ns was already utilizing about 15 mods, but currently when ns started a new Video Game ns have added some more. Yet suddenly in this brand-new game, mine pip-young is kinda zoomed the end and its extremely small and also tough to see, stiltogether deserve to use ins tho, however friend know its exceptionally annoying. Ns didn"t change my FoV and also mine only pip-young mode is greater resoltitop top map, i beg your pardon wtogether working perfectly without any bug for weeks. 


i can attempt to disable those mode and check it in Video Game everytime, but ins would certainly take it eras simply to loAD saves and also stuff...

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have the right to girlfriend please look at in ~ screenshot what mode ns using and what might possibly interfere through pipboy size?

P.S.: no discover anypoint top top google, theres simply civilization complain about zoomed-in pipboy, thats not my case.


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Lookns favor i addressed ins through fov 85 and also refreshini commands, thanks

earlier come Fallout 4 technical Support

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