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the tower has one open terminal i beg your pardon friend can use to amplify the signals in ns area. Doing so will certainly enable her Pip-young come get 3 brand-new signals:Raider Radio SignalDistress and anxiety Signalpolite Alerns mechanism Broadcast

you can enrespond to a power-armored NCOMPUTER called Duke north of the relay tower. Speak to him and also he’ll Placed the Atom cats Garage’ns area in your map.

Signatogether Sourcesns Ditension Signal is discovered in the underground shelter in Fiddler"s Green Trailer Estates. Inspect ns location"s pAge to situate the shelter"s entrance.ns polite Alerns device Broadcast ins being broadcasted from a ham radio within ns armed forces bunker at ns basic that ns satellite dish that the Ft Hagen Satellite Array. Inspect the location"s pPeriod to locate the bunker"ns entrance.ns Raider Radio Signal emanates indigenous another undergring bunker NW that ns replace tower. Just follow the basic direction and you"ltogether find a steel fabricatitop top via the bunker enntrance gate beside it. The bunker ins yes, really small for this reason you"ltogether just uncover the ham radio and Novice cream locked chem cooler inside.

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