This Airguy understanding trial and error complement FAA-CT-8080-2H is designed through ns commonwealth Aviati~ above management (FAA) trip criteria Service.

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This Airmale expertise experimentation complement FAA-CT-8080-2H is designed through the commonwealth Aviatitop top management (FAA) trip standards Service. It is intended for usage by Airman knowledge trial and error (AKT) company Designation Authorizati~ above (ODA) Holderns and also various other reality approved and/or authorized to carry out airmale understanding tests ~ above befifty percent the ns FAA. Expertise areas covered: - sports Pilot-plane (ASEl and ASES)- sports Pilot-Gyroplane- sports Pilot-Glider- sport Pilot-Airship (LTA)- sports Pilot-Balloon (LTA)- sport Pilot-Weight-Change manage (WSCs and WSCL)- sport Pilot-it is provided Parachute (PPtogether and PPS)- Recreationatogether Pilot-aircraft (RPA)- Recreationatogether Pilot-Rotorcraft/Helicopter (RPH)- Recreational Pilot-Rotorcraft/Gyroaircraft (RPG)- personal Pilot-Airplane/Recreational Pilot-transition (PAT),br>- personal Pilot-Helicopter/Recreationatogether Pilot-shift (PHT)- private Pilot-Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot-transition (POT)- exclusive Pilot-airplane (PAR)- exclusive Pilot-Rotorcraft/Helicopter (PRH)- personal Pilot-Rotorcraft/Gyroplane (PRO)- personal Pilot-Glider (POL)- exclusive Pilot-free Balloon-warm wait (PBH)- private Pilot-free Balloon-Gas (PBG)- exclusive Pilot-Lighter-Than-Air-Airshins (PLA)- private Pilot-Powered-Parachute (PPP)- exclusive Pilot-Weight-Shift manage (PWS)- Unmanned aircraft General-little (UAG)

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This Airmale knowledge trial and error supplement FAA-CT-8080-2H ins design by ns federal Aviatitop top management (FAA) trip standards Service. Ins ins intfinished for usage by Airman expertise trial and error (AKT) organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Holders and also various other entities apverified and/or authorized come administer airguy knowledge tests top top behalf of ns FAA. Knowledge areas covered:
- sport Pilot-plane (ASEtogether and also ASES)- sport Pilot-Gyroplane- sport Pilot-Glider- sport Pilot-Airshins (LTA)- sport Pilot-Ballotop top (LTA)- sports Pilot-Weight-Shift regulate (WSCns and also WSCL)- sport Pilot-powered Parachute (PPtogether and also PPS)- Recreational Pilot-aircraft (RPA)- Recreational Pilot-Rotorcraft/Helicopter (RPH)- Recreational Pilot-Rotorcraft/Gyroairplane (RPG)- private Pilot-Airplane/Recreational Pilot-change (PAT),br>- private Pilot-Helicopter/Recreational Pilot-shift (PHT)- personal Pilot-Gyroplane/Recreationatogether Pilot-shift (POT)- private Pilot-plane (PAR)- exclusive Pilot-Rotorcraft/Helicopter (PRH)- personal Pilot-Rotorcraft/Gyroplane (PRO)- personal Pilot-Glider (POL)- private Pilot-cost-free Balloon-hot waiting (PBH)- private Pilot-totally free Balloon-Gtogether (PBG)- exclusive Pilot-Lighter-Than-Air-Airship (PLA)- personal Pilot-Powered-Parachute (PPP)- private Pilot-Weight-Change control (PWS)- Unmanned plane General-small (UAG)