraternity and sorority challenges, weekfinish warriors, and also the adrenaheat junkies.

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​ us have the right to accommoday everyone.

ours framework have a full heat that rentatogether devices to accommoday roughly 150 participants at once through equipment. ER Park’s devices is composed that digital Vibes because that markers, chesns and also neck protectors, camouflPeriod jumpsuits, harnesses, full heAD shields, and also digital hoppers. In ~ too much RAge Paintsphere Park digital mite to be not one upgrade it's traditional equipment. ​us additionally market low caliber markers, that are excellent because that newbiens and kids!

her entry to the park and also the rental equipment ins not top top a time frame, it ins Countless use and also play. ER Park likewise has a agree shop via new equipment if friend desire to purchase.

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ER Park invites you to come the end and suffer the adrenaline sirloin of the fastest Cultivation excessive sport. Our employee is prepared to assist and also carry out you via a safe and also enjoyable tins at ns park.