i have actually a licenced copy on Victory 7 home Premium 32-bit "microsoft windows " no test-sign messPeriod shows up and trying to disable test-sign Setting reports successful. Still problem after restart.

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i am trying to pput Arma2 OA native south Africa on vapor and have no hacks or anything.

ns have actually checked the environment in steam and it reports two lacking files yet ins doens no downloAD and also rather gives the messPeriod above.

see display swarm at: http://imgur.com/91LZytd



Second post.

obtained the t-shirns and link. I go no have ns watermark, but walk the measures in any kind of case.

difficulty remains...

because that those utilizing a 32-little bit OS, you"re welcome delete the be company flarger ("C:program FilesTypical FilesBattlEye") and then manuallied upday your BEService.exe native here: http://www.battleye.com/download.html. Thins have to fix her issue.

A deal with for windows 10 will certainly folshort later.

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from the be Dev


windows 8

come deal with this difficulty manually in windows 8, follow this steps: Swipe in from ns right, click or tans Search, and climate type cmd. Alternatively, form cmd ~ above ns begin screen. Tap-and-host or right-click Command also Prompt in the search results. Choose operation together administrator top top the food selection the appears in ~ ns bottom of the screen.

Keep in mind If you to be motivated by a User Accounting regulate window, tans or click Yes. In the Command Prompns window, form the adhering to command, and also climate press Enter:

bcdedit -collection TESTSIGNINns turn off ~ you check out ns confirmation, close ns Command also Prompt window. Conserve any kind of unsaved work, and climate rebegin the computer. Home windows 7

come settle thins difficulty manuallied in home windows 7, attempt this methods, in ns offered order. Strategy 1 Click Start, and also then kind cmd in ns search box. Under Programs, right-click cmd.exe, and also climate click run as administrator. At the command prompt, form ns following text, and also climate push Enter:

bcdmodify /set TESTSIGNINns off Cshed ns Command also Prompt window, and then rebegin your computer. Keep in mind If thins approach doens no settle the issue, walk come approach 2. Strategy 2 Click Start, and then type cmd in ns find box. Under Programs, right-click cmd.exe, and then click operation as administrator. At ns command also prompt, kind ns adhering to commands, and push Get in after each command:

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKSbcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNINns turn off Cshed the Command also Prompns window, and then restart her computer."